OLTL Update Thursday 5/6/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/6/04

By Kate
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Missed first half of show due to ABC News interruption.

Dorian makes Todd swear on his children’s lives not to pursue Blair. He agrees.

Blair and Kelly come downstairs and Kevin asks if he can do anything for Blair; Kelly is interrupted by a phone call from Paul demanding that she meet him at the Capricorn. She says she’s in the middle of a family crisis but she’ll try to get there. Dorian calls her bank and arranges to get the money; Todd leaves, in despair, and Travis overhears Dorian tell him to remember their deal. Blair comes in and Dorian tells her she has a feeling that everything will be all right from now on.

Viki hopes Natalie will change her mind about love; Natalie says she opened up to John, but he made it clear that he doesn’t want to move on with her. Viki says they don’t know what is going on in John’s mind, but it’s important that she keep moving forward. If John is not the man for her, then someone else will be.

Michael asks Marcie how long she’s going to shut him out, but she’s still mad. Michael thinks they need to let John handle the situation, but Marcie thinks they need to find more evidence. He asks what their next move is, and they see Long and Paul Cramer in Long’s office; Marcie takes off to go snoop.

Antonio tells Jess that things may be different when they get married, but he’s responsible for Jamie and he needs to provide for her. Antonio agrees to open a joint savings account, as long as they both put in the same amount each month.

Marcie bumps into Natalie at the hospital and tells her she’s sorry about Starr; Natalie thanks her but reminds her that Viki doesn’t know about the girl’s disappearance. Marcie goes back to Michael and says there’s a last-minute Medivac run scheduled to Newark, cargo unspecified. Marcie says she’ll sneak onto the chopper and take a look around.

River says Starr was never fazed by anything, and he can’t imagine her being scared. Dorian says that sometimes you just can’t protect your kids, but Adriana reminds her that she protected her. River and Adriana leave to make a sandwich and wonder what happened to Travis. David asks Dorian if she’s ever going to tell Adriana the truth about her father, but Dorian says she’s on overload. Bo comes by and says the call came in from Jefferson Heights; they’re canvassing the area. The case with the money in it is gone, and Bo thinks Todd figured he could cut a deal with Laser on his own. Sure enough, Todd is at the train station, where he spots Travis. Travis says he needs him and he’s not going anywhere.

Starr asks Laser if they’re going to see her dad; Laser tells her to stop asking questions and says it’s time to go.

At La Boulet, Kelly admits that she knows where Todd is – he’s meeting with the kidnapper at the train station at 3 o’clock. Blair begs Bo to bring Starr home to her.

Kelly meets Paul and says she can’t stay long; she wants to know how much money would keep him out of her life. Paul says he’s not asking for money – he wants information on Natalie.

Viki sees the Missing Child poster of Starr at the hospital.

Blair snaps at Dorian but then apologizes, and says there’s nothing she or David can do. Blair says she’s going to lie down, but actually leaves.

Starr and Laser hide at the bus station and watch Todd as he waits for them.


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