OLTL Update Monday 5/10/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/10/04

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Paul catches Marcie snooping around on the helipad. She tries to explain by saying she is now working for “Dr. Wallenkowski,” a “Proctocologist.” According to Marcie, her new employer wants her to learn her way around the hospital, and she thought she’d check out everything, including the helipad. Paul seems skeptical, and tries to call to verify, but cannot get any signal on his cell phone. Paul tells Marcie he has to go inside to make a phone call before he takes off, and invites Marcie inside. Marcie says she wants to stay outside and enjoy the view, but she says she’ll be gone before he returns. After Paul leaves, Marcie gets onto the helicopter, and calls Michael. Michael is frantic that Marcie is still on board, knowing Paul will be returning at any moment. Marcie suddenly has to go, as Paul has returned, and she stows away onboard, and flies to New Jersey. Later, in Michael’s room, she starts to tell Michael about a conversation she overheard, when Paul bursts into the room. Paul continues to question Marcie about her new job, and both Marcie and Michael stick to the story. After Paul leaves, Marcie tells Michael that she overheard a nurse telling Paul that a rich European man was prepped, and waiting for the delivery, which further confirmed Michael’s suspicions that the heart had been stolen and sold to the highest bidder.

Dorian pushes Viki’s wheelchair into a room to be examined. Later, Dorian comes in and explains that Viki will have to spend the night at the hospital for observation. Dorian is upset that by her telling Viki about Starr’s kidnapping, she feels responsible for this episode. Viki reassures Dorian, and Viki comments how nice it is that they are on the same side, fighting for the younger generation. Jessica comes in, saying that Dorian called her, and talks to her mother. Jessica tells Viki that she has been accepted into a journalism graduate program, and Viki is so proud that Jessica is following in her footsteps. Jessica is concerned about Todd going after Kevin with such vengeance, and Viki is none to pleased about it, either.

At La Boulaie, Travis tells Blair and Todd that he loves Starr, and she is the only one that understands him. Blair is touched by this, but Todd is furious, telling him he is too young to know what love is. Todd also says that Starr will not have a boyfriend until Todd is dead (LOL…typical father! So protective of his daughter!) Todd and Blair go through the case they picked up at the train station, and Blair discovers it belongs to Roxy. Todd is comforting Blair when Dorian walks in, sees this, and slams the door. She speaks to Todd privately, saying he swore after receiving the ransom money, he would not go after Blair. Todd says he just wants Starr back. Todd and Blair look at pictures of Starr, and remember her when she was a baby. Dorian tells Todd that Viki is in the hospital, and Todd rushes off to see Viki.

In Viki’s hospital room, she comforts Todd, and assures him that he will get Starr back. Todd tells Viki about seeing Starr at the train station, but being unable to reach her. As he is leaving, he and Jessica hug.

Laser pulls a knife on Starr, and Starr pleads with him to reconsider. She tells Laser to cut Todd out of the loop, and to work with Blair. Laser considers this, and decides to give it a try. He backs Starr against the wall, and cuts off a piece of her hair. He says he's going to send it to Blair, and she’ll wonder what piece of her daughter she will receive next.

At the police station, John thanks Natalie for returning the ransom money. Natalie admits that she had to add some of her own money to it, as some was “taken.” John takes the money over to give to Blair. They exchange the cases, and John assures her Bo is doing everything humanly possible to ensure Starr’s safe return. After John leaves, Blair gets a call on her cell phone, and it’s Laser. He wants her to go to Penn Station in New York, and await further instructions. He tells her not to let Todd or anyone else know where she is going, and tells her this is her last chance to get Starr back. Blair grabs the money, and heads for the door. Dorian stops her, wanting to know where she is going with the money. She says she has to go save Starr, but Dorian doesn’t want her going alone. Blair finally fakes a headache, and asks Dorian to raid her pharmacy for some medication. Dorian says they’ll start with some tea, and talk about what steps to take next. As Dorian goes off to get the tea, Blair leaves the house. Travis is hot on Blair’s heels. Dorian comes back to discover Blair missing. Todd returns, and Dorian tells him that John returned the money, Blair got a call from Laser, and now both Blair and the money are gone.

Roxy is furious that Natalie returned the money to the police, and thinks that instead, Rex is hiding the money. She turns his apartment upside down, looking for it. John comes over with Roxy's case. Roxy is still fuming, but hints at a possible reward. She leaves, and John tells Natalie that he’s glad she is there. They sit on the couch, and Natalie opens up to John about Viki. She’s upset that Viki is ill, and is giving away her possessions. Natalie begins to cry, and John holds her. It looks like John is about to kiss her, when she asks what he meant when he said he was glad she was over at Rex’s. Just then, Rex comes in and interrupts the moment. John leaves, as does Rex. Natalie is sitting on the couch when she hears a knock. She gets up to answer it, and goes into the hall to pull open the elevator door. John steps out and pulls her into a passionate kiss – but alas – this kiss is only a dream <sigh!> Natalie goes to the elevator door, and it turns out to be a menu someone dropped off. John returns to the police station, humming away. Nora asks him why he’s in such a good mood.

At the police station, Daniel and Matthew finish their game of “Go Fish” as Bo looks on. Daniel leaves, and Bo explains to Matthew that Starr hasn’t been found yet, but he’s sure it won’t be long. Matthew leaves the office to get a soda, and Bo and Nora talk about the “adult” version of Starr’s kidnapping. Bo still feels positive about the outcome. He then asks Nora about Daniel. Bo thought he saw some interest on Daniel’s part, but Nora assures him it’s only one sided.


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