OLTL Update Friday 5/28/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/28/04

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Antonio calls Carlotta from the hospital and leaves a message on her cell phone. John brings Antonio and Nat some coffee while they wait for news on Viki’s surgery. John talks to Nat to comfort her. Natalie asks John how Kathryn is. John tells her that she left and Natalie says “forever, I hope”. John tells Natalie that the he thinks Kathryn is involved in a bigger case than just Paul’s disappearance.

Kevin leaves a message for Kelly on her cell phone. In the landfill, Kelly, Todd, and David are all filthy. They have been pawing through the trash with no luck in finding Paul’s body. David’s the only one with gloves on. Kelly gets hysterical and screams that someone’s found the body and knows that David’s killed him. Todd puts his filthy hand over Kelly’s mouth to shut her up.

Back at the hospital, Joey, Clint and Asa ask about Viki’s condition. Dorian is able to tell them that she is out of surgery. Everything is ok so far. Joey runs into Jen as he goes to tell the family about Viki.

David warns Kelly to keep her voice down. David questions whether or not Paul was really dead when they lugged the body. Todd asks David – you killed him what do you think. David reminds Kelly of the time she buried him alive. They complain about the smell. David wonders if someone followed Todd and Kelly and took the body for blackmail. Todd gets a call from Jessica telling him of Viki’s condition. Kelly is worried because she told Kevin that she went home to Ace. David tells Todd and Kelly that they are all in it together and he really doesn’t trust Todd.

At LaBoule, Travis and Starr are talking in the living room near the fireplace. Travis tells Starr that he is going to enroll in summer camp nearby. Starr is thrilled. Blair walks in and is astounded that Travis is there.

Larry reports to the family about Viki’s surgery. Asa tells Larry that there is no chance that Viki will reject Ben’s heart. Larry urges them to all go home. Natalie offers to buy John dinner. Jess and Antonio stay at the hospital, the rest of the clan goes home to the Buchanan mansion. Carlotta finds Antonio at the hospital because she got the message from him on the cell phone. Antonio tells her that he found out Manuel Santee’s real name was Manuel Espinosa – the same as Carlotta’s maiden name. He asks if she’s related to the crime family.

Joey goes back to meet with Jen. They talk about London and his job there, Flash and her inability to sing. Jen tells Joey about the letter that Riley received from Flash. Jen tells Joe that she misses him. Joe tells her that he thinks about her daily.

Natalie and John go back into Viki’s room to get her cell phone. Natalie looks around the room and worries about her mom’s condition. John offers to give her some time alone. As Natalie glances at a picture of Ben and Viki, John strokes her hair. As they get on the elevator, there is someone watching from behind a curtained partition down the hall.

Carlotta tries to evade Antonio’s question saying that Espinosa is a common name. Antonio refuses to let her avoid the question. She finally admits that she is his sister. She tells Antonio to leave her alone and she turns on her heels and leaves.

In the hospital hallway, Jen and Joe talk about their feelings. Jen said she tried to be a good wife, but just couldn’t manage it. Joe says they got married for the wrong reasons and never worked on their problems. Joey admits to Jen that he knows about Riley and that he is a good and talented person. Jen lets Joe know that she and Riley are just good friends. Joe leaves to go back with the family. Awkwardly, Joey tries to touch Jen’s arm, but she backs off and leaves. Jessica comes up and asks Joe if everything is ok.

Blair asks Travis if he’s run away again. He informs Blair that his mother is signing him up for summer camp. He asks if he can come visit Starr. Blair is grateful that he helped when Starr was kidnapped. But she is protective of Starr and will make a decision another day if Travis can come visit. Starr walks Travis to the door. Starr tries to question Travis about his statement of love. He tells her not to worry about it – it just slipped out. Starr closes the door behind Travis and leans on the door with a big smile. Blair catches the expression and warns Starr that they will not be allowed to be unchaperoned. She tells Starr to go to bed. Starr glances back at the door with a big smile other face.

In the hospital waiting room, Kevin asks Joe if he’s ready to go to Asa’s. Jessica is going home with Antonio, but she worries that there is something wrong with Kevin. He’s upset that Kelly’s phone has not been answered.

Todd, Kelly and David return to La Boulee. David doesn’t let them sit down ‘don’t get stink on the furniture”. Kelly wants to go home before Kevin gets there. They try to come up with a plan. David states that whoever took the body has the “upper hand and arm and . . .” David wants to wait around for that person to make a move. Todd and Kelly don’t want to sit around to get trapped. Kelly, a disheveled and dirty mess leaves the living room. Todd follows her. They whisper that Kevin can’t find out. Blair is sitting on the stairs and overhears Kelly tell Todd that she doesn’t know what she’d do without him.

