OLTL Update Monday 5/31/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/31/04

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Viki continues to struggle after her transplant, rejecting Ben’s heart and suffering from an acute infection. Jessica, Kevin, Joey and Clint gather at Viki’s bedside, as Joey prays for her recovery. Everyone is fearing the worst, and Jessica suggests Clint find Natalie to be with them. Clint tries to reach Natalie, but only gets her voice mail. Viki soon regains consciousness, and the doctor is optimistic that she will make a full recovery. Viki and Joey share a private moment, and Viki tells Joey she heard him praying for her, and thanks him, as the entire family was able to draw strength from him. Viki says she also heard Ben telling her to keep fighting. She tells Joey that it is time for him to return to London, as she doesn’t like to have people fuss over her, and the doctor said she will have a full recovery. Viki says she has everything she needs right here, as she pats her chest. Outside Viki’s room, Kevin reveals to Clint that he and Kelly are having some problems. Clint says that from what he can see, they love each other and their baby, but Kevin says there is more to it than that.

Clint visits privately with Viki, and they reminisce about their children. Viki says she was so afraid when she got that transplant that something inside her would change, but now she realizes that everything that was in her heart is still there – including Clint.

At La Boulaie, David tries to reach Kelly, and leaves her a message to ensure they get their stories straight. Bo stops by, and asks David if he had any involvement in Paul’s disappearance. David wonders if Bo is there to question him, but Bo and Nora stopped by to pick Starr up to visit Viki. Blair questions David, as he is busy rubbing moisturizer on himself, feeling he’ll never be clean again. David asks her if she is trying to reconcile with the man that “ruined your life,” but Blair denies this is the case. David advises her that he’s learned a lot from Dorian, and especially that sometimes you have to take a huge leap of faith. David then turns to leave, needing another shower. Kevin stops by to talk about Kelly and Todd. Blair is convinced that neither would participate in an affair, and that Todd is trying to make her jealous. After his shower, David tries to eavesdrop at the door, but Kevin catches him. David makes up some lame excuse about doing some testing for an article for “Craze,” but Kevin isn’t buying it. David tries to reach Kelly again, asking why Paul was blackmailing her, and to warn her that Kevin and Blair are putting their heads together to figure out what Kelly and Todd are up to.

Kelly and Todd argue over Todd telling Kevin that he and Kelly had an affair. As they are arguing, an FBI agent, Ted Scott, walks in, hearing them talk about a death. Todd immediately covers by saying they are worried about Viki and her heart transplant. Ted tells them he is looking for Natalie, but neither Todd nor Kelly know where she’s at. After Ted leaves, Kelly is wondering why the FBI is involved in Paul’s disappearance. She also worries about all the lies she’s told Kevin, but Todd warns her that Kevin is the least of her troubles. Kelly wants to go to Bo and explain everything to him about Paul’s “death,” but Todd warns her not to. He is worried that if Blair finds out, she’ll think he’s the “same old Todd.” Todd tells her that if she goes to Bo, she’ll lose Ase for sure. Just then, Bo walks in, hearing his name. Kelly quickly covers by offering her condolences for Ben’s death. Bo looks skeptical, but accepts her explanation. Once they are alone again, Todd tells Kelly that they both deserve to have their families in tact, and that Kelly deserves to keep Ase.

Natalie catches up with Paul at The Hideaway. Paul explains how Todd and Kelly wrapped him up in the motel blanket and dumped him in the landfill. Natalie wants to take Paul to John, as she feels John can help and protect him. Paul says there is no way he is going to see John, and reminds Natalie how John used Cristian, and in the process, he was murdered. Natalie is furious that Paul would bring that up. Paul tells Natalie that she is the only one he can trust. Paul goes on to explain that thanks to John, who forced him to testify against the Santis, John “painted” a target on his back. Paul asks Natalie to go to the police and tell them he’s alive, but Natalie says that without proof, they won’t believe her. Paul continues to plead for Natalie’s help, saying he’s never ever lied to her, while John did lie and mislead her. Natalie asks if he’s never lied, then why would Todd and Kelly want him dead? The owner of The Hideaway tells Paul that some people are looking for him, and are coming in the back entrance. He and Natalie hide behind a counter, and Paul tells Natalie she must help him escape.

Marcie reads the newspaper article detailing Dr. Long’s capture to Michael. Marcie jokes that maybe they will even get a “Good Citizens” award, but Michael doesn’t think the police will see what they did as a good thing. Jen congratulates them both. Riley stops by, upset that he will be attending summer school, and struggling to write a term paper. Bo, Nora, Matthew and Starr stop by on their way to see Viki. Nora sends Matthew, Starr, Riley and Jen out of the room, and chastise Michael and Marcie for continuing their investigation, even after John warned them to back away. Bo then tells Michael that the next time he breaks a leg, to stop by and see him – as he’s watched enough medical shows on TV to be able to fix a broken leg. Michael gets the point, but Marcie remarks later that she wants to get involved in more mysteries to help with her novel.

Jen and Marcie both get letters from the university, and open them together. Marcie has two incompletes, and must attend summer school, while Jen has failed three classes. Marcie, Jen and Riley all vow to make it through summer school together, and Riley and Jen embrace, as Joey walks in the door. Jen and Joey talk for a while, with Jen upset that she couldn’t be the “perfect” wife. Joey reassures her, and takes some of the blame on himself. They say goodbye, as Joey leaves to return to London. As Jen watches him leave from the door, she feels she’s grown, as she doesn’t feel the need to throw a tantrum. She says she’s been through a lot – 2 divorces in 12 months, her deteriorating relationship with her mother, and her problems in school. Later, Jen catches Riley looking up term papers on the internet, and wonders what he’s up to.

Matthew informs Starr that his parents are close to reuniting, but Starr tells him to grow up, that just because he is scheming to reunite them doesn’t mean it will happen. Todd talks to Starr, asking her about Travis, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Starr goes in to see Viki, and Viki is overjoyed to see her. Viki asks about her boyfriend, as Todd walks in, and Starr whispers that she’ll tell Viki all about it later.

Todd calls Blair, saying he got her message that she wants to see him. Blair says that she does, and asks if they can pull their family back together. Todd says he’ll see her soon, and goes in to visit with Viki. Todd is smiling, and Viki comments that it’s been a long time since Todd was smiling like that, but Todd is evasive about why he is so happy.

Clint asks Bo what’s up with him and Nora – Asa told Clint they were getting back together. Bo says he’s worried about Asa, as he seems to be “loco” lately. Clint says he’s returning to London, and asks that Bo keep an eye on Viki for him.


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