OLTL Update Wednesday 6/2/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/2/04

By Kathy
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Dorian takes Travis and Starr to the diner. Starr complains, asking why they can’t go to the country club, but Dorian remarks on how quaint the diner is, where you can pick up your own menu, and seat yourself. Starr and Travis grab a booth, while Dorian talks to Carlotta. Carlotta explains to Dorian that she had to tell Antonio that she is Manuel’s sister, and Adriana’s aunt. Carlotta worries what Adriana will think of her when she learns the truth, but Dorian thinks Adriana will handle it well. Dorian is more concerned about finding the 100 million that he hid prior to his death. Carlotta looks fearful, saying she wouldn’t touch that dirty money, as it has blood on it. Dorian says that the money, itself, isn’t dirty. Dorian gets a call, and when she hangs up, complains that there are nothing but dead ends. Dorian is looking for Tico, in hopes of finding the money. Dorian claims she wants to find the money so that Adriana can have her inheritance. Dorian receives another call, and it is Viki, asking to see her, and Dorian says she’ll be right over.

Travis and Starr look at menus, as Matthew arrives with his parents. Matthew comes over to say “hi,” and to let Starr know that his parents are getting closer. Starr pretty much blows him off, saying that Matthew is being juvenile in trying to reunite his parents. Matthew is clearly hurt, and returns to Bo and Nora. Bo and Nora realize Matthew is feeling left out, now that Starr has a new friend. Nora and Bo explain to Matthew that sometimes girls try to make a boy jealous to get their attention, but Matthew is still hurt. Bo and Nora convince him to join them in ice cream sundaes, and Matthew finally agrees. As they are eating, Daniel comes in. He asks Nora if she’s planning on attending a dinner-dance for the department. Bo says he was thinking about getting a table, and why don’t they all go? Nora says she can’t go, as her “boss” has bogged her down with preparations for a big case. Daniel jokingly tells her she’s fired, and Nora says she’ll take a rain check on dinner. Daniel leaves, and Matthew remembers what Nora just said about making a boy jealous. He excuses himself to go to the bathroom, and uses the pay phone to call Daniel. He very badly disguises his voice, and leaves Daniel a message, saying that Nora Buchanan will be able to attend the dinner-dance.

Kevin and Blair are trying to figure out where Kelly and Todd are. Blair is convinced that Todd is just trying to make her jealous, and nothing really happened with Kelly. Kevin isn’t sure what to think, and tells Blair that they will start searching for them – starting at Todd’s penthouse.

Kelly and Todd are leaving the penthouse to make the arrangements for the blackmail money. David intercepts them, wanting to know what they are up to. Kelly admits she is being blackmailed, and David finds it suspicious that the blackmailer only wants $20,000 – such a small amount. Kelly can’t figure out how the blackmailer knew who to call, and figures it must have been the woman in the hotel room across from hers that called the police. Todd wants David to make the money drop, but David refuses. He then asks David to make excuses to Blair and Kevin for their absence. As the three of them are trying to decide what to do next, Kevin and Blair barge in. Kevin demands answers, and Todd admits that he slept with Kelly, and even makes a comment asking if Kevin will believe it if he saw a video tape. Kevin is hurt, and Kelly claims she did it to get back at him for his affair with Blair. Kevin storms out, and Kelly looks helplessly on. Todd asks Kelly if she’s OK. Blair wants to know if it is still going on, but Todd says it was just meaningless sex, and tells Blair he loves her. Blair asks Kelly if she felt the slightest bit sorry for killing her own brother, and says all the evidence points to Kelly. Blair begins to leave, and Todd hands her a gift – but Blair refuses to take it, and leaves. Todd tells Kelly that he’ll tell Blair EVERYTHING if he has to, because he has nothing to lose.

Roxy and Janelle (she works for Roxy) are doing each other’s nails, and Roxy says if business doesn’t pick up soon, she may have to lay Janelle off. Nigel stops by, saying that the rest of her things arrived, but Roxy will have to take them back, as he is a confirmed bachelor. Roxy plants a kiss on him, and takes him to another room to try to change his mind.

At Capricorn, Lindsay asks Rex if he is just using her for money, but Rex denies that. Lindsay has to go move her car, and this gives RJ an opportunity to make a jab at Rex, saying he got the money from his “Sugar Mama,” and warns Rex that Lindsay better not figure out he is using her. RJ tells Rex he knows Rex only cares about Jen, and is using Lindsay. Rex admits that it is only about the sex, and that is all it ever will be. Lindsay overhears, and is deeply hurt. Rex tries to cover, but Lindsay says she and RJ are business partners, and she will not lend him the money, and it is best if they cut ALL ties. Rex asks RJ for an extension, but he says no – only ten days. Rex goes to Foxy Roxy’s, and asks Roxy for help. Roxy says she is all tapped out, and that Nigel just bailed her out of a jam. Rex asks if Foxy Roxy’s can be remortgaged, but Roxy just laughs, and says they’d get more money if the place was torched – and both Rex and Roxy get strange looks on their faces.

Kathryn and John are at Capricorn, and Kathryn keeps pushing John, saying that Natalie may be dead, right along with Paul. John tells Kathryn not to bait him, and he doesn’t believe Paul or Natalie are dead. He asks Kathryn to give him a chance to find Natalie, and thinks he knows where they may be. Kathryn says Paul is probably trying to find the $100 million dollars, as he is greedy enough to do anything. John is determined to find Natalie, and leaves.

Paul and Natalie continue to argue over Natalie picking up the money. Paul tries to persuade Natalie to run away with him, but Natalie says she can’t leave, especially now with Viki recovering from her surgery. Paul tells Natalie that Viki has other kids, kids that she raised. He then tells Natalie that she is just like him – an outsider. Natalie is furious, saying that Viki never treated her like that. Paul then threatens her, telling her she just made herself a liability. Natalie begs Paul to call John, saying that the Santis know he’s alive, and John can protect him. Paul just wants to get the money and leave the country, and Natalie finally agrees to pick up the money for him, and Paul tells her that by tonight, he will be out of her life for good. There is a knock at the door, and it is John, calling Natalie’s name.


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