OLTL Update Tuesday 5/18/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/18/04

By Suzanne
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Michael tries to scratch his toes with a stick while Marcie answers the phone. No one answers, so she gets a little creeped out, saying it is the third hangup since he's been out of the hospital. Michael tries to make her worries go away. Marcie is very jumpy. When Jen comes home early, Marcie gets the fireplace poker in case it's Dr. Long or some other bad guy. It's only Michael's shout that stops her from bashing Jen (wouldn't that be fun to see? :) Marcie tries to get out of the girl's night out rather than let him stay home alone, but he insists that she go. Jen helps convince her and they leave. Michael goes back to scratching his toe, but then he hears someone at the door.

At Capricorn, Jessica asks Evangeline about Antonio being out late every night. Evangeline is evasive and then leaves for a meeting. John comes by and asks her where she thinks Natalie might be, since she's not answering her cell. Jessica isn't sure why Nat isn't answering. John inquires into Viki's health and then they talk about Nat. He tells her about his last conversation with Nat. They also chat about how she's worried about Antonio.

Asa notes that Kelly is reading the Pine Valley newspaper. She asks where Kevin is, so Asa tells her that he's going to see Adam Chandler in Pine Valley, about what Paul might be holding over Kelly's head. Kelly denies that Paul is blackmailing her. Asa says that Paul and Todd are in cahoots because Kevin saw them whispering together. Kelly is very upset, so Asa tries to comfort her. Kelly leaves in a hurry. Later, Asa speaks with Kevin on the phone about his talking to Adam Chandler. He tells Kevin that Kelly had a bad reaction when he told her about his going to Pine Valley. Matthew runs in to visit. He tells Asa that Bo is picking up his camping gear. Asa asks if Nora is going, too. Matthew makes it sound like that would never happen. He quickly changes the subject to the dance contest Bo and Nora won. Bo comes in; Matthew goes outside. Bo tells Asa that he won't ask Coulsen to drop the charges against him. Asa says that's fine, he'll take care of Daniel come election time. He wants to know what's going on with Bo and Nora. Bo does a double-take, wondering what he's talking about. Bo assures him that they're just friends. Asa questions him about the trip to New York and about camping. Bo says Nora's not going camping, just him and Matthew. Asa argues with Bo about how he should give Matthew a real family. Bo can't believe how stubborn Asa is being and how he doesn't seem to be hearing what he's saying. Matthew comes in and hugs Asa, then leaves.

Antonio goes to see Dorian but finds David, who has just gotten out of the shower. David jokes that Dorian is soaking in the tub but then says she's not home. He says Antonio can ask him anything, so Antonio asks if he believes that Dorian is really Adriana's mother. David says quickly that of course she is but wonders why Antonio thinks she's not. Antonio gets a call about The Hookup so he has to leave. Kelly arrives, upset. David asks if it's because of Paul. She wanted to see Dorian and is hesitant to confide in David. He asks if Kevin is committing adultery again. She says their marriage is fine. He wonders why she's always about to panic if things are so fine. She agrees to talk to him if he changes into some clothes (he's still in his robe). She calls Paul, saying she needs to talk to him, but Paul is too busy in Atlantic City to bother talking to her. He hangs up on her. She leaves quickly before David comes back.

Nora is at Capricorn in a nice outfit with spaghetti straps. She says hi to R.J., who admires her outfit and asks what man she's meeting. She doesn't tell him. He says he would rather see her with Daniel than Bo, since Bo doesn't approve of their friendship. She says they're just friends and wonders why he and Evangeline are trying to fix her up. He says maybe they just want to see her as happy as they are. She laughs and so he wonders whether Evangeline has said something to her about them not being happy. We don't see her answer...next we see Nora talking to R.J. about the camping trip, which she still thinks is a mother-son event. R.J. asks again about Evangeline. She tells him that he has anger issues, particularly about Antonio. She warns him that he has to forgive Antonio, or he will lose Van and then won't be able to forgive himself. Nora wonders why Daniel is so late. R.J. wonders why she has chosen a guy who works so closely with Bo. He gets called away by the phone, leaving her to ponder.

