OLTL Update Friday 6/4/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/4/04

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Viki, wearing a mask, is thrilled that Kevin is able to wheel her out of her room and to the solarium. She is excited to find many of the graduates in their red caps and gowns waiting for her. If she can’t come to the graduation, they decide to come to her.

At Carlotta’s, Starr eats pie while telling Blair about her date with Travis. She then asks her Mom about her meeting with Todd.

At Todd’s apartment he is frustrated that Blair is not answering her phone. The doorbell rings and Todd is disappointed that Kelly is at the door. They talk and are convinced that Natalie has informed McBain that they dumped Paul’s body.

At the hotel room in Atlantic City, while Natalie is pacing, John is on the phone talking to the desk clerk. He is informed that Natalie is the only one on the guest register. John is sure that someone has persuaded Natalie to pick up the money from behind the slot machine and that the person will be coming to the room. Natalie walks away from John and tells him to leave her alone. Natalie is fidgety and nervous as someone knocks on the door.

At the diner, Jennifer finds Rex sitting at a booth staring dejectedly out the window. Rex tells Jenn that he is upset that he and Lindsay are through as well as the fact that he can’t pay the mortgages he owes to RJ. Jenn tells him he got what he deserves. Matt and Asa come in and go to the counter. Matthew spots Starr and races off to see her even though Asa tries to get him to play hard to get. Nigel comes in to take care of Matthew while Asa goes to Jessica’s graduation. He asks Asa if he’s seen Roxy. Asa is astounded when Nigel tells him that he and Roxy are room and bed mates.

In the casino at Atlantic City, Roxy meets up with Barry, an arsonist. She asks if he’s still in the fire-setting business. He assures her that he still is and offers her a 10% discount if she’ll sleep with him. She tells Barry that she can’t, she’s got a boyfriend – she’s a “monopolist” now.

In another part of the casino, Paul enters wearing dark glasses and a hat. He flashes Natalie’s picture around to see if she’s been in. He’s told that she left with a guy with a beard and long dark hair.

Up in the hotel room, John opens the door to find his friend, Roche, the AC police detective there. The detective is surprised that once again, John is with Natalie. He walks into the room as he tells John that there is an APB out on Natalie and her car was spotted in the parking lot. John tells him that he’s got Natalie and there isn’t a problem. Natalie, frightened, stands behind a fern in the corner in the back room while Roche informs John that because Cramer hasn’t been found and Natalie did have his blood on her, his captain wants her brought down to the station.

Viki thanks the students for coming to visit her in the hospital. She asks if there’s enough time for Jessica to recite her speech. Jess agrees – it would be a good rehearsal. Marcie and Antonio look on proudly as Jess begins her speech.

At the diner, Starr apologizes to Matthew for being rude to him when she was with Travis. Matthew tells her he was a little jealous. Blair overhears Starr telling him that jealousy is what ruined her parents’ marriage. She assures Matthew that that is not the kind of relationship that they want to have.

At Todd’s apartment Kelly is upset while telling Todd that Kevin slept in Ace’s room and left before she got up. Todd drinks a beer as he tells Kelly that he has been unable to get in touch with Blair either. They talk about how deep a hole they’ve gotten into with their lies. They can’t figure out why Natalie would blackmail them. Todd decides that she must be being forced. He unknowingly tells Kelly that the only person he could imagine “could pull this off would be your brother.”

At the hotel room, John convinces the detective to look the other way. Natalie is listening behind the door as John sticks his neck out for her, telling Roche that he’s sure Natalie has committed no crime. He asks John if Paul was her boyfriend. John assures him that Paul was just after the Buchanan money. The detective leaves and John goes into the other room with Natalie. Natalie is thoughtful as John asks her to believe that he is really on her side.

At the hospital while Antonio ushers the graduates out, Viki tearfully admits to Jessica that she had asked God to let her live so she could see Jess graduate. Jessica tells her she’ll be around for many other things now.

She wishes Jess good luck on her graduation speech.

At the diner, Jenn tells Rex that she has to go to the graduation ceremony. He tells her that Lindsay refuses to help him any more. Jenn is impressed that her mother is getting wise to Rex. Jenn admits to Rex that she understands how her mother was a substitute for her. She is surprised that Rex would just give up on his dreams. She is appalled that he would just roll over. Rex tells her that he loves her and that that was the best thing about him. In another booth of the restaurant, Asa and Nigel discuss his night with Roxy. Asa is astonished to hear that Roxy made a man out of Nigel. Matthew asks if Nigel can take him shopping for a leather jacket like Travis has. Asa hands over his credit card to Nigel and leaves to go to the graduation. Still at the diner, Starr tells Blair that she learned what not to do in a relationship by watching her and Todd. She refuses to play games with Travis or Matthew.

At Todd’s apartment, after talking about what a mess everything is, Todd gets out a wash bucket so that he and Kelly can wash Paul’s blood out of the car.

At the hospital, Kevin wheels Viki outside and tells her that Kelly and Todd have had an affair. Viki does not believe it for a minute – “Todd does not believe in casual sexual relationships. . . It’s not happening . . . Kelly loves you.” Viki is adamant that there is no affair. Kevin asks her why they would admit to sleeping together if it really didn’t happen.

