OLTL Update Thursday 6/3/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/3/04

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Dorian visits Viki in her hospital bed and finds her sitting up signing Llanview University academic certificates. Dorian reprimands her telling her that she should be resting. Viki wistfully admits to missing Ben every time she feels her heart beat. She tells Dorian that she just finished a conference call with hospital board members. They have decided to offer the position of Chief of Staff to Dorian.

At La Boulee, Kevin and Blair find David sitting on the stairs eating popcorn. Blair goes up to check on the children. Meanwhile as David looks on Kevin is banging his fist on the foyer table asking himself what he’s going to do to help Kelly.

At Todd’s apartment Kelly babbles on wondering how she can possibly fix her relationship with Kevin. Todd tells her to go along with Vickers’ story and that he will go alone to Atlantic City to drop off the blackmail money.

At the hotel room in AC, John is banging on the door begging Natalie to open up. Paul pleads with Natalie not to open the door. It would be like signing his “death warrant” he states. John continues to bang on the door. Natalie wants to open the door, but Paul refuses to let her. He tells her to be quiet. John leaves after he slips a note under the door which states that he’s “there as a friend not a cop, call me.” Natalie tries to convince Paul to let her call John. He’ll help you she tells him. Paul refuses to let Nat call John. He just wants to get the blackmail money and run. She tries to convince him that John will protect him.

At Carlotta’s diner, Jenn, Marcie, and Jess are having coffee. Riley comes in and Jenn tells him that she found him sleeping so she turned in his term paper for him. Riley dejectedly informs her, as he sits down in the booth beside her, that he is totally screwed.

Viki is concerned that Dorian won’t want the Chief of Staff job because it’s administrative instead of actual practicing medicine. Dorian is ecstatic with the job offer. She is thrilled that Viki recommended her for the job. Viki reminds her that she is very qualified and earned the position on her own merit. Dorian is beaming as Jessica come into the room. Jess asks Viki to read the speech she’s written as she won’t be able to come to hear it at the next day’s commencement. Viki tries to get Dorian to get permission for her to attend the graduation. Dorian tells her that that is impossible.

Blair and Kevin discuss Kelly and Todd’s assertion that they slept together. Blair doesn’t believe the whole thing. David assures them that Todd and Kelly are just leading them along. The doorbell rings. Antonio is there to see Adriana privately. David is unable to browbeat Antonio into letting him stay to hear their conversation. Antonio informs Adriana that Manuel Santee, her father, was his uncle. Adriana realizes that Manuel was Carlotta’s brother. Antonio tells Adriana that Carlotta kept the secret to protect them from all the evil surrounding her father. Adriana assures Antonio that she has no knowledge of the money her father supposedly hid away.

At the diner, while Carlotta is reading a newspaper article concerning her brother and the missing money, Jenn, Marcie, and Riley discuss the plagiarized term paper. Jenn offers to go to the professor and tell him about the mistake she made in turning in the wrong term paper. Riley says it’s too late. The professor has already read it and knows that it was not his work and will be turning him into the disciplinary committee. Jenn is upset that she has caused these problems for him.

Dorian refuses to aid Viki in going to the graduation. Jessica congratulates Dorian on the new job. After she leaves the room, Jessica leans on her mother’s hospital bed fully aware that Viki has her mind set on going to the graduation ceremony

At the hotel in Atlantic City, Paul mentions that Kelly has gotten him into trouble and has flashbacks to Kelly’s plea for a baby. Natalie asks him what Kelly did to cause his problems. Paul sidesteps by telling her that he thought getting close to Kelly would help him to be a good guy. Natalie assures him that it could happen - it happened to her with her family. Paul tries to convince Nat that they should have a relationship. He tells her that John wouldn’t be after him if Natalie wasn’t with him. He questions her as to why she bothers with John. He kisses her, but she pulls away and moves away from him. Paul tells her that she shouldn’t fight it that she should try to start a relationship with him.

At La Boulee Kevin is pacing the floor in the living room as Blair leans against the couch, trying to figure out why Kelly is paying Paul to keep quiet. He goes over the evidence that the FBI has mentioned. He is convinced that she has something to do with Paul’s death. Blair, shaking her head, just doesn’t feel that Kelly or Todd would be involved in a murder just to cover up an affair. Kevin feels that there must be something else that they are trying to hide.

In the foyer of La Boulee Dorian enters as David comes down the staircase. Dorian shares her good news about her new job. David wonders why she would want to work so much when she has the $30 million of Aunt Betsy’s money. Dorian turns her back to David, and in a tearful voice tells David that all of the money is gone. David’s jaw drops open.

At the diner, Jessica sits down with her friends and comments that she has just finished writing her commencement speech. All of her friends, looking depressed, give the reasons that they are unable to graduate. Adriana goes to the diner to see her aunt. Carlotta begs her forgiveness for keeping the secret. Carlotta shares her fear that Adriana would be in danger. Adriana wonders how her father got so evil.

