OLTL Update Monday 6/7/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/7/04

By Janice
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John holds the door open for Natalie as they walk into his police station office. He impatiently asks her who the ransom is for. She tells him she doesn’t know. John is upset that Natalie lied to him about Paul being alive. She tells John that she’s protecting Paul so he doesn’t die like Christian did.

At Carlotta’s Nora runs into Bo and they discuss the transfer of funds at BE that Kevin took responsibility for.

At LaBoulee David is toweling off from the pool, as Kelly whines on and on about Todd and Blair. David walks over towards Kelly. Kelly is upset about everything that’s happened. David asks her to tell the whole story.

At Capricorn, Blair orders a drink and tells RJ about catching Todd with Kelly. RJ is ecstatic that Blair is finally seeing the real Todd. Todd tracks her down at the bar. RJ calls on his bouncers to escort him out. Blair asks RJ to let him stay so that they can talk. Todd apologizes to Blair for not telling her the truth. He explains that he has grown up lying due to different circumstances. Lies because he’s fearful. Todd emphasizes to Blair that she is the only woman for him. He emphatically tells her that deep inside he loves her and his family more than anything. Blair tells him it’s time to stop the lies. She asks him to tell her the truth about Kelly. He tells her that she has to have faith in him. He pounds his fist on the table stating that there will be no more lies.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Matthew and Asa are sitting on the living room couch, Matthew shows off his new leather Jacket to Bo. Asa and Bo talk about how great the kids are. Asa is concerned that Matthew is fixated on Starr.

Starr sneaks out and meets Travis and his camp friends at the diner. Travis tells Starr that she has to leave. Starr thinks he just wants to keep his new friends from camp to himself.

Nora and Evangeline talk about Harry McKenzie over sundaes.

At LaBoulee Kelly is worried that Todd is telling Blair the whole story and that soon Kevin will know the truth. She is crying and David hugs her and Dorian walks in – upset that she might be interrupting.

At the police station John says that it was more his fault about Christian than hers. John twirls the pencil between his fingers and then follows Natalie as she goes to get water from the cooler. John is astounded that Natalie sees Paul as an equal to Christian. She tells him that Paul told her the whole reason John is after him is because John is jealous. John tells Natalie that Paul is playing other sympathy and that he has her confused. Natalie tells John that it’s his fault. If he had just really told her how he felt about her, she wouldn’t be in the Paul Cramer mess in the first place.

At Buchanan Mansion, while Bo takes a phone call, Asa asks Matthew what his plan is to get Bo and Nora together. Asa is proud of his grandson – “Good job Matt.” When Bo comes back, Asa tries to goad him about Nora and Daniel.

Nora and Evangeline talk about their workloads. RJ calls Evangeline to invite her for dinner and wine. Evangeline turns him down and RJ abruptly hangs up. Nora wonders if she’s keeping RJ away on purpose. They also wonder who Kevin might be protecting.

Starr is upset that Travis is too good for her now. Travis tells her to calm down – it has nothing to do with that. He just wants her mom to trust them so that they can continue to see each other.

Poolside at LaBoulee, Dorian tries to convince Kelly to tell her what’s wrong. She wants to know why she is willing to trust Todd of all people. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Kelly tells Dorian that the problem lies with Ace. Dorian confronts Kelly with the reason Paul is blackmailing her – Kevin is not ace’s father! Kelly is just incredulo0us, shaking her head, that Dorian wonders who the father really is.

At a table at Capricorn, Blair tells Todd that to prove he wants a clean slate; he needs to tell her the truth. Todd tries to explain to Blair, that if he gave away Kelly’s secret it would destroy her. Doesn’t that make him a better person? That he would think of Kelly first? Todd is passionate in his plea to Blair that she has to have faith – faith in him and in their loved for each other.