At the casino, Paul is at the roulette table, picks the right number and feels his luck is about to change. Upstairs, John is shuffling cards at the desk and Natalie is pacing. She tells John that she wants to go home. She questions him about the phone call he made to her when he said he was ready to move on. She reluctantly asks him where the pictures of Caitlyn are. He tells her that he had a drink and said goodbye to Caitlyn. She hesitatingly asks him where he is now. He tells her that day to day he is a cop. Natalie can barely look at him as he asks her to tell him the truth about Cramer’s disappearance, why she’s in AC, and about the money. If she tells him the truth maybe they can start all over again. Just then the phone rings. Natalie looks fearful as John tells her to answer it. She goes over and sits on the bed with her back to John. It’s Paul on the other end. He asks if McBain is with her.

After graduation, Jess asks Antonio if they can spend some time together before “girls’ night out”. He tells her has to work. She pleads with him to tell her what is really going on. He counters by asking if she would reveal “her source” on a newspaper article if he asked. Antonio leaves and Marcie and Jess leave to go to the HookUP.

At the Hookup the owner is upset that Antonio hasn’t arrived for rehearsal. Carlos asks the owner if she’s seen Cramer.

In her hotel room, Natalie pretends that it’s Jessica on the phone. Paul tells her to get rid of McBain and meet him down in the casino with the money. Natalie hangs up and walks over to John at the desk. She makes up a story about talking to Jessica. John is upset that Natalie doesn’t trust him and he gets up and walks out. Natalie asks him where he’s going. John turns to her and tells her he’s giving her what she wants – “I’m leaving you alone.” He then turns and leaves Natalie looking bewildered.

Toad and Kelly come back to his apartment drenched by a freak rain storm. Kelly whines “what are we going to do?” Todd says we should just tell the truth. He doesn’t feel that Blair will ever come back to him or that Kevin will ever forgive her. Kelly is frantic that Kevin has to forgive her. She grabs Todd’s arm begging him not to tell. Todd starts to go upstairs to change his wet clothes. Kelly asks if there’s something of Blair’s that she can put on – he gives her the box that he had intended for Blair. Kelly opens the package to find a satin robe.

At the diner after graduation, Asa is raving about Jessica’s speech. He admires Matthew’s new leather jacket and tells him it’s time to learn the games to get a woman to notice him. Nigel informs Asa that with his track record he certainly isn’t the one to give advice. Starr and Blair come back to the diner to pick up something that they had left behind. Starr admires Matthew’s jacket. Asa gives the thumbs up sign to Matthew. Blair tells Starr that she is going to see Todd to take care of unfinished business.

At Todd’s, Kelly has put on the robe and is facing looking out the window. Todd comes down the stairs in his robe and looks at Kelly – who looks like Blair from behind. He goes up and puts his arms around her. Kelly turns around and they embrace. Todd looks off into space as he continues to hold Kelly.

|At the hospital, Blair wheels Viki outside. They talk about Todd and Kelly’s supposed affair. Viki tells her that it can’t possibly be true and that Blair should trust her instincts and follow her heart. Blair admits to being afraid. Viki assures Blair that Todd is incapable of having an affair with Kelly.

At the HookUp, Carlos tells the owner that he is tired of waiting for Cramer. She makes some remark and Carlos grabs her arm and tells her that she’ll be in trouble if she’s aiding Cramer. Antonio comes in just in time to tell Carlos that it’s time to move along. Antonio is told to go backstage and get changed. Jess, Jenn, and Marcie come in. The bar is full of loud, drunk women. They decide that they don’t really want to stay – too sleazy feeling. They leave to go to Capricorn before the first act – Antonio. Antonio comes out on stage dressed in a tux – The Escort - and timidly begins his dance/strip routine. Marcie comes back into the bar to retrieve her pocketbook. Antonio tosses his coat into the crowd and she hears the girls at the next table scream. She turns around to see Antonio dancing. She immediately drops to the floor. She slyly looks up to check out Antonio from between her fingers as he continues to take off clothes and gyrate. She slowly backs out of the room on all fours whispering “oh my God” the whole way out of the room.

At the casino in AC, Rex is counting out money for the arsonist. Roxy looks on as Barry states that the salon will go up in smoke. Rex tells him that he doesn’t want any other properties damaged. Barry leaves and Roxy assures Rex that everything will be ok. They’ll both be out of debt. Rex said he wishes Natalie’s problems could go away so easily – that it was a mistake for her to hook up with Paul. Narrowly missing Rex and Roxy, Natalie appears with the money for Paul. She searches the room. Paul comes up to her and Natalie hands him the money telling him that she’s through and he should stay out of her life. He tells her that he will stay out, but at least he won’t end up like Christian. John come up behind him and grabs the money out of his hand. Paul, still with his dark glasses and hat on, looks from Nat to John and takes off. Natalie gets in John’s way as he tries to catch Paul. John pushes her out of the way. Natalie desperately watches John chase Paul towards the elevator.

At Todd’s apartment still in bathrobes, Todd apologizes to Kelly for embracing her. Kelly said it was ok, it actually felt nice to be held. They wonder if Blair and Kevin will be able to forgive them. Kelly apologizes to Todd for dragging him into her mess. Kelly feels good that she can actually talk to someone without worrying about any lies that she might have told. She puts her arms around Todd to thank him, just as Blair enters the room.

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