OLTL Update Thursday 5/20/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/20/04

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Paul and Natalie enjoy champagne in their hotel room and he asks if someone else is on her mind. She says the only one on her mind is him, and they start kissing.

David tells Kelly that he overheard her arguing with Paul in the casino and he knows she’s in trouble. Meanwhile, at Llanfair, Kevin leaves Kelly a message to call him as soon as she can. Jessica comes in and tells Kevin she can’t find Viki anywhere. Todd stops by and asks where Viki is, but Jessica says they can’t find her. Jessica gets a call and it’s the hospital; Viki’s had a coronary.

Dorian goes to Viki’s room and tells her she’s not ready to lose her yet, but Viki’s heart rate spikes.

Michael phones John and tells him he thinks someone’s stalking him. He’s had a couple of hang-ups and a window was broken; he thinks Long is after him. John says he shouldn’t worry, because he has Long in his office right now. In AC, Natalie and Paul start to make love until Paul stops her. He asks if she’s over John McBain or if she’s trying to get his attention, but Natalie swears she and John are over. Paul doesn’t think this is like her, and maybe she’s trying to get her mind off her mom. Natalie says that would be fine, and she just wants to concentrate on what’s in that hotel room.

Dorian tells Viki to hang on, and the doctors enter the room just as Kevin, Todd and Jessica arrive. Dorian tells them that Viki is having an arrhythmia and her heart isn’t getting enough oxygen. Jessica wants to know if they can help her, and Dorian says they’ll have to act very fast.

Long tells McBain he’s being cooperative and shows him the documents that prove the harvested organs are legitimate. John says he’s seen manufactured documents before and that if Long doesn’t come clean, he’ll be at his office tomorrow making a huge stink. Long says he and his attorney look forward to it, and he leaves. John gazes at a picture of him with Caitlin and Nora sees him and says having a drink and saying goodbye to a photograph is not the way to get over someone.

The doctors get a rhythm on Viki and tell her family that scar tissue can cause the oxygen depletion and her heart is too damaged to operate – they’re running out of options.

Marcie and Jen come home and Michael asks if they saw anyone outside, but they say no. They ask how the window broke, and he says the wind did it, but Marcie wants to know what is really going on. Michael says he had a dream that Long broke into their house, but he was actually in John’s office. Marcie says she’s tired of living in fear and if Long is with John, it’s the perfect time to go to his office and get the evidence they need.

Nora shuts the door to John’s office and says she hasn’t wanted to pry. John tells her he’s had a hard time moving on from Caitlin, and it’s very hard for him to forget. Nora says it’s not about forgetting; it’s about moving forward. He calls Natalie and interrupts her make out session with Paul; he tells her thinks he is ready to move on. He asks if he can see her, but she says she’s in bed and asks if it can wait until morning. He says sure. Paul angrily says it’s going to be the three of them after all, and Natalie apologizes. She says she should go, and Paul says it’s fine for her to keep the room as she’s in no condition to drive.

Kevin calls Kelly, but she says she can’t talk to him right now. David says he can help her get Paul out of her life, and that he’s a phone call away; he leaves. Kelly takes some pills for her nerves and calls Paul and says she needs to see him.

Michael gets his crutches and leaves to save Marcie. At the hospital, Marcie gets directions to transplant services. She goes into a freezer and Long comes in and asks if he can help her. She says the nurse gave her the wrong directions, and she’ll just be going, but Long says he thinks she’ll stay right there. He tells her she’s a terrible liar and traps her.

Viki wakes up and Kevin says she gave them quite a scare. She says she was visiting Ben and as she was leaving, she had such a pain and thought she was dying. She tells Todd she heard them all praying and she followed their voices; they all brought her back.

Nora tells John she was stood up by Daniel Colson and surmises he had second thoughts and wanted to go back to Lindsay Rappaport. Daniel comes in and says not a chance in hell.

Lindsay goes to see Jen and Jen reluctantly lets her in. She asks where Rex is, and if they were together tonight, and Lindsay says no. Jen guesses that’s what brought her mother there, to see if Rex is with her, and Jen says the only people there are Michael and Marcie, and they are true friends who don’t make her feel desperate, like her mother feels now. She asks her to leave, but Lindsay says she happens to really miss her. Jen says when she stops letting guys like Rex jerk her around, then she’ll want her in her life, and she orders her to leave.

Michael makes it to the hospital and sees Dorian; he tells her he needs to find Marcie because he’s afraid she’s in trouble with Long. Dorian apologizes but says her dear friend Viki is very ill and she can’t think about anything else right now. Viki’s physician, Dr. Gardner, tells Dorian that the medications should regulate her heartbeat, but Dorian knows they’re running out of options. He says there is one thing, but it’s very risky.

Viki tells Todd she needs him to set an example for the others by going on with his life in the best way possible. He says he won’t do that without her, but Viki says he should live for the people who need him – Starr, Jack, Blair. He needs to find his own peace of mind, and he shouldn’t let their father or his past get in the way of his happiness. Todd thinks it sounds like she’s saying goodbye to him.

Marcie tells Long that John and Michael know she’s in that room, but he knows she’s bluffing. By the time they find her, she’ll be dead. He locks her in the room.

Colson apologizes for standing Nora up, but he was reading the file on Long. He says there’s nothing in there to arrest him for.

Paul goes to Kelly’s room and she groggily gets the door. She’s totally wasted from the pills and he asks if she’s okay. She says Kevin is going to divorce her and he went to Pine Valley and he keeps calling her. She goes ballistic and he tries to calm her down; she pushes him against the mantle and he starts bleeding from his head. She keeps popping pills and says she just wants to sleep, and he helps her to the bed and says he’s getting the hell out of there. David comes in and asks what the hell he’s doing.

Kevin asks Jessica if she’s been able to contact Natalie, but Jess says she keeps getting her voice mail. Viki tells Todd that she wants him to make her proud, and Todd says a weepy goodbye and leaves.

John calls Jen and asks to speak with Michael; she says he and Marcie went to bed a little while ago and asks if she should wake them up. John says to let them sleep, and he just wanted to make sure they were home safe. Marcie knocks on the door to no avail and notes that her hands are turning blue. Meanwhile, Michael limps around the hospital and bumps into Long. He asks if he’s seen Marcie and Long says no; Michael notes the cooler in Long’s hand and asks if it’s another expensive heart.

Dr. Gardner tells Viki that he and his associates agree that her heart is extremely damaged and surgery is out of the question. Due to the scarring, her heart won’t recuperate. There is one option left, and it’s a heart transplant. Kevin asks what they have to do, and the doctor says it’s not that easy. They’re going to have to find a compatible heart and that can take some time. He says it would be an appropriate time to gather the rest of her family. Kevin tells her not to be afraid, and she says she’s not, but she’ll miss them all so much.

Paul tells David that Kelly took some sleeping pills and passed out. David says some people have had colds longer than she’s had him for a brother, and he punches Paul out. Paul hits his head and David tries to revive him.


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