OLTL Update Tuesday 6/1/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/1/04

By Kathy
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At La Boulaie, Blair eagerly awaits Todd’s arrival, but tries to play it cool. Starr comments how pretty she looks in her red dress, and is wearing perfume. Starr tries to be very nonchalant about Todd and Blair’s meeting, but finally asks Blair if she still loves Todd. Blair admits that she will always care about Todd, and Blair is spared from saying anything more when the doorbell rings. Travis invites Starr to a movie, but Blair is reluctant to let her go. Travis says his mom is taking them, but Blair suggests they stay at the house and watch a movie there. Starr wants to go, and Blair finally allows her to. Later, Starr calls and says they can’t see the movie they wanted to, but they’d like to go across the street to go bowling. Blair allows them to, but says that Dorian will be picking her up, and Starr is not to go with anyone but Dorian. Starr and Travis are both ecstatic.

At Todd’s Penthouse, David and Todd are both trying to figure out what the other knows. Todd is worried that Kelly will crack under the pressure, and he wants to make sure that everyone has their stories straight. David lets his soft spot for Kelly show, and says he’ll never reveal what happened, especially if it means trouble for Kelly.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Kathryn and John pay Kelly a visit. Kathryn informs Kelly that a car matching the description of Kelly’s car, was seen at the landfill. Kelly says it wasn’t her car, and Kevin steps in to try to defend her. Kathryn keeps telling Kevin to butt out and let Kelly answer, but Kevin keeps trying to protect her. Kathryn finally asks if they can search her car, and Kelly says she has nothing to hide. Kevin pipes up, asking for a warrant, and Kathryn whips one out. Kathryn leaves to search the car, and Kevin demands answers. Kelly hears Ase crying, and goes to take care of him, and Kevin yells at her to stay and talk, but Kelly ignores him. Kevin leaves and goes to see Blair. Kelly gets a mysterious call, (Natalie) claiming to have seen Paul’s body being dumped, and demands $20,000. Kelly is shaken, and calls Todd.

At a hotel room in Atlantic City, Paul and Natalie rush in, locking and bolting the door behind them. Both are winded, and are amazed they survived being shot at. Natalie asks Paul a lot of questions, and Paul admits he was in a little trouble in San Diego, delivering “something,” and later learning he was delivering drugs. Paul claims he stopped when he learned what he was delivering. Paul says after John made him testify, the entire Santi drug cartel is after him, and Paul tries to turn this whole mess around to be John’s fault. Paul then says he has to get out of the country, and that $10,000 or $20,000 should do it. He says if she helps him this one time, he’ll never ask her for another favor. Natalie says she can get the money from her trust fund tomorrow, but Paul won’t let her leave the room. He’s afraid she’ll leave, call the cops, and never return. Paul finally convinces her to place an anonymous call to Kelly, asking for the money. Natalie finally agrees, disguising her voice, and telling Kelly she saw everything, and wants $20,000 to keep her mouth shut. She demands the money by 11pm tonight, “or else.” After the call is placed, Paul keeps asking Natalie if she enjoyed making the call, but Natalie says no, she just wants this whole thing over. Paul finally says there is one more thing she must do for him. Natalie is upset, thinking she was finally done doing favors for Paul, but he says he needs her to pick up the money for him. Paul then asks Natalie if she will run away with him, but Natalie doesn’t seem to like that idea very much.

At Jen’s house, Riley is looking on the internet, searching to buy a term paper. Jen asks him what he’s doing, but Riley claims he’s just comparing. Jen warns him about the sick feeling you get when you cheat, and tells Riley he’ll feel so much better if he writes the paper himself, regardless of the outcome. Jen leaves, saying she wants to find Lindsay and talk about her Uncle Ben. After Jen leaves, Riley goes back to the web site, and decides to buy the paper. He’s reading it, and remembering Jen’s words to him, and decides she is correct, and writes his own paper. He finishes it, puts it in his school bag, and picks up the purchased paper. He reads it, and falls asleep on the sofa, the purchased paper falls to the floor. Jen later returns, picks up the purchased paper, thinking it is the one Riley wrote, and decides to turn the paper in for him so he can rest.

At Capricorn, Jen finds Lindsay talking to Rex. Rex gets up from the table to talk to RJ, and Jen joins Lindsay, talking about Ben. Jen tells Lindsay she is making a mistake with Rex, that he will only hurt her. Jen is trying to put her feelings aside, and is worried about Lindsay. Lindsay tells Jen that it isn’t serious with Rex, that he is only a good time for the here and now.

RJ and Evangeline are at Capricorn, when Antonio walks in. Evangeline asks Antonio if he is going to participate in the male strip show at The Hideaway, but Antonio says there is no way he’ll do it. RJ and Rex talk, and Rex is upset that RJ is sticking to the letter of their agreement. Rex is having difficulty making a payment, and according to the terms of their agreement, Rex stands to lose both this new restaurant and his club. He asks Lindsay for her help intervening with RJ.

Kathryn and John show up at Capricorn, and Kathryn is convinced Natalie knows more than she is saying, and is further angered that Natalie has apparently violated the order not to leave Llanview, and is unreachable. Kathryn asks John if he still believes in Natalie’s innocence, since she has seemingly disappeared.

Kevin goes to La Boulaie to see Blair, and the two compare notes. Neither is convinced Kelly and Todd are having an affair, and they try to figure out what is up. Blair suggests Kevin call Kelly and get her over there, since Todd is on his way over, and when the four of them are together, they can talk it out.

Kelly calls Todd about the blackmail, and Todd tries to keep her calm, and tells her to get over to his penthouse. Todd says they’ll pay off the blackmailer. While Kelly is with Todd, Kevin calls her, and tells her that he and Blair are worried about her, and asks that she come to La Boulaie so they can talk. Kelly is furious that Kevin is involving Blair. Meantime, at La Boulaie, Kevin and Blair wait, both fearing that neither Todd or Kelly will show, and neither wants to believe they are having an affair. As Kelly and Todd are getting ready to leave, David returns.


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