OLTL Update Tuesday 6/8/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/8/04

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Jenn, and Marcie toast Jessica’s graduation at the bar at Capricorn. Marcie is guzzling acting extremely nervous. Jess apologizes to the others for leaving the HookUp. Jenn says “sure, just ‘cuz you’ve got one of the hottest guys . . . at home” Jess mentions but he’s never home, he has an undercover assignment. Marcie downs the rest of the drink. Jess leaves to make a phone call and Marcie proceeds to tell Jenn about Antonio stripping. Jenn gives Marcie a puzzled look.

Outside of Capricorn, Antonio talks to Evangeline about his work at the club. He is horrified that so many women just treat him like a piece of meat. He is concerned that Jessica will find out.

John slams the door to his office insisting to Kathryn that Natalie did not kill Cramer. He tells her that she has gone too far in accusing him of covering for Natalie. She tells him that unless he catches Paul, she believes that he is dead and Natalie the prime suspect in his murder.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Carlos and Paul struggle over the gun while Kelly watches on helplessly.

Marcie is worried about what to say to Jessica and continues to drink. She insists to Jess that it was Antonio. Antonio comes up from behind as the mentions his name. She tries to cover by telling him that he’s a great cop and he has a “great body . . . I can tell through your clothes” Jenn tries to intervene with Antonio. Jessica returns from her phone call and asks how the “undercover” work went – Marcie spits her drink out. She then goes on to tell Antonio that they went to the Hookup to see the strip show. Marcie again regurgitates her drink.

RJ greets Rex at the door and asks him laughingly if he’s there to make a payment. He assures Rex that he can stay on as manager when he fails to make his payments. RJ is astonished when Rex says he’ll be able to make the payments. He wonders if he’s found a “new sugar momma.”

At Carlotta’s diner, Roxy, wearing dark glasses, a red suit, ad a wide brimmed red hat pulled down low, meets up with Barry the arsonist. Roxy asks if he could possibly not set fire to the wall with her picture on it. Barry propositions her and Nigel overhears and gets upset.

At the police station, John and Kathryn argue over Natalie leaving. Kathryn feels that she’s tied to the Santee’s by virtue of hanging around with Paul. John is incensed that Kathryn won’t believe him. He is incredulous that she is so strict. She, emotionally, tells him that maybe they’d both still have Caitlyn if they had played by the rules. John just stares at her clenching his jaw.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Paul and Carlos struggle until the gun goes off and Carlos is shot in the left shoulder. Paul and Kelly make a run for it out the front door, while Carlos holds his shoulder, grabs his gun, and hurries after them. Asa comes tearing out of the parlor – shouting “Who’s shooting in here?” Kevin comes in the door as Asa is searching the foyer for a gunshot hole or a bullet. Kevin tells his grandfather that there shouldn’t be any guns in the house. Kevin is amazed when Asa tells him there was a shooting. Asa gets the feeling that Kevin doesn’t believe him. The doorbell rings, Asa continues to search, while Kevin answers the door to Evangeline. He pulls Evang aside and mentions that he thinks Asa might be losing it. He tells her he’s hearing and forgetting things

At the LaBoulee pool, Paul and Kelly hug briefly, ecstatic that they’ve gotten away from Carlos. Paul then yells at Kelly for burying him in the landfill and leaving him for dead. He calms down a little and tells her that he really didn’t want to blackmail her, but that the Santee crime family was after him. She asks him to go to the police, but he refuses and begs her to help him stay safe.

Barry is upset with Roxy - he thinks that Nigel is also there for the arson job. Roxy assures both of them that Nigel is the boyfriend now, and that Barry is an “old squeeze”. Nigel is suspicious with the getup that Roxy is wearing that she’s obviously up to something.

At Capricorn, Rex buys a drink from RJ. RJ advises him to stay away from his fellow loansharkers. Rex assures him that he’s not getting his money that way. Antonio munches on chips as he questions the girls about their visit to the Hookup. He says he’s glad that they didn’t stay because it’s in an unsafe neighborhood. Marcie nervously looks from Antonio to Jess, as Antonio asks her how she would like it if he hung out at strip clubs. Jessica tries to bait him by asking him if he’s jealous. Marcie looks down at the table and then up at Antonio as he tells Jess that “you’re not going back to the Hookup.” Jess is upset that he’s given her this edict.

Paul is pacing by the pool as Kelly checks to make sure that no one has spotted them. She tries to convince him to go to the cops. He tells her he has to disappear. She agrees to help him by getting him so food and blankets. He goes to hide in the cabana while Kelly frets.

In the hallway, Asa discovers Kevin and Evangaline talking. He acts confused and asks who Evangaline is. He then says he knew who she was and gets belligerent and goes back to looking for a bullet hole in the wall. Kevin doesn’t believe the Asa is pretending.

Jenn and Marcie leave Antonio and Jess alone as they appear to be on the verge of a fight about the strip club ultimatum. Jenn and Marcie look on as Antonio schmoozes Jess. He gets a phone call and leaves the table. Marcie goes over to Jess and leans on the table and puts her finger on Jess’ nose and tells her they need to talk. Jessica has a smirk on her face as she looks into the obviously drunk, Marcie’s eyes.