Evangeline is at The HOokup. A good-looking guy tries to hit on her, but she says she's meeting someone. She is shocked to see Jessica there. Jessica tells her that she's there for a girl's night out. Antonio walks in the door just then. Evangeline spills her drink so that Jessica won't see him pass by. Jessica invites Evangeline to join her, but she says she's meeting a client there. Jessica is surprised at the odd meeting place. Jen and Marcie arrive. A waiter takes their drink order, but they all order diet soda. He laughs at the "hard drinkers". Jen notices how many hot guys there are there, so Marcie reminds her about Riley. Jen protests that they are just friends. Jen won't go near any relationships again until she knows who she is and what she wants. Marcie wonders if things are okay between Jess and Antonio.

Meanwhile, Evangeline and Antonio are talking in a small area off the main room. She is sorry that Jessica is taking this so hard. Antonio says this will end soon and asks why they're there at The Hookup. She explains that her client is the accountant there. He's been accused of laundering drug money but he swears he knows nothing about that, and she believes him. Antonio watches Jessica, who is being hit on by some guy from college. She tells him with a smile that she is seeing someone, but he persists. She is sort of flirting with him. Finally she walks away after she says how happy she is with the guy she lives with. Jen and Marcie jokes with Jessica about the hot guy. Marcie is surprised to hear that the other girls would dance with guys that are not their boyfriends because it's not like cheating. She does agree that the guy was hot. An awkward moment comes up when Jen mentions Joey. Marcie doesn't think she could dance with anyone but Michael. They have a discussion about dating and still keeping your own self. They look at a poster advertising some hot guys dancing there and plan to come back to see the strippers.

Marcie phones Michael at Jen's urging, since she's been worried. He says he's fine, distracted by whomever was at the door. He claims he was falling asleep and tells her to have fun. As soon as he hangs up, he goes over to the door and yells, "Who's out there?" It's John, who's wondering why he sounds so freaked out. John says he's been checking into Dr. Long but so far he hasn't been able to catch him at anything. Michael confesses that he's feeling very frustrated and helpless because of his cast. They discuss how Marcie got over Al; John wonders how she did that. Michael doesn't really know but thinks she just somehow got pushed in his direction and she learned to live without Al. John thinks he's getting the same push but he hasn't made the leap so far. Michael urges him to take the leap because it will be worth it. Later, Michael has a dream about Dr. Long coming up behind him with a heavy object, ready to hit him in the head. He awakens, scared. He turns and sees the mirror is broken.

Antonio and Evangeline come out of hiding after the girls leave. She points out the assistant manager to him. The woman talks loudly on her cell phone about how they are missing two of their strippers. Evangeline has an idea about how Antonio can get into the club to find out what's going on. She asks him how he would feel about taking off his clothes in front of a group of screaming women.

Natalie meets up with Paul in Atlantic City. He is not happy to see her because of the way she treated him before. She kisses him to change his mind and tells him that she and John are history. He is skeptical, so she asks what she can do to prove it. She explains why it's over with John. He doesn't want to be used to get to John. She denies that. She says that since he didn't know her before Christian died, he sees her as she really is. She asks him to take her away like he invited her to before. He notices that she is wearing the charm bracelet he gave her. They play roulette and she picks the number, so he wins. Paul agrees to try once more. They kiss. He makes an offhand comment about how if she keeps making him win like this, he won't have to do things he doesn't want to. She asks if he means illegal things. He says he has done some things in his life he's not too proud of. She says she's probably done worse. She explains that she made Jessica's life hell when she first came to town. He says he's probably does worse to his sister, but that's all in the past. Kelly comes running up just then, frantic, to talk to Paul. Paul asks Natalie to go up to his room and get them a bottle of champagne. Nat smiles and leaves. Kelly tells him that Kevin went to Pine Valley to talk to Adam Chandler, so she wonders if he will find out about where Ace came from. Paul tries to put her off but she demands to know if he got her baby from someone in Pine Valley. He claims he doesn't know anything about it. She gets very upset and yells at him as he's going into the elevator that she wishes he were dead. Behind her we see David has arrived. Kelly is shocked to see him there. He says he heard the argument with Paul and it was very interesting.

Nat drinks champagne up in Paul's room. She is impatient about waiting for him. He arrives and they kiss. Her charm bracelet gets caught in his hair, so he takes it off. She smiles seductively.

John has drinks at the bar in Capricorn; he looks at a picture of Caitlin. Nora comes up and wonders why he's there. He says he's trying to say goodbye to someone.

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