At the police station, John, standing with his hands on his hips, tells Nat that he almost didn’t take the job because of all the reminders of Christian. Natalie tries to assure John that she doesn’t blame him. She tells John that Christian is still with her – even with her wedding ring off. John tenderly looks at her and tells her that Paul is just using Christian to make her unsure of John. John tells her that she shouldn’t trust Cramer. Natalie tells John that at least he’s honest about what he wants from her. John is upset with her remark. He turns his back to her and picks up the ransom money from his desk and demands to know who the money belongs to. She turns around as she tells him that there’s more to the money t5han just Paul. The money belongs to Paul – it’s from the people he was blackmailing. John makes a Pinocchio nose gesture. He asks her to tell him who Paul was blackmailing. She refuses to tell him due to the repercussions to their families. John lets out a big sigh.

At LaBoulee Kelly assures Dorian that Kevin is Ace’s father. Kelly confides that she is worried Kevin will take Ace away. Dorian asks why she needed the money. She feels Paul is involved. Kathryn walks towards them and overhears their talk about Paul.

At Capricorn – Blair is about to go out the door – Todd stops her and asks her to just forget everything. With tears and emotion in her voice, Blair says she just can’t go through it again. They keep getting together and then they throw it away. Todd pleads with her – they have their children they can love each other better. Blair doesn’t believe they can.

Dorian is incensed that Kathryn has come unannounced. Kathryn informs her that she is there to see David. Kelly and Dorian leave so that David can be interrogated by Kathryn. She tells him she is impressed by his previous crimes. David smiles – obviously proud of his past. She tells him that fingerprints wee found in the room in AC but most of the room had been wiped down –something only an accomplished criminal like himself would be capable of. She asks him if he knows what she’s talking about. He asks “Can I phone a friend?” Dorian comes back and tells Kathryn that she was following him the whole time because she thought that he and Kelly were having an affair. She saw him go in and out of Kelly’s room and then come out only a few minutes later. As she leaves, Kathryn tells Dorian that she may charge her with perjury if she’s lying. David tries to pull Dorian in his arms to thank her, but she pulls away from him. She tells him that she’s going away to a spa by herself.

At the diner, Nora and Evangeline talk about RJ. Nora convinces Evang that she needs to get out more. She talks herself into taking the next leap with Daniel. Nora says, almost to herself, “Waiting for something to happen that will never happen”

Bo tells Asa to stop the matchmaking business. Bo tells Asa that maybe his mind is going. Asa assures Bo that his mind is sharp and he can see more than Bo can.

Todd holds on tight to Blair’s hand as she tells him she wants to trust him, but she just can’t. She gets up to leave, and Todd grabs her by her hand. He tells her tat he will wait for her forever. He tells her that she has to fight for their relationship. She looks back at him wistfully as she leaves the bar.

Kelly enters the dimly lit foyer of her home and throws the keys on the table. Her back to the door – she is started by the sound of Paul’s voice and turns around gasping.

Evangeline surprises RJ at Capricorn. She apologizes for their earlier argument. They kiss.

Starr and Travis discuss their next opportunity to get together. Starr is so excited that she bangs right into the door as she leaves. Matthew and Bo meet up with Nora at the diner. Matthew whispers to Bo to not say anything about Nora’s date with Daniel. Nora admires matt’s new leather jacket that Asa bought.

At LaBoulee David is trying to figure out why Dorian is so upset. He thinks it might be about all of the money – Aunt Betsy, Santee family. Dorian is adamant that it’s not about the money – she just needs to de-stress. Dorian asks David if he’s the father of Kelly’s baby. He promises that she is the only woman he wants to sleep with. David tells her that he hopes Kevin is the father of Ace. They can’t figure out why Todd and Kelly are mixed up together and are questioning this when Blair walks in the room. Blair tells them that she needs to know before making a decision about Todd. Dorian tells her the secret has to be about Ace.

Todd talks to the Angel statue. He’s afraid that he’s blown his last chance with Blair in order to save Kelly.

At the station, Kathryn walks in to find Nat and John talking. He tells Kathryn that Paul is still alive. He lets Natalie leave. Kathryn asks him if he’s lying to protect her.

Kelly is astounded that Paul is still alive. He wants her to hide him. His voice rises as he insists that she hide him because he got her a son. She ushers him out the door, only to be greeted by Carlos standing there with a gun.


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