At the casino, Kelly and Todd leave the money. Upstairs, Natalie is preparing to go downstairs to pick up the money. Paul tells her to be careful that she is not spotted. He questions as to whether or not he can trust her. She assures him that she will be back, but that she won’t let him leave until he informs the cops that he is still alive. Paul goes back inside the room and closes and chains the door behind him.

At the HookUp Antonio is wearing a white t-shirt while drinking a beer and asks the owner if she is hiring. She tells him that she has a position for a stripper available. Antonio asks if maybe there is a bartending job or kitchen job open - he’s not desperate enough for a stripping job. She tells him stripping is the only opening and that the money and hours are good.

At La Boulee David informs Dorian that he doesn’t believe that the money is gone. She sits down on the stairs beside him, amazed that he knew she was lying. Dorian feels they need to make sure that Adriana believes the money is gone so that they can give it to her when she’s more mature and can make intelligent decisions. David tells Dorian about Antonio’s visit. He asks Dorian if she knows where the $100 million dollar loot might be. She comes back at David with a scenario – maybe Paul knew where the money was and that’s why he was killed. David then proceeds to tell her about what really happened to Paul’s body.

At the hospital, Viki is visited by a distraught Kevin. He tries to pretend to Viki that everything is fine. She sees right through him and tells him to confess all or she will worry. He tells her that Kelly is involved with Todd and David regarding Paul’s disappearance. Dorian assures David that no jury would ever hold him responsible. Kelly and Todd are the ones that look guilty by hiding the body and giving into a blackmailer. Dorian is appreciative that David told her the truth. David cuddles with Dorian as he tells her how happy he is that he can fully trust her. Dorian pulls away confessing that the combination she spoke out loud, might really be significant. Dorian takes off the brooch she’s been wearing. She has David look at the back of the pin where there are numbers engraved. She thinks that it might be part of a combination to a safe. They contemplate how they can find out where the safe might be. Dorian remembers that Carlotta gave her the brooch.

At the casino, Todd and Kelly wait for the blackmailer to show up by pretending to play the roulette wheel across the room. They see Natalie getting off the elevator. They are worried that Natalie will wreck the whole thing if she doesn’t leave soon. Meanwhile, Natalie, looking over her shoulder, goes over to the slot machine. Glancing behind them, Kelly and Todd observe Natalie and wonder if maybe she’s the blackmailer.

Carlotta is upset when she sees the slim silver cross that Adriana is wearing. She tells her that someone might recognize the family treasure and her safety would be at stake. Adriana offers to keep it in her jewelry box, but Carlotta asks her to give it to her for safekeeping.

At the diner, the four friends try to figure out how to get Riley out of his jam. Riley feels that it’s too late to repair the situation. Jenn is determined to see the professor in the morning to try to make him understand the situation. Riley leaves to go home. The girls decide to go to the HookUp the next night to celebrate the end of the school year.

At the HookUP the owner answers the pay phone. While drinking his beer, Antonio overhears her talking about someone on the run who has to do with the Santee family. She mentions something about Atlantic City. He hears her say that whatever happens, she wants it kept out of her bar. She hangs up and again asks Antonio if he’s interested in the stripping job. Antonio, after replaying her phone conversation in his head, decides to take the stripping job.

At the diner, Dorian approaches Carlotta about the pin that she gave her. She asks Carlotta if she knows about the numbers on the back of the pin. Dorian informs her that she thinks it’s part of a combination to a safe and asks Carlotta if she knows where the rest of the numbers might be found . Under the counter, Carlotta clutches the bracelet on her wrist. She just raises her eyebrows at Dorian.

At the hospital, Viki asks Kevin to help her get to Jessica’s graduation. Kevin’s mouth is wide open, astounded that she would even consider going. She begs him to help her. She tells him that she will be extremely unhappy if she doesn’t go which will not be good for her recovery. Kevin just laughs at her reasoning and says he will see what he can do.

At La Boulee, Blair comes into the living room in her bathrobe where David is standing by the fireplace sipping some wine. She grabs a drink from the bar stating that she can’t sleep due to unfinished business with Todd. David tells her that she is still be manipulated by Todd and that she is better off without him. Blair sips her drink as she says she agrees with him, but her face is not convincing.

Sarah, the owner of the Hookup calls Paul in Atlantic City and tells him that he needs to leave there if he wants to stay alive because the Santee family knows where he is. Meanwhile downstairs in the casino, Natalie grabs the money from behind the machine. Todd and Kelly are astounded that they are being blackmailed by Natalie. Out of nowhere John appears, grabs Natalie’s arm, and asks, “What do you think you’re doing Natalie?”


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