OLTL Update Wednesday 5/12/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/12/04

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Kelly, Kevin, David and Dorian gather at La Boulaie to await news on Blair and Starr. David and Kevin talk privately about Paul, and Kevin asks David what he knows, since Paul lived at La Boulaie for a time. David affirms Kevin’s thoughts that Paul is not to be trusted, especially when there is money involved. Kelly overhears the conversation, and pulls Kevin aside to ask why he is going after Paul. Kevin says he feels Paul cannot be trusted, and fears Paul is manipulating Kelly in some way, especially concerned about the money Kelly lent him for the “vintage car.” Kelly tries to convince Kevin that Paul can be trusted, and he is, after all, her brother. Kelly later talks to Paul, and asks him if he will continue to keep the Ase a secret, which Paul agrees to. Dorian tells Kevin that Viki is in the hospital again, as she had an arrhythmia when she learned about Starr, but she is stable now.

Natalie and Paul arrive at a casino in Atlantic City, and order drinks. Meanwhile, John evidently called in a favor from one of his buddies in Atlantic City, and discovered where Paul and Natalie are staying. John is upset that Paul immediately took Natalie to a hotel. Paul calls Dr. Long, and informs him that there was a problem with the helicopter, and it cannot be fixed until morning.

John arrives in Atlantic City, and marches straight over to Natalie. He pulls her away from Paul, and there is more of the same conversation they’ve had in the past. Natalie accuses John of not accepting his feelings, and Paul interrupts them a few times to ask why John keeps following them around. Natalie wonders why John followed her all the way to Atlantic City, and John is inwardly struggling for the right words. Finally, he passionately kisses Natalie, while Paul looks on. Paul is upset, but doesn’t seem to fight too hard for Natalie. John asks Natalie to return to Llanview with him, and she accepts. They are riding the train, and John puts his arm around her. They arrive at his hotel room, and are seriously kissing as John struggles to unlock the door.

Michael and Marcie are caught red-handed in Dr. Long’s office, and he questions them. He tells them he realizes that Michael had a clear view of his office, and that he also is aware of how Michael broke his leg. Michael reveals all of their suspicions, and Dr. Long shrugs them off. He then tells Michael his career is over, as anyone with a felony record cannot get a medical license. Michael is not phased by this, and continues to hold his ground. Dr. Long goes behind his desk, opens a drawer that contains a gun. He does not pull the gun out, but instead, pulls out a file. Dr. Long tells Marcie and Michael that he is the Northeast Regional Director of Transplants. He hands the file to Michael, and as Michael reads it, feels he’s made a terrible mistake. Dr. Long says he is calling the police, and does just that. When the police officer arrives, Dr. Long tells him that there has been a misunderstanding, and everything is fine. Michael thanks Dr. Long, and apologizes for thinking Dr. Long could be involved in something illegal. A very generous Dr. Long accepts the apology, and decides to give Michael a second chance. Michael is very grateful, and he and Marcie leave the office. Marcie is beside herself with joy that Michael will be given a second chance, and is upset with herself for getting caught up in a mystery, thinking her imagination got the best of her. Michael tells her that they are on the right track, that the file Dr. Long gave to Michael was a total fake. He vows to continue the investigation, only they will be extremely careful this time.

Rex catches Roxy trying to forge Natalie’s signature on a check. She tells Rex that Natalie promised her the money, but left without writing the check. She also claims that she had a conversation with Natalie about the check. Rex isn’t buying it for a minute, and the two argue about the cash. Nigel walks in and dumps some cash on the table. He tells Roxy it isn’t the full amount, but should be enough to buy her some more time. Nigel is upset that he didn’t have the full amount to get her off the hook, but Roxy is ecstatic. Nigel calls the bookie and explains that she has the cash, and will be delivering it soon. Roxy asks where Nigel got all that money, and he admits he sold his coin collection (how sweet is that!) Roxy kisses him, and vows that she will buy him another collection. Nigel warns her not to even consider it, just pay off her debt. The bookie is insisting that she bring the cash to Atlantic City, and Nigel wants to accompany her, since she’s got all the money in cash. Roxy refuses, saying she can take care of this herself, and promises to stay away from the casinos.

Laser has Blair, and is holding a gun on her. Todd and Bo are watching helplessly, as more NYPD show up. Travis is holding Starr back, as she pleads for Laser to release Blair. Todd offers himself as a hostage, but Laser wants Blair. A cop has the mystery woman, Jo Jo, in custody. Laser orders Todd to lay face down on the ground, and Bo tells Todd to do as he’s instructed. Laser takes off with Blair, warning the police that they will never be able to find them, as he knows the park better than they do. Todd jumps up and runs after them, as Bo yells at him not to, saying he should shoot Todd to stop him! The police try to question Jo Jo, and she says she’ll talk if she can cut a deal. Starr jumps in and says Jo Jo treated her worse than Laser, and that she was at Laser’s apartment, but is unsure how to get there. Laser hides in a tunnel with Blair, as she struggles to get free. Todd continues to search, and goes over the tunnel, looks down, and sees them. He jumps on Laser, allowing Blair to break free. Todd and Laser struggle with the gun, and the gun goes off. Starr, Travis, Bo, and the NYPD hear the gun, and race to find out what is going on. Todd is unharmed, but Laser was shot in the shoulder. The gun is on the ground, and Laser grabs it, but realizes he is outgunned. Todd is shielding Blair from potential harm, when Laser finally surrenders. Todd, Blair and Starr are reunited, and Travis watches from the sidelines. As they are ready to leave, Starr says goodbye to Travis. It was a heartbreaking goodbye, and Starr vows to stay in touch via the internet. They hug, and Todd (ever the father!) is not to happy to witness this display. Blair gives Travis an affectionate hair tussle, and the three of them leave. Travis calls after Starr, saying he loves her.

There was great relief at La Boulaie when they returned safely, but Todd did glare at Kevin.


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