OLTL Update Friday 5/14/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/14/04

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Antonio goes to see Jessica at school and she tells him she had to file a story. She called him at work the night before and the desk sergeant said he was off-duty; she wonders where he was. She lets on that she knows he went to Woolen Falls. At the diner, RJ asks Evangeline why she cancelled their date the night before, and she says it was work-related. He says he went to her office and to her apartment after Capricorn closed and she wasn’t there.

Todd is overprotective with Viki as she prepares for her angiogram. She complains that she can’t eat anything, and wants to change the subject, so she asks about Blair. He tells her she and the kids went to Bermuda on their bonding trip, and he thinks he’ll go down there, but Viki chides him and he agrees that he’s not going to stalk her. He also tells her he promised Dorian he’d stay away from Blair.

Kelly asks Dorian to cover for her with Kevin, and tells Dorian that she was actually with Paul. Dorian wants to know what kind of trouble her niece has gotten into. Meanwhile, Kevin receives a packet of information about Paul from his PI.

Todd tells Viki that Dorian helped with the ransom and that’s why he said he’d stay away from Blair. Viki says that Dorian is famous for interfering with other people’s lives, but can’t believe that Todd would go along with it.

Jen interrupts Riley as he writes his paper. She offers to help with his paper and he says she can write it for him if she wants to.

RJ tells Vangie he doesn’t like the thought of her walking the streets of Llanview by herself, and asks her to move in with him. David stops in the diner and tells Carlotta that Adriana is asking a lot of questions about her father, and Carlotta’s hand starts to shake as she pours his coffee. He wonders if Carlotta could speak with Adriana about Manuel, and Carlotta breaks the coffeepot.

Dorian tells Kelly that she’s angry that they welcomed Paul into the family, and she agrees with Kevin’s plea that she stay away from Paul. Kevin interrupts with some documents for David to sign and wants to know where Kelly’s been all day.

Antonio tells Jessica that she shouldn’t have followed him and she could have been caught in the middle of something bad. He says all he can say is that he’s working, and asks if Jessica can stay with Jamie tonight, but she’s too busy. He says he’ll figure something out. After she leaves, he calls Vangie and says that he can’t stand keeping things from Jessica, and after this, he’s not taking any more cases. Jessica eavesdrops from behind the door.

RJ presses Evangeline for an answer to his invitation to move in with him, and she says she doesn’t think she’s ready yet. RJ thinks maybe they should take a step back. Evangeline says she is exclusive with RJ, and she wouldn’t have time for another man if she wanted one. They fight and Evangeline storms out. Through the window, RJ sees her speaking intimately with Antonio.

David wonders what it is about Manuel Santi that makes Carlotta and Dorian so jumpy. Carlotta says she was just the maid, and that everyone knew he was dangerous.

River and Adriana kiss at the pool at La Boulaie. She says that she forgets all about waiting and wants to go further, and River says he doesn’t want her to do anything she’s not ready for.

Kelly tells Kevin she got up early and decided to go shopping with Dorian. He says he’s received some information about Paul, and he thinks he’s hiding something.

Antonio overhears Carlotta saying a rosary for someone called Manny and demands to know who it is; Carlotta says it’s the husband of someone at her church who’s ill.

Marcie hosts her radio show and Jess and Jen participate in a discussion about cheating. Meanwhile, Riley searches the internet for a paper to submit for his class.

Viki says Dorian does not have the power to curse anyone, but Todd says if Blair comes after him, it’s okay. Kevin comes in and has a civil exchange with Todd, and Todd leaves. Viki is glad that they’re at least trying, but Kevin thinks Todd is involved with Kelly’s mess somehow. Kelly calls Todd and says she has to see him immediately – it’s an emergency.

Dorian comes to Viki’s and Viki lambastes her for using Jack and Starr as leverage against Todd. Dorian says she loves her family, but Viki teases her about Adriana not really being her daughter. Dorian says she had no choice but to send Adriana away because her father was very dangerous, and she swears that Adriana really is her daughter.

Kelly tells Todd that Kevin insists on investigating Paul and she’s desperate. She wants him to get rid of Paul.

Dr. Long runs into Marcie and asks after Michael; he says he’s glad they cleared up their little misunderstanding. Jess tells Jen she made some good points on the radio show, and Jen thanks her. Jess thinks they should have a girls’ night out, and they decide to go to a place called the Hookup. Evangeline tells Antonio that the stakeout tonight is at the same bar. She then goes back to RJ and apologizes for overreacting, and says she won’t move in with him, but she’d like to spend more nights together. She takes Jamie to get changed and RJ looks at her cell phone and sees that Antonio has called her.

Dorian and Viki argue about Adriana and Dorian tells her she doesn’t give a damn what she thinks and starts to storm out. Viki thanks her for not walking on eggshells around her, and says she’s not responding to the medication and needs an angiogram. Dorian says that at least they’ll figure out what the problem is. After she leaves, Viki collapses.

Kelly tells Todd she doesn’t want Paul dead, but she asks him to pay him off. Todd tells her he’ll figure something out, just then Kevin bursts in and demands to know what Todd is doing with his wife. He throws Todd out and Kelly says that it’s Blair, and Todd is using Starr’s kidnapping to try and reconcile with his ex. Kevin finds out that Paul was involved in a chopper crash in Pine Valley on March 23rd, and he calls his contact for more information. He wants to know everything Paul did that day.

David reads an article about Santi and says that Interpol is interested in finding 100 million in missing funds.

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