OLTL Update Wednesday 5/5/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/5/04

By Kathy
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Kathryn, John and Paul are reviewing the testimony Paul will give. Paul swears he’s not doing anything wrong, that his helicopter flights are all legitimate. Paul makes a joke about having to lie to Dr. Long, because he didn’t want Long to find out he’d taken Natalie flying on the “mile high club.” Paul asks if this has anything to do with Natalie, and John warns him not to mess with her head. After Paul leaves, Kathryn asks John if it is personal between him and Paul, but John insists that it isn’t. He then invites Kathryn to Capricorn to hear a jazz band play.

At Capricorn, Natalie and RJ are talking. RJ is waiting on Evangeline, and Natalie came there to think. RJ comments that John is coming, and Natalie perks up, but RJ takes the wind out of her sail by saying he made reservations for two. John arrives before Kathryn, and goes over to speak to Natalie, asking if she’s OK. More of the same-old-same-old for these two, with John telling her not to do anything stupid with Paul. John asks what she wants from him, that he’s been straight with her from the beginning, that he just wants a friendship. Natalie says she can’t handle that. Paul shows up, and John leaves. Nigel and Roxy show up, and as some thug walks in the door, Roxy hides under the bar. Nigel is stumped, wondering what’s going on. Roxy says nothing is going on that “10 G’s” won’t fix. Roxy and Nigel sit down to listen to the band, and Nigel tries to coax information out of Roxy. The thug walks over to their table, and warns Roxy that if she doesn't come up with the cash, “Vinnie” will give her a make-over. Nigel winces, and Roxy finally confesses she had a sure bet on a horse, and lost. Nigel says he has no cash, but Roxy gets up, kisses him, and says that when he almost asked her to marry him, she almost said yes! Nigel vows to help her out of this mess.

Kathryn arrives at Capricorn, and despite Paul’s best efforts, Natalie cannot take her eyes off Kathryn and John. Kathryn and John share some memories about Caitlin, and Kathryn reaches out and touches John. Natalie is visibly jealous, and Paul continues to try to distract her. He invites her to go with him to San Diego, suggesting when he’s done with his business there, they could go to Las Vegas. Natalie says there is no way she can go to Vegas, so Paul makes some other suggestions. Natalie is being noncommittal, and Paul is relentless. Natalie says she knows Paul likes a chase, so she’ll let him keep chasing her, but doesn’t agree to go. Kathryn comes over to tell Paul it’s time to leave, and Paul and Natalie kiss, while John looks on. Later, after Kathryn turned Paul over to the marshals, she and John are at Angel Square, once again talking about Caitlin. Kathryn tells John that Caitlin would want John to be happy, and that it is time for her to return to New Jersey. She kisses John on the cheek, and leaves. Natalie comes to Angel Square, and runs in to John. He apologizes, telling her he’s sorry things didn’t work out the way she wanted them to. Natalie says nothing, but pulls him into a passionate kiss, and John doesn’t resist.

River is at Angel Square, trying to reach Adriana. He’s left her numerous messages, but she’s not returning his calls. Travis comes into Angel Square, asking for directions to La Boulaie. River recognizes, him, grabs him, and wants to know why he got Starr into this mess. Travis is confused, not realizing River and Starr are cousins. Travis says Starr is great, and he just wants her home and safe. River eases up, realizing that Travis is sincere, and gives him directions to the house. Adriana comes by, and River apologizes for getting involved with Shannon. He reminds her of the vows they said to one another on the rooftop of the hotel. He tells her that the kiss with Shannon meant nothing, and he’ll wait for her forever. Finally, they kiss. They talk about Starr, and Adriana blames herself for not asking more questions, and for not picking up on signs.

At Riley’s apartment, a party is in full swing, but Riley isn’t feeling a part of it. Jenn tries to get him in the party mood, but it’s not happening. Shannon shows up, starts drinking, doing body shots, and a neighbor busts in, telling them to break it up, and keep the noise down. This only causes the party to kick into higher gear. Disgusted, Riley goes outside. Jenn refuses to let him sulk alone, and tries to get him to talk. Both Jenn and Riley admit they fight their addictions daily, but won’t give in. Riley says he just wants to play his music, and touch people. The party finally ends, leaving Riley and Jenn with a huge mess to clean up. Shannon comes back, having forgotten her purse, and asks Jenn if she wants to keep the party going. Jenn says no, that it only makes her feel sad and alone, not to mention hung over. Shannon doesn’t get it, and leaves.

Todd is at La Boulaie, pacing by the phone, when Blair awakes with a nightmare. The phone finally rings, and Bo is there to listen, as Todd answers. The person on the other end isn’t talking, as Todd hopes the person is Starr, and begs her to say something. The person hangs up, and Bo said they couldn’t trace it. Todd comforts Blair, assuring her Starr is fine, and they’ll hear something soon. He encourages her to go upstairs and get some rest. Todd tells Bo this is probably pay-back for deceiving Blair, changing his face, and coming back. Todd nearly breaks down, saying he should have stayed gone. Bo says that not even Todd deserves this, and knows what he’s going through, because it wasn’t that long ago Matthew was kidnapped. Travis shows up at La Boulaie, and Todd is not to happy to see him, still holding him responsible. Travis explains that he just wants to help. Upstairs, Blair calls for Todd. She doesn’t want to be alone, and wants Todd to help take her mind off this. She asks Todd about how he escaped from his father’s crypt. Todd talks about his plastic surgery, how he made a mistake, but he did it because he loves her and his children. They continue to comfort one another, when the phone rings. He says it’s Laser, and tells Laser he has the money.


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