OLTL Update Friday 5/21/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/21/04

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As Marcie struggles to release herself from the freezer, Michael asks Long what he’s hoping to get for the organ in the cooler he’s carrying. He threatens to call the police and Long says he’d better not if he wants his girlfriend to live through the night.

Viki has a hard time wrapping her head around needing a heart transplant, and Jessica, Kevin and Dorian talk positively about it. Dorian reminds her that she is out of options, and they all say they’ll be there for her. Viki is freaked out about having someone else’s heart beating inside of her.

Starr calls Todd and tells him they just got off the plane. She asks if he can come over to see them tonight, but Todd jokes that he didn’t really miss them and he’s just going to stay home. He’s actually at La Boulaie, which he’s filled with flowers.

In AC, Natalie wakes up and wonders where Paul is. She sees a note where he’s scribbled his motel room number and heads over there. At Kelly’s hotel room, David yells for an unconscious Paul to wake up. He takes off and leaves Paul’s body and a knocked out Kelly behind. Slowly, Kelly comes to and stumbles across Paul’s body.

Kevin says that once the transplant’s done, the new heart will be a part of her and she’ll be the same. Dorian thinks it might be helpful for Viki to join a support group for people waiting for donor organs. Dorian explains how a match is made between the patient and a donor, and says that Viki’s condition would put her at the top of the list. There’s no way to know how quickly a heart could become available.

Long tells Michael to start looking for Marcie, but Michael hollers for security. Long says if he lets him go, his girlfriend lives. Meanwhile, Marcie continues to bang on the door and hopes Michael will find her.

A woman knocks on Kelly’s door and complains about the noise coming from her room. Kelly says it was the TV and she’ll turn it down. She checks Paul for signs of life but he’s dead; she recalls the fight they had and Paul knocking his head on the mantle.

Blair arrives home and is pleasantly surprised to find Todd there. She says they should talk and thanks him for all the flowers. He asks if she thought about them getting back together, and she says she did, and it’s complicated, but Todd’s interrupted by his cell phone. It’s Kelly and she begs Todd for his help.

Dr. Gardner comes to see Viki and says he knows she’s going forward with the transplant. In the meantime, they could implant a left ventricular assist device. It will serve as a bridge until they get the transplant, and he thinks it’s the best course of action. It will last weeks or perhaps months, and will be the best way to prolong her stability while they wait. The doctor leaves and Kevin tells his mother that there is still so much for her to do in life, and she has to do everything she can to stay alive.

Starr asks where all the roses came from and Blair says from Todd. Meanwhile, Todd heads to Kelly’s hotel and knocks on the door. She opens the door and is a total mess. She says she got in a fight with Paul and that he’s dead. Todd checks for a pulse and asks if she killed him, and Kelly says she doesn’t know. She tells him about the woman knocking on the door and Todd tells her to quiet down. He says she can’t fall apart now and he needs her to help get rid of the body.

A nurse opens the freezer and puts something there, and sees Marcie slumped in the corner. Long takes Al up to the helipad and trips Michael and says he guesses he won’t be able to help him now.

Viki tells her family to go home and be with their families. She asks for a new picture of Ace and of the family, and that way she’ll have everyone there with her. She says she needs some time alone. Before Dorian leaves, Viki asks her to be honest about her chances. Dorian says about 85 percent of transplant patients survive a year, but at this hospital 75 percent live for five years or more. Viki breaks down and says she’s terrified and so tired. She doesn’t want to leave her family, but Dorian says she needs to let her family worry about her for a change. She is a survivor and she’ll survive this.

Todd brings a cart to Kelly’s room and they cover Paul’s body with blankets and dump him in the cart. A chain falls onto the floor unnoticed as they move the body. Todd says he’ll dump it in his truck and says she needs to come with him. She waffles but he tells her to pull herself together and Paul can’t blackmail her anymore. They wheel the cart out of the room and leave, but not before the woman across the hall opens her door and watches them.

Starr and Blair talk about Todd and Blair says she shouldn’t try to push for reconciliation. Starr says she’s just saying her mother should call Todd and thank her. Blair picks up the phone and starts to call Todd, but Dorian and Kevin come in. Kevin tells Blair about Viki and says the only option is a heart transplant. He says he’s looking for Kelly, and that Kelly’s been on edge lately. Every time he can’t find Kelly she winds up with Todd or Paul. He asks Dorian if David knows where she is, but Dorian says she doesn’t even know where David is. Meanwhile, David returns to Kelly’s room and sees that she and Paul’s body are missing. The woman across the hall tells him Kelly left and that she was with a man and they were pushing something.

Viki writes a letter to her family in case she dies. Dr. Gardner tells her that Dr. Long has approved the harvesting of a donor heart and they are going to run tests to see if it’s compatible.

The nurse helps Marcie and tells her to go to the ER and get checked for hypothermia. She says she will, but she needs to find Michael. She leaves him a message and then calls John and says Long is after them. The nurse tells Marcie she saw Michael earlier go upstairs with Long. Marcie tells John to hurry. On the helipad, Michael and Long struggle and the heart pops out of the cooler. Long says that was worth $50,000, but now it’s ruined. Marcie gets there and Long grabs her.

Kelly and Todd get to Viki’s cabin and talk about dumping Paul’s body in a landfill. Todd says they can get cleaned up, and Kelly starts crying again. Todd asks if she wants to take a shower and says he’ll make a fire. Natalie gets to the hotel room that Paul wrote on the note and goes in when the door is unlocked. She writes him a note, but trips over something and lands in a pool of blood. The police throw open the door and tell Natalie to put her hands up.

Clint arrives at Viki’s hospital room and says if she wanted her to come see her, all she had to do was ask. He tells her that Joey is parking the car and will be right in. She says she’s a little drugged up, and Clint says that Jessica filled him in over the phone. Viki says it’s possible they’ve found her a heart tonight. Dr. Gardner comes in and says the donor heart has disappeared.

David comes home and tells Dorian what happened with Kelly and Paul. He says he doesn’t know where Paul or Kelly are.

Todd gives Kelly some booze and makes a fire. She says she’s sorry and she didn’t even know she had a brother and now he’s dead. She hugs Todd and says she doesn’t know what she’d do without him right now, and they look at each other.


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