OLTL Update Tuesday 5/25/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/25/04

By Kathy
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Bo and Nora realize their son has once again snookered them when they run into each other in the woods. Nora explains to Matthew that he cannot keep trying to set them up, that they are good friends, but that’s the extent of it. Nora is outfitted to the hilt for the trip, as Bo teases her for buying everything in the camping store. Bo takes Matthew to go fish, while Nora attempts to pitch her tent. She manages to get it somewhat erect, when Matthew comes back, saying Bo has been arrested. It turns out he was trying to show Matthew how to fish, and got caught fishing without a license. Bo laughs at Nora’s tent, but she is determined to spend the night in it, just as it is. She crawls inside, only to discover she pitched it on a hill of fire ants. During her attempts to escape the ants, her tent comes tumbling down on her, much to the delight of Matthew and Bo. Bo tries to start a fire, only to discover he has forgotten matches, as has Nora. They borrow matches, get the fire started, as the rain comes. Bo and Matthew dive for cover in their tent, and Nora eventually joins them. Disgusted with how the trip has gone so far, Nora suggests they move the camping trip back to her house, and Bo agrees.

Roxy comes busting into Angel Square Hotel, looking disheveled and has a black eye. A thug is fast on her heels, and she runs to Nigel for protection. The thug demands his money, and Nigel pulls a shotgun from behind the counter. Roxy is quite impressed, as Nigel explains that Mr. Buchanan gave him the gun after he taught Nigel how to use it. The thug isn’t backing down, but Nigel threatens to render him unable to father children. Nigel finally bargains for an hour’s time to get the necessary cash. When the thug returns, Nigel gives him the cash, draws the gun once more, and demand he take the money and leave. Nigel then explains to Roxy that he was able to get the money from Asa, after giving him half interest in the hotel. Roxy is touched by this gesture, and Nigel kisses Roxy. Nigel then admits he loves her, and the two kiss some more. Roxy then says that when a moment is this heated, there is only one thing to do – move in with him! She leaves to go pack. (These scenes were just so adorable!)

Kevin is at the hospital, and learns that he is being investigated for the transfer of funds from B.E. Kelly is extremely upset, and begins to admit to Kevin that she took the money for Paul, when the detective from Atlantic City arrives to question her some more. He explains that her car was registered at the hotel, yet she checked in with an alias. Kevin jumps in, explaining that since he was a former politician, it is common for he and Kelly to use other identities to avoid the media. Kelly explains that Paul has a gambling problem, and she went there to try to find and help him, but was only able to leave a message, and never actually saw Paul. She also claims she left the hotel by 9pm. Kevin vouches for her, verifying that she did, indeed, leave at 9pm, and never saw Paul. Kelly is truly touched by this. David walks into the middle of this, and tries to leave, but the detective has some questions for him, as well. It seems David got a parking ticket, and the detective wants to know what he was doing in Atlantic City. David admits he was there, and that he likes to gamble a little, but needs to keep it a secret from Dorian. David claims to not have seen Paul or Kelly during his trip.

Kelly thanks Kevin for providing her with an alibi, but Kevin tells her that right now, he can’t think about her problems, he needs her support. He tells her he loves her and just wants to protect her.

Todd stayed with Viki all night, afraid to let go of her hand. He is afraid to leave her, for fear if he does, she will die. Blair comes in, and urges him to get some real rest, but Todd will not leave her side. Blair brings him some soup. Viki wakes up, and is pleased to see Blair with Todd. Jessica and Natalie come in, as does Dorian, and Viki asks to go see Ben. Dorian arranges for Viki to be transported to Ben’s room. In Ben’s room, Viki tells Ben that she may not have much longer, that her heart isn’t going to last long. She hears Ben tell her that they are two hearts beating as one, and to attach a string to his. Viki returns to her room, wiped out, but very much at peace, saying she is ready to go. This frightens her family, as they realize Viki is saying she is ready to die.

Jessica tries her best to reassure Natalie that she is in no trouble, as she did not kill Paul, but Natalie is unconvinced, as the evidence doesn’t make her look innocent. She sees the detective, and decides to approach him head on, but the detective is there to see Kelly. Natalie calls John, who comes to be with her. He asks if he can stay with her, and Natalie says yes, she’d like that. They are sitting together, when the detective comes back, saying this is now a federal case, and an FBI agent is on the way to question her, and Natalie is not to leave town. Turns out the agent coming is Kathryn.

Dorian pays Ben a visit, telling him how dire Viki’s condition is. She says she realizes Ben cannot answer her, but as Dorian turns to leave, Ben’s heart monitor goes awry.

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