The next morning Jess and Nat visit a conscious Viki in the hospital. She tells them that she can feel Ben’s heart beating in her. Nat tells her that Ben gave her the best gift anyone can give – the gift of life.

In the waiting room, Kevin confronts Kelly who is holding Ace. He is upset that she got up early and never woke him, especially since she had been out late the night before. She tries to make up a story about Blair calling her and needing her help. Kevin doesn’t believe her. Todd sneaks up behind Kevin as Kevin tells Kelly that he’s had enough of her lies.

At La Boulee Dorian surprises David. She is upset that he never said goodbye to her at the hospital the night before. She thinks he was up to something. He tells her that he has come up with a surprise for her. She is suspicious because he used a whole bottle of shampoo and every towel in the bathroom. Dorian leaves to go to the hospital to check up on Viki. Blair comes up on David from the living room. She also wonders what is going on with Todd and Kelly and where David fits in.

At the police station John tells Antonio that on the night Paul disappeared there was a dark blue luxury sedan parked at a landfill. Two of the license plate letters were visible – the same two that belong to Kelly’s car. They want to investigate why Kelly was there. At the landfill we see someone with a hat, hooded jacket, and gloves going through the garbage. The person finds a set of dog tags.

At the police station, Antonio, John and Kathryn are talking about the landfill. Kathryn and John go to the landfill together when Carlotta shows up at the door to talk to Antonio. They both admit that they didn’t sleep the night before. Carlotta breaks down and Antonio comforts her. She tells Antonio how ashamed she was of the crimes he had committed. Antonio understands that she will always love her brother. She tells Antonio that she convinced her brother to change his last name because of the embarrassment that he caused the family. She doesn’t want Adriana to find out about the crimes he committed. Antonio tells her that the FBI is worried about the millions of dollars that Manuel had. Carlotta is worried that the crime family will find out about them and Adriana and kill them like Manuel’s first wife and son. Antonio tells her that he cannot stop the investigation but that he will protect them.

At the hospital, the doctors check in on Viki and ask the Nat and Jess to leave as she needs her rest. Outside of her hospital cubicle, they tell Clint and Joe that she is doing well and spoke to them.

In the waiting room, Kevin and Kelly are still discussing what she’s been up to. Kevin is upset that he’s had to lie to the police about an alibi for Paul’s death. Kelly is frantic when Kevin asks if she and Todd killed Paul. Kevin begs Kelly to tell him the truth and trust him so that he can help her.

Blair and David go into the living room at La Boulee. Blair asks if Kelly and Todd are having an affair. Blair is sure there is something going on.

David tells her that Todd and Kelly are trying to make her jealous. Blair isn’t quite sure about that. David works to convince her. David pretends that he was planning a surprise cruise for Dorian. David accuses Blair of being unable to stop loving Todd.

Todd comes into the room and tells Kevin that he and Kelly slept together and that Paul was blackmailing Kelly with that information. Todd said they were drunk and made love to get back at Kevin and Blair.

At the landfill, Kathryn and John are talking while officers are combing through the trash. One of the officers finds a pillowcase from the Ambassador motel and shows it to John and Kathryn. It is sent to forensics to compare the stains on it with the blood from the motel room.

In an unseen location someone is seen showering. The person is then shown reaching for a cell phone after he has toweled off.

At the hospital, Jessica leaves to go to graduation practice. Clint holds Natalie while Dorian and Joe talk about Viki’s hospital course. Joe is happy that Dorian and his mom are getting along better. Dorian admits that there is a connection between the two women – stronger than family. Natalie’s cell phone rings. “Who is this?” Natalie asks, as Paul is seen talking on his cell phone telling her that he needs to see her.

Kevin leans against a post in the waiting room, shocked that Todd and Kelly could possibly have slept together. Kelly is upset and tells Kevin that she was devastated when he slept with Blair. She goes along with the story telling Kevin that sleeping with Todd meant nothing. Kevin accuses the two of them of killing Paul. Todd says they gave him a large sum of money and they assume he left town. Kevin is in total disbelief that Kelly would really have done this. He leaves vowing to find out what the real story is. Todd has a small smirk on his face as Kelly is enraged at the story he told Kevin.

At La Boulee Blair plays with her cell phone for a few seconds before putting in a call to Todd.

Natalie thinks someone is playing games with her. She said if it is really Paul he has to prove it to her. He tells her about something only the two of them know about. He tells her he needs to see her and to meet him at a place called the “Hookup” in an hour. She leaves the hospital.

In Viki’s hospital room, Dorian, Clint, and Joe are standing around when Viki’s heart starts to beat rapidly

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