OLTL Update Monday 5/17/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/17/04

By Suzanne
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At the Police Station

Antonio shows John the picture of Dorian in Puerto Rico at the funeral of Santi, a known drug dealer. John says that Santi was supposed to have a fortune stashed. He wonders if Dorian knows where the money is. John points out that from the picture, he can't tell if Dorian is upset or not. He gets out the magnifying glass so they can look at the woman she was with. John notices an unusual bracelet the woman is wearing. Antonio looks at it and flashes back to talking to his mother, after she went to a funeral. John asks if he's ever seen that bracelet. John is frustrated, and Antonio's brow is knitted, concerned. Antonio can tell that it's Natalie and not work that John is upset about, but John won't discuss it. Antonio says he's going to get some take-out. John flashes back to chatting with Nat about how Caitlin will always be a part of him.

La Boulaie

Dorian mumbles a safe combination in her sleep. David sits up, alert. He starts taking notes and tries to get her to say more. She wakes up and wonders what he's doing. He claims he is jotting down some ideas for the magazine. He wonders what she was dreaming about. She thinks and then says she doesn't remember. He asks if it wasn't about the millions of dollars. He notes that she had a smile on her face but says it better be about the money and not the man. She assures him she barely knew Santi. He asks whether, if she knew, would she tell him. As she puts on her robe, she says that she would tell him if she knew. Adriana knocks, so Dorian opens it. David pulls the covers up after they give him a look. Adriana has the PUerto Rican newspaper that David was looking at, about Santi's funeral. She asks if he was her father. Dorian doesn't say no but asks why Adriana thinks that. Adriana is suspicious because of the newspaper. Dorian covers by saying that David is doing some research on Puerto Rico, and she gets David to agree in an unconvincing way. Adriana can tell they're lying so she says she will find out on her own. Dorian stops her and confesses that Santi was indeed her father. She didn't want Adriana to know. Adriana points out that he was a terrible criminal. Dorian claims she didn't know that at first. She says he was very charming. David hides under the covers, not wanting to hear that. Dorian continues that he was charming unless he turned on you. Adriana wonders if that's what he did to Dorian. Dorian doesn't want her to have any details, for her own safety. River calls up to see if Dorian is there. Adriana shows River the newspaper and fills him in on what's going on. Adriana yells at her in Spanish. River can tell from the paper that $100 million is mentioned. Dorian claims she knows nothing about it. David listens intently. Adriana leaves, saying she will Ask Carlotta, who will be honest with her. River follows her. David grills Dorian about the money. As she closes the door, he hides the paper where he was taking notes. He goes to take a shower, saying she's welcome to join. Instead, she makes a phone call to Carlotta. She warns her that Adriana is on her way over and wants answers about Manuel. She asks Carlotta to keep quiet, too.

Asa's mansion

Kevin is on the phone to someone, talking about the helicopter crash in Pine Valley. Kelly comes in and wonders what he's doing. He hangs up and shows her the Pine Valley Bulletin article about the crash, saying that Banner-Sun ran a smaller version of the article. Kelly scoffs, hoping he doesn't blame Paul for it. She points out that he was trying to help. He says that they lost a baby the same day Kelly gave birth. She gets nervous, saying she doesn't know what he means. He says they could have lost their baby. If Paul had anything to do with it, he has to find out. She pleads with him to leave Paul alone, since he's her brother. Kevin reminds her of the illegal stuff he's done and what he might be involved with. Kelly continues to argue. Kevin pretends to be convinced, but we know he won't really let up on Paul.

Kelly walks around with the baby in her arms, very upset about her world starting to fall apart. Paul walks in after seeing Todd (below) and warns her to keep Todd off her back. Kelly shows him the newspaper about the crash and demands to know if he stole Bianca's baby. Paul claims it's not and points out that Bianca had a girl. Kelly apologizes as Paul goes on and on about how he thought he was helping out by getting her that baby from the unwed mother who didn't want him. He suggests that Kelly get control of things, but she doesn't know how. She's worried about losing Kevin. Paul says he's sorry he got her upset and they will figure something out. He gets a call on his cell phone from the hospital. It rings and rings as they argue about who they should worry about, Kevin or Todd. Paul says he's covered his tracks so well that they'll never figure it out.

Later, Kevin tells Kelly about Asa acting weird. He makes a point of telling her how much she and the baby mean to him. They kiss and then prepare to go upstairs and see the baby, but the phone rings so Kevin says he'll meet her up in the nursery. It's Adam Chandler on the phone. Kevin asks him about Paul.


Paul is having a drink at the bar when Todd comes up and puts a little plastic baby in his beer. Todd says, "let's talk babies". Paul says Todd owes him another beer. Todd tells him to stop blackmailing Kelly and demands to know the details about the crash and the babies. Paul refuses to tell him. Todd leans on Paul both figuratively and literally when he tells him that Kelly stole the funds from BE to get the money Paul wanted, so now Kevin is suspicious. He tells Paul again to give him the details of that day, starting with how he convinced Bianca that her baby was dead. Then he wants Paul to stay the Hell away from Kelly. Todd gets Paul another drink. Paul still refuses to say anything, so Todd turns away, saying he'll find out himself. Paul negotiates, saying he'll tell him everything if Todd gives him money. Todd won't give, so Paul offers to leave town. Todd isn't sure whether to believe it but he warns Paul not to screw up Kelly and Kevin's relationship. Paul leaves, passing Kevin on the way.

Asa, Kevin, and Evangeline meet to talk about Asa's case. It was Asa's choice to meet in a bar so he can have bourbon. Kevin's attention is more on watching Paul and Todd together. Kevin goes to get drinks. He asks Todd what he's got going on with Paul. Todd jokes that they were plotting Kevin's downfall. Then he says honestly that he really wants Kevin and Kelly to be happy with their baby. He tries to be nice and says that since he almost lost Starr, he wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even Kevin. Kevin thanks him sarcastically, so Todd tells him to get the Hell out of his face. Todd phones Starr while Kevin walks back to his table. He tells her that he misses them all.

