OLTL Update Wednesday 5/26/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/26/04

By Kathy
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A very upset Asa tries to pull some strings for Viki by calling the Surgeon General for help finding a heart. Dr. Wolek then informs the family that Ben has suffered a set back, and is now on life support. Renee and Asa are furious, as Ben would never have wanted to be on life support. He explains that Ben was put on life support in order to keep his organs alive, as he is a perfect match for Viki. Asa is not yet ready to accept his son’s death, claiming that Ben is a fighter. Asa and Renee finally come to grips with the situation, and go into his room to say their final goodbyes, with some fabulous flashbacks.

Jen talks to Riley about Joey being back in town. Riley asks if she still loves him, but Jen won’t answer the question. Jen says Joey wants to see her, but she isn’t sure if she’s ready. As they talk about the “old” Jen, Riley thinks she is being too hard on herself, and encourages her to ease up a bit. Jen later does go to the hospital, spots Joey, but cannot go through with talking to him, and leaves. Joey never saw her at the hospital.

Viki’s family is trying to decide if and how to tell her about Ben. They decide to take a vote, and the vote is split. Dr. Wolek also warns them that organ donor information is to be kept confidential, and he will not be the one to tell her where the heart came from. Todd wants to do anything he can to save Viki, but Kevin thinks it should be her decision. He and Todd argue, and Joey steps in, telling them this is not the time or place. Roxy arrives to lend her support to Natalie.

Viki knows something is wrong with Ben, and begs the doctor to tell her what it is. He says he’ll send in one of her children, and Jessica decides to be the one. Jessica is crying, and tells Viki she has good news, that they have found a heart. Jessica goes on to say it is a good, strong heart, from a good person. Viki suddenly realizes that it is Ben’s heart, and loses consciousness. Since Viki cannot make the decision, Dr. Wolek informs the family they must make it for her. Jessica suggests Kevin decide, since he is the oldest. Kevin finally agrees to go through with the surgery, and Ben is taken into the operating room for the organ harvest.

Kevin goes into Viki’s room, and begs her to wake up. He tells her that he has always depended on her, and needs her to wake up and help him with this decision. Kevin also tells her that it is not her time to go, and that Ben knew this and she should not let Ben down. Viki finally wakes up, and all her children join her. She says she needs some time to digest this news, and decide what to do. After everyone leaves, Viki asks Ben what she should do, and we are treated to some awesome flashbacks of her life with Ben. She blames herself for Ben dying, and isn’t sure whether having his heart inside her will comfort her or cause her more pain. Outside her room, the entire family is wondering what she will decide, but Clint and Todd are both sure she’ll make the right decision.

Kelly is still a bundle of nerves, and tells Kevin they need to talk, but Kevin says this is not the time or the place, but agrees they do need to talk. Dorian approaches Kelly, and demands answers. Kelly claims she is just sleep deprived from having a newborn, but Dorian isn’t buying it. Later, Kelly tells Todd she’s worried that Kevin knows something is up – but Todd assures her she’s just being paranoid. Kevin catches them talking privately, but rather than having a confrontation with Kevin, Todd walks away.


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