OLTL Update Thursday 5/27/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/27/04

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At the hospital, David questions Kelly to find out how much she knows about Paul. Kelly begins to deny everything, but David reveals he is the one that actually killed Paul. He went into detail about how her hotel door was open, so he went in and saw Paul trying to put a pillow under Kelly’s head. To David, it looked like Paul was up to no good, so he slugged Paul, and Paul never got up. David admits that he ran out, but later returned to take care of the body. When he returned, Paul and Kelly were both gone. Kelly tells David she woke up, after taking too many sleeping pills, discovered Paul’s body, and got rid of it. David knows Kelly couldn’t have done this by herself, and demands to know who helped her. Kelly finally admits she called Todd for help David chastises Kelly for going to Todd for help, and tells her that whenever she needs help, she should call him.

Todd has a mysterious conversation on his cell phone and learns that the FBI is now interested in Paul’s disappearance.

Dorian, Todd, Kevin, Jessica and Natalie gather at Viki’s bedside to learn her decision. She says she thinks Ben wants her to accept his heart. Somehow, Ben knew how ill Viki was, and decided to leave them so that she would stay with her children. Viki admits that she has very mixed emotions about this, but feels this is what Ben wants. Her children are very much relieved, and Dorian leaves to tell Joey, who is praying in the chapel.

Natalie goes to the police station to meet Kathryn. Kathryn is full of attitude, and John advises Natalie that she has the right to an attorney. Natalie wants this to be over quickly, so she can get back to the hospital. Kathryn warns that trying to find an attorney may take some time. Natalie says she’ll answer the questions without an attorney. She beings to describe how she was in Paul’s room, and was drunk, so Paul decided to get his own room. When she woke up, she found a piece of paper with a motel room number written down. She assumed it was where Paul went, so she went to set some things straight with Paul. Kathryn assumes this means they were fighting, but Natalie says no, they just needed to talk through some things – they hadn’t had an argument. Kathryn asks about Natalie flying in Paul’s helicopter, but Natalie calls her on it, saying that Kathryn is making this personal, and that she is returning to the hospital. Natalie tells John he’ll have to prove her innocence. Antonio calls John, looking for Natalie, and John reports that Viki will soon be ready for surgery. John tells Natalie he will drive her back to the hospital, and tells Kathryn he’d like to talk to her later. Kathryn informs John that he is no longer FBI, and that he shouldn’t make this a personal thing.

Blair comforts Todd, and they talk about Starr and their trip. Blair tells Todd that it took Starr a little while until she finally came around, but is doing fine since the kidnapping. Todd then asks Blair, “what about us?” Blair says they should wait until later, and wants to go home to tell Starr what is happening with Viki.

Blair arrives home, and tells Starr how Viki is doing. She says she can’t lie, and explains that Viki is getting ready to have surgery. Starr asks if they can pray for her Aunt Viki, and during the prayer, Starr also asks that her parents find happiness. Later, Blair goes upstairs, and the doorbell rings – Travis is back in town.

Kevin finds Kelly and wants to talk about Paul. Kelly begins to talk about Paul’s deep troubles, but they both agree to wait until a later time. Kevin then sees David and Kelly talking, and looks suspicious. Kelly tells Kevin she is going to go home and tuck Ase in for the night. Later, Kelly gives David directions to the landfill. After David leaves, Todd wants to know what is going on. Kelly finally tells Todd everything she told David, including David’s confession. Todd is afraid that David will set him up to take the fall for Paul’s murder, and rushes off to find David.

Dr. Wolek assures Todd that he will take very good care of Viki, because he is taking this case personally. Bo arrives at the hospital, and learns that Ben has died, and his heart is being given to Viki. A devastated Renee tells Bo that Ben gave his life so Viki could live. Bo tries to comfort Asa and Renee.

Dorian pays Viki a visit, and the two old friends sit silently and hold hands.

David arrives at the landfill, dons his rubber gloves, and gets to work. Todd shows up, as does Kelly, but they cannot find Paul. Kevin calls home, asking if Kelly has arrived there to tuck Ase in, only to learn she is not there yet. He leaves instructions that she is to call him immediately.

Antonio talks privately to John, and says that his mother was at the funeral for Santi, claiming she went there to support Dorian. Kathryn comes to the hospital to talk to John about Paul’s disappearance, and John asks that Antonio be included in the conversation. Kathryn is skeptical, but agrees. She says the FBI isn’t so much interested in Paul, but in the Santi family. Kathryn says the FBI is wondering if the son will surface now, and that he is using his father’s real name – Espinoza. Antonio is shocked, and reveals that Carlotta’s maiden name is Espinoza.

Viki is wheeled to surgery, as her family looks on. In the operating room, as Viki is being put to sleep, she hears Ben comforting her.


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