At the police station, John is furious that Kathryn has brought up Caitlyn yet again. He paces and points his finger at her. He is adamant that he has lived with her death for the past 5 years. She can’t hurt him. He tells Kathryn that Caitlyn wouldn’t want him to be living in the past and would want Kathryn to be the way she used to be. He gets in her face and tells her that “the red-head didn’t kill Cramer. The little jerk is still alive!” Out of breath, he answers the phone. Kelly is on the other end to tell him that her brother is still alive and she wants him to come get him at Dorian’s house.

Marcie is plastered and falls into the booth across the table from Jessica. She is practically lying on the table as she tells Jessica that she needs to tell her about what she saw. Antonio appears behind Jessica and he questions Marcie as to what she saw at the hookup. Marcie gains a little control and pretends that she just wants to pay her part of the bill. Jess assures Marcie that she wants to be friends and spend more time with her. Antonio, flashing a big grin, pipes up and says “that means you’ll be seeing a lot more of me too.” Marcie gets a horrified looks on her face as she flashes back to images of Antonio stripping. She then guffaws uncontrollably as she leans back sideways on the booth seat. She asks Jenn to take her away from the table before she does something foolish.

At the pool, Kelly tells Paul that she has her stuff. He comes out of hiding and Detective McBain and a policeman come to arrest him. Paul is furious that Kelly turned him in. John reads him his rights as they take him away. Kelly looks off into space tensely.

Jenn leans against the bar scanning the room, while Marcie sips coffee while slumped back in a chair. Jenn goes over to chat with Rex about getting the money for RJ in a positive way. Rex looks down at the floor as Jenn says she’s proud of the way he’s handled the money problem. Rex is saved by Marcie when Jenn asks how he got the money. Marcie pulls her aside to tell her that Jess needs to know about Antonio. Marcie is laughing loudly and slurring her words as Jess and Antonio are dancing. RJ questions Antonio’s priorities because Jamie is spending a lot of time with Carlota. Antonio tells him to look to himself first and then explains to Jess that Evangeline won’t put up with loser RJ for very long.

John has Paul by the scruff of the neck as he brings him into the office. He asks Kathryn if that’s proof enough the Paul’s alive. Kelly comes right behind them asking Paul’s forgiveness saying that she only wants him safe.

Paul tries to cut a deal by giving up Dr. Long. Kathryn tells her to forget it – the FBI has other things in mind. John looks questioningly behind her as he squeezes his ever present blue ball. Kathryn is leaning against John’s desk with her leg up on Paul’s chair as she tells him that she’s bringing him back to San Diego to help her find the Santee money for the FBI. John gets a phone call, looks quickly at Kathryn and leaves the room. Kathryn then changes her tune with Paul and tells him that actually the two of them are going to Puerto Rico to find them money for themselves. Paul looks at her suspiciously.

Nigel asks Roxy if she is back betting on the ponies. Nigel wonders if she’s involved with someone else. Roxy assures him that she’s had no “romantic lesions” with anyone. Nigel proposes, but Roxy isn’t ready to say yes yet. Nigel looks toward Barry in the opposite booth lighting matches and wonders if he’s the reason the Roxy won’t accept. She gets Nigel to leave and she and Barry finish discussing the business of torching her salon.

Outside, Rex runs into Adriana searching for her lost purse. Rex finds out that Adriana is going to inherit $30 million and all of a sudden he takes an interest in her.

Kelly goes home and tells Kevin that Paul is alive. She explains about the Atlantic City part of her problems with Paul and Todd and David. Kevin is distressed that she would go to his archenemy for help.

Rex leans against a marble bench as Adriana searches for her pocketbook. Rex offers to give Adriana a ride home, She refuses, but does accept bus fare from him. He looks longingly at her as she turns and leaves. Roxy comes up interrupting Rex’s thoughts. Barry is ready to do the job.

Marcie and Jenn talk at the bar. Jenn tries to convince Marcie that there has to be a police operation behind Antonio’s stripping job. Marcie is determined to find out what’s going on.

At the police station, Antonio meets John in the hallway as John is about to enter his office. John tells him that Paul is still alive and that there is definitely a connection between the Santee family and the manager of the hookup and Cramer.

Paul is trying to figure out what’s happened. He flashes back to Kelly’s greeting when she found out that he’s alive. Kathryn is pacing around him. He asks her what will happen if he doesn’t help her find the loot. She places her hand on her gun and suggests that she might make it look like he was resisting arrest. Paul looks unsure of his next move.

Kelly is told to go upstairs by Kevin, disgusted that she still won’t tell him the real truth. The doorbell rings and Kevin receives a delivery from the Banner-Sun that was meant for Kelly. He opens it; a pair of earrings drops out along with a note that says that “I made you a promise and I plan to honor it. - Todd” Kevin crumples it up – anger on his face.


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