OLTL Update Thursday 5/13/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/13/04

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John and Natalie get to his room and start disrobing. Back in AC, Paul bids Natalie good luck as he continues to gamble.

Todd and Blair ask Starr why she ran away, and she says it’s because they told her they’d never be a family again and she was sick of all the fighting between them. She says one good thing came out of the kidnapping – her parents are back together. Blair says they aren’t, and Starr says she knows they’re not “together”, but at least they aren’t yelling and slamming doors. Todd and Blair tell her they are going to try and be civil even if they disagree. Matthew comes over to welcome Starr home, and they go upstairs. Blair says she’s glad their daughter seems normal, and Todd says everything is going to be okay now. He leans in for a kiss, but they are interrupted by the doorbell. Nora and Bo come in and Bo tells them that Laser is going to be prosecuted by the feds, and Starr probably won’t have to testify because he’ll probably cop a plea. Todd thanks Bo Blair says she just hopes Starr isn’t scarred by it. Meanwhile, Starr tells Matthew she’s through meddling with her parents.

Kelly tells Kevin she hopes and Todd and Blair have learned to value the family they have, and she doesn’t know what she would do if something happened to Ace. Kevin assures her that no one will ever take Ace away from them, but he wants to talk with her about Paul and the problems he’s causing. Kelly doesn’t want to discuss it until she checks on the baby, but he won’t let her leave. He’s concerned about the smuggling in San Diego, and that Paul was stealing from the guys he was working with. He connects the withdrawal Kelly made to Paul paying off the smugglers, and wants to know if she gave her brother the money, but they are interrupted by Viki, who has been released from the hospital. They tell her the good news about Starr, and express concern when she heaves a sigh of relief; Viki says if people are going to panic every time she has an emotion, she might as well drop dead right there.

Marcie brings Michael to her house, and he has a bit of a hard time maneuvering about in his wheelchair. He’s glad to be out of the hospital, but he wonders who will keep an eye on Long now. Someone should go in and pose as a rich heart patient’s relative and catch Long in the act. Marcie thinks it’s a great idea, and they kiss.

Nigel calls Roxy and asks if she’s arrived at the casino; he wants to make sure she’s paid off the bookies and that she’s staying away from the tables. She sees a racing form and bumps into Paul who says he was just about to head in that direction.

John and Natalie continue to fool around, but suddenly he seems distant, and Natalie says he’s a million miles away – with Caitlin. He pulls back and tells her that he wasn’t really thinking about anything, he was just trying to let go. Nat says she kind of had the feeling she was a stand-in for a ghost, and John asks if she’s sure she’s not the one with the ghost. She says Cristian will always be a part of her life, but he wanted her to live her whole life, and that John is always reminding himself of what he lost with Caitlin.

Viki says her new medication can cause mood swings, but she doesn’t want to be treated like a child. Kelly goes to check on Ace, and Kevin says he knows his mom is frustrated because she wants to be the caretaker. He asks if the doctors had any news and she says yes, and it’s not very good.

Matthew asks Starr what kind of friend Travis is, and she says he’s not a better friend than Matthew, just different.

Blair tells Todd she can’t deal with the possibility that she has renewed feelings for him yet, which he sees as a positive. She admits the experience has reminded her of all the good things about him, but she made a promise to keep him out of her life forever. He says he doesn’t understand that, but he’s willing to give her time. She says she wants to take Starr and Jack away for a little while, and he agrees.

Viki tells Kevin that they’re going to do an angiogram next, and asks him to keep the information to himself for now until the test results come in. She leaves for home, and Kelly comforts Kevin – she knows he’s worried about his mother. He revisits the Paul question and she says she didn’t take the money for Paul, it was for Nick Carson. Kevin says he wants her to stay away from her brother. Kelly says she doesn’t want to talk about Paul anymore, and she seduces Kevin.

Paul and Roxy watch the horse race and lose. She takes out her money and Paul catches it; he says they can double her money in one race. Roxy says she can’t afford to lose. They talk about Natalie and he says he had an idea that he and Natalie would get married and neither of them would ever have any money problems again. Roxy wonders how it would affect her, and Paul says he would take care of her if she could convince Natalie to be with him.

Natalie tells John to put Caitlin away, and he asks how far is good enough. Caitlin will always be a part of him, which Natalie understands, but she doesn’t want to be the other woman, either. She asks if he’s ever going to be ready to move on, and he thought he just did. Natalie says no he didn’t, and leaves. The next morning, John goes to see Michael. He threatens to break his other leg, and says he heard they got caught breaking into Long’s office. He told them to stay out of it, but John says they saw an opening to look into Long’s folders, and they took it. John is furious, and says they are way out of their league.

Roxy plays a slot machine and loses. She goes through her bag and says there’s no money left. Kelly frantically tracks Paul down in Atlantic City and tells him that Kevin is onto him, and he’s not going to stop looking into it until he finds out the truth. Paul tells her to say she took the money for him and get her husband off the trail.

Starr talks to Travis on the phone and says she doesn’t know where Blair is taking them. Travis tells her he may be able to get to Llanview. Viki arrives at La Boulaie and finds Todd asleep on the threshold – he was there all night. He asks how she’s doing, and she says much better now that Starr’s home. Todd says he thinks Blair is coming around on him, and Viki says to give her time. She rings the bell and Starr jumps into their arms. Todd tells Blair he spent the night on the doorstep, and she says she thought she made it pretty clear that she needed some time.

Matthew tells Nora there’s a Fire Scout camping trip for Moms and scouts, and she says she’ll go. Bo comes to take Matthew to breakfast and after they leave, Matthew tells Bo the trip is for Dads and scouts.

Viki tells Starr she’s glad she’s back. Meanwhile, Blair tells Todd she doesn’t know how much time she’s going to need and Todd says he’ll wait forever.

Paul tells Kelly that ignorance is bliss, and sees Natalie. He asks where John is, and she rolls her eyes and says “John who?” She asks if Roxy is there, and he points her to a slot machine. Natalie says that Nigel called completely worried about her, and wants to know if she paid back the cash. Roxy notices that Natalie isn’t wearing her wedding ring anymore, and she pushes for Nat to get involved with Paul.

John requests manifests for Medivacs leaving Llanview Hospital over the last six months. He looks at his photos and memorabilia of Caitlin for a moment, and then shuts the drawer he keeps them in.

Paul tells Kelly to keep her mouth shut, and where he got the baby is his business and it’s going to stay that way. Meanwhile, Kevin speaks with a PI and says he wants to know everything there is to know about Paul Cramer.

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