OLTL Update Friday 5/7/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/7/04

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At the train station, Bo waits for a sign of Todd and Starr. Laser and Starr can see Todd and Travis from their hiding place, but Todd has no idea where his daughter is. He tells Travis to get out of his sight, and is just glad that Blair is safe at home. Meanwhile, Blair shows up at the station.

Rex argues with creditors and suppliers on the phone, and Natalie shows up with some money for him. Natalie thinks Rex and Roxy are messing up their lives, and between the two of them she feels like the neighborhood ATM.

Paul shows up at the police station and has a confrontation with John. He tells him he wants him to stay out of his life, and John says he will as soon as he finds out what he’s up to.

Starr tells Laser that her mom is there. Blair goes over to talk to Bo and Laser demands to know who the man is with her mom, but Starr says she doesn’t know. Todd makes the drop and Bo tells Blair there are undercover cops all over the station and he wants her to get Todd and Travis out of there before they screw everything up. Laser realizes he’s seen Bo before, and that he’s a cop. Starr says no way; he’s just some guy waiting for a train. She points out that the money is there and urges him to go get it. Laser calls Todd and says Starr is so close and yet so far. He tells Todd to leave but Todd refuses to go without Starr.

John tells Paul Bo won’t tell him to stop investigating someone who may be dirty, but Paul thinks this is all about Natalie. At his hospital room, Marcie tells Michael that they need more evidence to prove something bad is going on, so she has to get on the chopper. Dorian comes in and says someone has stolen a donor heart.

Viki leaves a message for Todd and tells him she knows about Starr’s disappearance. She goes to see Ben and the nurse there tells Viki there’s no change, but they’re always hopeful. Viki breaks down and tells Ben that her family is shielding her from everything because they think it will kill her, but Viki hates it. She’s terrified for Starr, who must be so scared.

Laser tells Todd to leave or the deal is off. He puts Starr on the phone and she tells him she’s with Laser and that he should go to Aunt Dorian’s house. Laser pulls a gun and Blair grabs Todd. Todd thinks that Starr saw Bo and they figure out that she’s in the station. Laser thinks Starr was trying to tell Todd something but she swears she wasn’t.

Rex gets Natalie a drink and she tells him her life is crazy right now with Paul wanting to take her on a tropical spree. She says he’s fun but Rex says he’s not the guy. She says she has too much going on without having to worry about a bill collector trying to break Rex’s legs. He tells her that Roxy needed money and Nat says the next time, he should send Roxy to her. He tells her he has a great time with Lindsay, but she’s not Jen. Natalie says those two are a mother-daughter disaster area. Rex says Natalie doesn’t know Jen, but Natalie can’t believe how Rex acts around Jen. He says he’ll leave her alone if she doesn’t want to be with him, but he’d give up everything to be with Jen. Natalie can’t believe it, but Rex says she’s kissing Paul when she’s really in love with John McBain.

Paul tells John he’s in love with Natalie, but John thinks he’s really in love with her money.

Daniel brings a bunch of candy to Matthew and says he knows he’s worried about Starr, but he’s heard about how smart she is. He remembers how brave Matthew was when Troy Maciver had him, and says he thinks Starr will be just fine.

Todd, Blair and Travis search for Laser and Starr, but walk past them. Laser says they’re getting out of there, but if she does anything to get him caught, he’s going to kill her and her parents. They go over to the suitcase of money and Starr sees Travis and calls his name.

Dorian tells Michael and Marcie that an accident victim died and had indicated he was an organ donor on his license; when they came to harvest the organs, the heart was missing. Michael is certain that it was Long, and Marcie thinks the heart is on the helicopter as they speak. Michael thinks they should call the cops, but Dorian says if you want something done fast, sometimes you have to do it yourself, and she takes off.

Nora asks if John’s heard from Bo, but he hasn’t. The drop was supposed to go down over an hour ago. They know that Laser has never tried to pull anything this big before, and sometimes guys who are “inexperienced” don’t know how to handle things if they go wrong. In Bo’s office, Matthew asks Colson if he knows Bo and Nora used to be married, and if he’s married. Colson says no, but that he has a son named Riley; Matthew knows him and thinks he’s a cool guy. Colson says when Riley was Matthew’s age, he wasn’t that nice of a dad, but he’s trying to do better.

As Todd goes after Starr and Laser, he gets tries to push through some guys and a melee breaks out. The cops come to break it up, but Laser and Starr evade everyone. Roxy happens to be at the station and she puts her case down next to the one with the money in it; she picks up the wrong case and takes off. Todd and Blair get out of the crowd and continue to look for Starr.

Viki tells Ben she knows her kids are afraid, and she is too. She tries not to be, but she can’t help it. She knows she wouldn’t be so afraid if he was there with her. Sometimes she wishes she could be with him, but Dorian overhears and tells her she can’t leave them.

Marcie finds a doctor’s outfit and tells him she has to find that heart so they can prove to John that something shady is going on. Michael understands but wants her to know that she’s turned his life around, and he needs her. She promises nothing will happen to her and leaves; Paul sees her take off.

Natalie is worried about Rex and his involvement with Lindsay and his loan with RJ, but Rex wants to know why she trusts Paul. Roxy stops by and asks Rex for more cash; Natalie can’t believe she needs more. Roxy thinks Nat needs a makeover and opens her case; it’s stuffed full of money.

Blair attends to Todd’s wounds and Bo returns. They saw Starr and think she looked okay, but Laser didn’t get the money; he’ll call back. Todd opens the case and sees Roxy’s beauty supplies. Meanwhile, Laser and Starr return to his room, and he tells her she’s not worth the trouble. She asks what that means, and he says she’s a smart girl – figure it out.

Michael looks through his binoculars as Marcie does the same from the helipad. Paul creeps up behind her and wants to know what she’s doing there.

Roxy and Rex rejoice over the money, but Natalie tells them they have to take it to the cops. Roxy says no one will ever know she took it, so Natalie says fine, keep it. She sends Roxy off to by champagne, and says she’s going to bring it to the cops. Rex says it’s found money and Natalie realizes her brother is desperate; she promises to take care of him. Roxy comes back in and says she forgot her purse; Rex tells her Natalie took the money.

Bo returns to the station and tells John the drop didn’t go well, but Starr seemed okay. Matthew and Colson play Go Fish, and Bo sees the three off them bonding; he remembers Matthew telling him that he wants to be the commissioner of the universe. Natalie walks in with the money and gives it to John; he tells her it’s Starr’s ransom money. She freaks out and he comforts her.

Viki asks Dorian if there’s any news on Starr, but Dorian says no. Viki tells her she was eavesdropping on a very private moment and that she got a call from Blair and there was a foul-up with the ransom drop. Viki didn’t even know she was kidnapped and starts to have chest pains; Dorian calls for a doctor and helps Viki.

Todd and Blair return to La Boulet and he says he’ll get more money, but Blair is afraid he took it when they weren’t looking. He could kill Starr.

Laser says she can identify him and her parents are hell-bent on bringing in the cops – he has no choice but to get rid of her.

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