Kevin mentions to Asa that Todd is up to something with Paul. Asa, who seems to be a bit drunk, says that it isn't Todd; it doesn't even look like him. He asks Kevin to remember that Todd had a scar. Kevin and Evangeline look concerned as Kevin reminds Asa that Todd had plastic surgery and got a whole new look. Asa quickly covers by saying he was just testing him. Kevin wonders if he's okay. Asa says he will as soon as Evangeline gets the charges against him dropped. She states that she needs more cooperation from Asa. Asa says oddly that he doesn't want Todd involved. He also tells Kevin that he'd better do something about Todd and Paul plotting. Kevin says he's trying but Kelly doesn't want him digging into her brother's life. Asa tells Kevin that he doesn't have to do any digging; if he wants the information, he will tell him where it is. Kevin looks confused. Next we see Evangeline asking Asa questions, but he is not paying attention to her. Kevin has left and is returning to their table. Asa had apparently told him to phone Adam Chandler to get any info he has on Paul. Kevin says Adam is not home right now, but he's counting on that information. They talk about Coulsen and Asa's case. Todd comes over and greets Asa. Asa asks him where the scar is. Todd puts his hand to his face in mock horror and says that someone must have stolen it. Then he rushes out. Kevin wonders why Asa can't remember about Todd. Evangeline looks like she's getting an idea.


Natalie and Jessica chop up some vegetables. Jessica invites Nat to go clubbing with her and some girls, but when Nat asks who is going, Jess is forced to admit that Jen will be there. Nat doesn't want to get into another fight with Jen. Jess asks what happened when John followed her to Atlantic City. Nat flashes back to being in bed with him; she asks if they can not talk about it. Jess notices she took off her wedding ring. Nat says she's trying to move on, but she doesn't think JOhn can do it. The discussion turns to Paul, and to Antonio. Nat asks Jess why she's going out with the girls instead of Antonio. Jess says he's working again; she shares her concerns about Antonio being gone all night, so often. Nat inquires as to whether Jess think he's cheating. Jess doesn't want to think that, but then she shares that she overheard R.J. chewing out Evangeline for spending so much time with Antonio. They wonder if he's making extra money working for her and he wouldn't tell Jess about it. Nat, trying to make Jess feel better, says that he's probably just on some big top-secret case for Bo.

John visits Natalie. Jess takes a tray of food up to Viki. Natalie wonders why he is there. He says, smiling, that they kinda left things up in the air. She agrees. He says that she was right about him. He hasn't gotten over Caitlin, but he can't forget about what happened with them, either. Nat points out that it didn't happen for him (he wasn't there with her in spirit). He says he's feeling things again and he asks her to give him some time. She is silent. He knows he has no right to ask her to wait...she says he can ask, looking hopeful. He says he didn't mean to hurt her. She says she's not mad. She talks about losing Cristian and how long it took her to let go, so she understands what he's going through. He wants to know how she let go. She tells him that she can't wait around for something that's not going to happen. She runs off, upset.

Angel Square Diner

Antonio goes to Carlotta and demands to know why she was at Santi's funeral and what he was to her. He is very angry. She reminds him that she told him she was at a friend's funeral. He wants to know the rest of the story. He tells her about the picture the FBI sent them, with Dorian and some woman. He points out that the woman was wearing the same bracelet that Carlotta is wearing. He accuses her of knowing him, too, and asks again what he was to her. Carlotta says he was just Dorian's husband. Antonio wants to know why Dorian went to a funeral of someone she knew so long ago and why she was so upset. Carlotta says he will have to ask Dorian that. He leaves to do that.

Adrian and River are next to question Carlotta. David shows up so they wonder if he's spying on them for Dorian. He says he's just there for the food. He takes a nearby table and listens in as Carlotta goes on and on about how horrible Santi was and how he could only bring hurt to Adriana, even in death. She refuses to say more. David slips out before he gets his burger. River and Adriana tell Carlotta how upset they are about her refusal to give them more information. Carlotta apologizes but won't tell her anything. River tells Adriana that he will help her find the truth.

Back at the Police Station

Antonio tells Jessica about what happened with Carlotta. They talk about people who love each other keeping secrets; of course Jess is hinting to him about their own relationship. She tells him she will out with the girls and she hopes he's not working all night again. He caresses her cheek and says he hopes he won't, either. He gets a call on his cell from Evangeline, who tells him that he needs to have another all-nighter. She asks him to meet her at Capricorn, so he says he'll be right over. Jess tries to be understanding. They kiss and he tells her to be safe and have fun. Jess leaves with a determined look on her face. Meanwhile, John looks at a picture of Natalie.

Back at La Boulaie

Dorian phones someone to say she needs to move some of Adriana's money. David comes in so she hangs up. She waves the notes that he was writing in front of his face and asks him to explain it. He confesses that she said it in her sleep but asks what the rest of it is. She says she doesn't know and that's the problem. She changes the subject and asks where he ran off to. He tells her that he went to keep an eye on Carlotta to make sure she didn't say too much to Adriana. He wonders why Carlotta was so upset, unless she's Adriana's mother after all. He quizzes her about why she and Carlotta are so close but she sidesteps all of his questions.

Capricorn Again

Natalie asks and calls around to see where Paul is; she learns he's in Atlantic City again, then she leaves.

Antonio and Evangeline meet up; he says he's heading over to The Hookup. Jessica has followed him so, after he leaves, she corners Evangeline to ask her what's going on between her and Antonio.

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