OLTL Update Tuesday 5/4/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/4/04

By Kathy
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Kelly tells Ace that no matter what, he will always be her little boy, and Kevin walks in. He says he called Nick Carson, and Nick denies blackmailing Kelly. Nick also said he hasn’t heard from Todd since Todd purchased the video tape of Kelly. Kelly reacts by asking how can Nick be trusted, considering he secretly video taped their affair. Kevin asks Kelly to swear she isn’t lying about why she took the money. Kelly has a flashback to Paul asking for the money, then looks Kevin in the eyes, and swears. Kevin tells her he’s afraid she’s in trouble and won’t let him help her.

Bo stops by to see Asa. Asa is none to happy that Bo is pursuing the charges, but Bo says you cannot pull a gun on a reporter and expect to get away with it. Evangeline stops by to talk about his case, and suggests they use the defense that he was “incapacitated.” Asa thinks about it for a second, and asks if she means “loco?” Evangeline confirms that is what she was thinking for his defense, and sees that as the only way out for him.

Natalie is at Rodi’s, trying to get her job back, when John walks in. John place peacemaker, and asks if Natalie apologizes, can she have her job back? Natalie apologizes and asks for leniency, and is given her job back, with one week’s suspension, and told to go home. John tries to get Natalie to leave, but she is resistant. John threatens that she either leave with him, or spend the night in jail. Natalie leaves, and he takes her to Llanfair. Jessica is there, having just talked to Viki on the phone, who is in Chicago. Jessica asks John about the stakeout, telling him she assumes he’ll be working with Antonio. John knows nothing about the stakeout, but perhaps Antonio got the assignment from Bo. John pours Natalie some coffee, and leaves. Jessica asks what happened, and Natalie tells her about Paul, and their plans to go away together. Jessica is horrified that Natalie would consider leaving with Paul. Natalie says she was considering it, but Paul disappeared. Jessica asks about John, and Natalie says John has made it clear they are just friends, but Jessica thinks there is more to his feelings. Natalie says both she and John experienced great love, and that only comes along once in a lifetime. Right now, Natalie just wants to be happy and have fun. Kevin stops by, with an update from the cardiologist he has contacted. He tells both of them that Viki will not get better, and they need to make sure she doesn’t get any worse. He advises them not to tell her about Starr, as this will obviously upset her. Natalie goes upstairs, and Jessica asks Kevin about Todd. Kevin still believes Todd is firmly behind the problems at B.E. Jessica tells Kevin she saw Kelly and Todd alone. Kevin says he knows, that Kelly had a situation that Todd helped her with.

Paul stops by Llanfair, looking for Natalie, but Jessica claims she is already sleeping. Natalie comes downstairs, and tells Jessica she can fight her own battles. Paul asks if she is ready to fly, but Natalie says she has changed her mind.

Laser tries talk Starr into going back to his place, when she spots Todd and Blair on the bridge. Just as she is ready to call out to them, Laser clamps his hand on her mouth, and takes her back to his place. He continues to warn Starr that she will only get Travis into trouble, and sent to Juvenile Hall. Starr continues to question him about Travis, and asks Laser how long he’s known Travis. Laser comments that they’ve known each other a long time. Starr asks if he knows Travis’s brother, and Laser falls right into this trap, saying that he does. Starr says Laser can’t know Travis, because he doesn’t have a brother, and she sees the missing-child poster, realizing this is where Laser has gotten all of his information. Starr tries to leave, but Laser threatens to tell the cops she stole from the street vendor. He wants money, and Starr says she has some very rich aunts in Llanview.

Blair and Todd return to the hotel room to wait for some news. They talk about all the stunts Starr has pulled, like trying to help Todd escape from prison. They comfort each other, when Todd’s cell phone rings. Laser is calling, demanding 500,000 reasons to return Starr safely. He instructs them to return to Llanview immediately, and wait for his next call. They rush home to Llanview.

Outside Dr. Long’s office, Paul sees Marcie trying to listen, and tries to see what she’s up to. Dorian comes along, and stops Paul, claiming to want his help in planning a birthday party for Kelly. Meanwhile, Marcie takes advantage of the distraction to climb under her candy striper cart and hide. Dorian sees the cart, claims someone could trip and get hurt, and says she’ll take the cart away, wheeling Marcie away. Paul looks for Marcie, but she’s long gone, thanks to Dorian. Dr. Long comes out, and asks what he’s doing there. Paul tells Dr. Long about the candy striper outside his door, but Dr. Long says maybe she just dropped something and was picking it up. Paul says a cop has been asking about his flights, and about San Diego. Dr. Long asks what the name of the cop is – Paul says John McBain. Dr. Long quickly puts two and two together, and dashes off to see Michael.

In Michael’s room, Dorian, Michael and Marcie are talking about Marcie’s narrow escape, when Dr. Long walks in, wanting to know what they are all doing in his room. Dorian quickly tells Dr. Long his initials are needed on some files, and leaves after he signs. Marcie, fortunately, as removed her wig. Dr. Long says he’s looking for a blonde candy striper, but Marcie says she’s new on the job, and doesn’t know. Dr. Long says he recognizes her as the one outside his office – Michael and Marcie look panicked, but Dr. Long says she is the one looking for a job. He then wants to know how she knows Michael, and Marcie says Michael is her boyfriend. Dr. Long leaves. Marcie tells Michael she overheard the unknown man say his wife needs a heart transplant, and Dr. Long said he had a heart, the man paid, then there was no heart. They compare the facts, and Marcie finds a newspaper article about a dictator who had a massive heart attack in New York City, and was fortunate enough to get a heart transplant – in Newark, NJ. Marcie and Michael think Dr. Long is selling organs to the highest bidder.

Adriana is upset about ending her relationship with River. David tries to comfort her, and brings her ice cream. She says she’s too upset to eat, but they end up sharing the dish. Adriana confides in David that she has promised to remain a virgin until marriage, but doesn’t think River is willing to wait. David sheepishly asks if they have…”You know?” and Adriana says they have not. David asks her if she has considered it, and tells her if she does, it could ruin her life. Adriana tells David about River kissing Shannon, and worries that by her remaining a virgin, she’ll lose River. David tells her that she shouldn’t let some “Shannon person” decide when and with whom to lose her virginity. Adriana worries that she’ll never love anyone like she loves River. David says she should sleep with River as soon as possible – as Dorian bursts in, hearing only this part of the conversation. David and Adriana explain that he was actually advising her NOT to sleep with River. Adriana hurries off to do some homework. Todd and Blair come in, both frantic. They bring David and Dorian up to speed, and Kelly comes in, asking what she can do to help. Kelly and Todd have a few moments alone, and Kelly assures Todd she will do what ever she can, since Todd helped her keep Ace. Kevin walks in, and sees Kelly and Todd alone, and doesn’t look pleased. Kelly and Kevin leave, and Laser calls Todd. He reiterates that the cops are NOT to be called, and lets Todd talk to Starr very briefly. Starr tells Todd is is fine, and Todd tells her not to worry. Laser tells Todd to wait for his next call. After Todd hangs up, Blair wants to call Bo. Todd says absolutely not, but Blair decides to call Bo and let him know what is happening.

Nora is trying to help Matthew with his homework, but Matthew cannot stop thinking about Starr. Nora calls Bo, and tells him Matthew could really use his dad right now. Bo comes over, and the three of them watch a movie together. They all fall asleep on the couch, when Blair calls to fill Bo in on Starr.


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