OLTL Update Tuesday 5/11/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/11/04

By Kathy
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Marcie and Michael ponder over how to handle the Dr. Long situation. Michael is convinced the only way they will get any answers is to get into Dr. Long’s office. Marcie is not thrilled with the idea, asking Michael if he wants to break his other leg. Marcie looks out the window, and sees Paul paying another visit to Dr. Long. Marcie must dash off to work, leaving Michael to consider his options. Later, Dr. Long visits Michael, to talk about his residency. Dr. Long is worried that Michael will not be able to catch up, as he has missed so much time. He says he is going to Atlanta for a conference, but when he returns, they need to talk. Michael assures Dr. Long he is willing to do what it takes to catch up, and wishes Dr. Long a safe trip. As soon as Dr. Long leaves, Michael phones Marcie at work, and tells her that Long will be away, and that if they are going to break in to his office, they must do it now, all the while, Dr. Long is listening at the door. Marcie leaves work and rushes over, with a lock picking kit she got at the police station, under the guise of doing research for her book. She wheels Michael to Dr. Long’s office, and as she is about to pick the lock, she finds it is unlocked. They enter the office, and begin snooping. They are so engrossed in the search, that they do not hear Dr. Long enter!

Evangeline and Nora are having lunch at Rodi’s. Nora accuses Evangeline of being a work-aholic, asking her why she is not in the Caribbean with with RJ. Evangeline sites a list of issues, including RJ being moody and obsessive. Evangeline turns the tables, and asks Nora about her love life, hinting at Daniel. Nora immediately says they are “just friends.” Evangeline tells her that is a step up from “co-workers.” The two have a friendly battle back and forth about their love lives, and Evangeline asks about Asa. Nora tells Evangeline that she hopes Mr. McKenzie doesn’t turn up with a bullet in him.

Jessica is visiting with Viki. Viki tells Jessica that in the future, she should not keep anything from her. Viki knows when something is up, and it worries her more not knowing what is going on. Antonio drops by with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Viki tells the couple to go out and celebrate Jessica’s acceptance into the Masters program. Antonio is shocked, because this is the first he’s heard about it. Jessica says she was planning on telling him tonight, and the two leave.

Paul comes by Rodi’s to visit Natalie, who is back at work, having her suspension shortened. He invites her to make a run with him to Atlantic City, where he has to drop “something” off. Natalie accepts, and they head for the hospital. Antonio, Jessica and John arrive at Rodi’s, and John complains that he feels like a third wheel. Jessica goes to the bar to ask about Natalie, and is told that she left with “some blonde guy.” She tells John what she learned, and John asks the bartender if he knows where they were headed – he tells John. John returns to the table, and voices his concerns to Jessica. He enlists Jessica’s help to tell Natalie that Paul is bad news. Jessica agrees, and is also worried about Natalie. John leaves, saying he must get back to the police station, although it has been slow. Jessica questions Antonio about his late nights, since John said things were slow. Antonio is very evasive, telling her he cannot share anything more with her. Evangeline calls Antonio for another surveillance, and he tells Jessica he must go. Jessica is not happy, but Antonio is keeping mum. After Antonio leaves, Jessica decides to follow him.

Dorian drops by the diner, and visits with Adriana. Adriana is concerned that Dorian appears to be very weepy, and tries to comfort her. Adriana assumes the “mother” role, encouraging Dorian to eat something, but she refuses. They talk about their missed time together, and Dorian tells Adriana how much she loves her. Dorian leaves to go visit Viki.

Viki asks Dorian to have her release early, but Viki’s physician refuses. Viki is concerned that this means more problems, but Dorian assures her it is simply a precaution. They talk about Starr and Blair, and Viki tells Dorian they will both be home very soon.

At La Boulaie, Todd and Bo are piecing together what happened with Blair. Dorian tells the little be she knows, and Todd figures out that Starr gave Laser Blair’s cell number. Bo calls the police station, telling them to be on the look out for Blair. John calls back, reporting that Blair’s car was found at the train station, and it appears that she bought a ticket for Penn Station. Todd and Bo take off for New York in the police helicopter.

In New York, Blair finds Travis at the train station, and is worried that he will blow everything. Just then, the pay phone rings, with instructions to report to the bridge in the park, in 15 minutes. Blair accidentally leaves a “Craze” pen at the phone. Blair tells Travis she doesn’t have time to deal with him, as she has to catch a cab and get to the bridge. Travis takes the lead, telling her the subway is faster. Travis keeps his distance from Blair, and she makes it in time. Meanwhile, a woman has joined Laser and Starr. The woman scopes out the bridge, and reports that Blair appears to be alone. Blair walks across the bridge, and a cell phone rings in a trash can. Blair answers it, and it is Laser, with instructions to report to a new location. Blair is frantic, saying she doesn’t know where to go. Laser tells her to ask for directions, and tells her to look in the envelop the phone was in. Blair finds Starr’s lock of hair. Blair discreetly asks Travis how to get to the next location, and Travis guides her there. Starr tries to escape, but the woman grabs her again. Starr’s shoes get muddy, and Laser teases her that now she’ll have to walk around in the muddy shoes. Laser begins to wonder how much money Blair would be worth. They leave, and Blair arrives. Todd and Bo arrive at the train station, and as they are looking around, Todd finds Blair’s pen, knowing they are on the right track. Blair’s cell phone rings, and tells her to go to the carousel, find the horse with the broken tail, and ride it. Laser is waiting with Starr, and Starr suddenly turns to Laser, crying, and clings to him. She is secretly removing her cell phone from Laser’s pocket, and dials Todd’s number. She can’t say anything, but Todd hands the phone to Bo, and Bo picks up the carousel music, and they dash off to Central Park. Blair does as instructed, with Travis watching her. As she is on the carousel, Laser comes on, with Starr. Blair sees Starr, reaches out to her, they touch, then Laser snatches Starr away, and the woman grabs the case with the money. A devastated Blair asks Travis if he saw which way they went, but he didn’t. They find Starr’s muddy shoe, and correctly guess where they took Starr, since Blair’s shoes have the same mud on them. Blair and Travis find Starr just as Bo and Todd arrive. Starr runs to Todd, and Laser is now holding a gun on Blair.


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