OLTL Update Monday 5/24/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/24/04

By Kathy
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David is concerned that he may have actually killed Paul, and he shares his fears with Dorian. Dorian wants some answers, but David isn’t too sure what really happened. Blair comes in, worried about Todd, and Kevin is also there, wondering where Kelly is. Kevin leaves to go be with Viki, and David tells Kevin to give Viki his best. Dorian pulls Blair aside, concerned that she is considering a reconciliation with Todd, but Blair evades the question.

Natalie is being questioned and photographed in Kelly’s hotel room. Natalie has no idea what took place, but the bracelet, along with Paul’s cell phone are found, as well as the note Natalie was writing. The note only serves to make things look worse for Natalie, who is becoming increasingly concerned and frightened. Natalie calls John for help.

On the rooftop of the hospital, Dr. Long dangles a very scared Marcie over the edge, as Michael does everything in his power to save her. Dr. Long is trying to force Marcie to let go of the roof’s edge, as he battles with Michael. Just as Dr. Long is about to succeed, John and Antonio burst in. Michael grabs Marcie, as John and Antonio subdue Dr. Long. Both Michael and Marcie are pulled to safety, but during the struggle, Michael’s leg was rebroken. Antonio arrests Dr. Long, and John goes for medical attention for Michael. Michael is readmitted to the hospital, as he and Marcie share some tender kisses. Marcie is so grateful that Michael saved her life, but Michael remembers a time at Angel Square, when she saved his life, after he took the wrong medication.

Clint and Viki discuss the missing heart, and Viki is afraid that is her one and only chance at life. They remember the times when their children were babies, with some wonderful flashbacks. Joey, Kevin and Jessica want to go in to see Viki, but a nurse informs him that since Viki will soon be undergoing surgery, she is only allowed one visitor at a time. They all think a heart has been found, but as soon as they enter the room they learn that the heart has been lost. A very distraught Jessica leaves the room, only to run into Dr. Long and Antonio, only to discover the truth. Jessica lashes out at Dr. Long, as Antonio controls her. Dorian comes by, and learns what has happened, telling Dr. Long he is a disgrace, with Dr. Long retorting that she has always been a pain in the neck. Antonio leads Dr. Long away, and asks Dorian to help Jessica. Dorian holds Jessica, assuring her they will find another heart. They go to visit Viki, and Dorian and Clint work to keep Viki’s hopes up. Dorian pulls Clint out of the room, and tells her that she knows of another heart that is a perfect match. She tells Dorian that at some point in time, for some unknown reason, Ben had been tested, and is a perfect match for Viki. Both Clint and Dorian agree that Ben loves Viki with all his heart, and would want to save her.

Todd and Kelly arrive at La Boulaie, and go over their stories. Kelly is determined to say she got hung up answering phones on the teen line. Todd warns her to stick to her story, as Blair hears someone talking outside. She opens the door to find the two of them, and looks none too happy about it. She informs Kelly that Todd has been trying to reach her, and that Viki has taken a turn for the worse. She then asks where the two of them have been, and they both tell a lame story about Kelly having car trouble. Blair isn’t buying it for one minute, but Kelly goes inside to call Kevin. She stops to have a drink, as David questions her about Paul. It’s clear neither knows what the other was up to, and Kelly claims she knows nothing, as David does the same, each wondering to the other where Paul might have disappeared to.

John arrives in Atlantic City, and asks what is going on. He knows the cop that is questioning Natalie, and vouches for her innocence. Natalie agrees to give her contact information for further questioning, and she is released to John. They leave the room, and John asks about Paul. Natalie asks if he wants to know if she killed him, or if she slept with him. John says this is not the place to discuss it, but Natalie tells him the answer to both questions is “No.” He takes her home, and straight to the hospital to be with Viki and her family, where she learns what has happened to Viki’s heart.

Kelly is about to leave to go be with Kevin, when the officer from Atlantic City shows up with some questions about Paul.

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