OLTL Update Monday 5/3/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/3/04

By Kathy
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At Rodi’s, Paul is telling a nearly tipsy Natalie that they should get away together. John comes in, and spends a few moments talking to Natalie alone. He asks why Natalie is drunk in the middle of the day, and Natalie explains she’s not drunk, but merely “free” to do what she wants. She accuses John of trying to stop her from seeing Paul, and asks what he’s doing there anyway. John hands her the trophy they won in the pool tournament. John leaves, and Paul comes back to the table. Paul and Natalie continue to fantasize about a great getaway, but Natalie is concerned because John told Paul he has to stay in town. Paul says he can leave, as long as he’s back in time to go to California. Natalie thinks a getaway sounds great, and excuses herself to go to the lady’s room. John comes back, and snags Paul. He drags Paul down to the police station, and questions him about what he’s transporting in the helicopter. Paul plays it cool, saying he only transports patients and medical supplies. He then tells Paul that his appearance before the Grand Jury has been moved up, and he will be leaving tomorrow. He also says if he has to, he will let the hospital know about his shady past, as he’s sure they would want to know. Paul argues that this is all over Natalie, and accuses John of trying to prevent them from seeing each other, and cause Paul to lose his job. Paul threatens John, saying that if John continues to harass him, he will file a law suit and have John fired. In the mean time, Paul says he’s going to see as much of Natalie as he can.

Dorian visits Michael, bringing with her files he had requested. Michael reviews the files, as Dorian takes the binoculars and spies on Dr. Long. Michael discovers a correlation between times of death and helicopter flights to the same hospital in New Jersey. Michael wishes they could bug Dr. Long’s office to hear what is being said, as Dr. Long is talking to an unknown man, and doesn’t seem too happy. Michael finishes with the files, and tells Dorian to put them back. In the hall way, Dr. Long catches Dorian with the files. Dorian covers beautifully, saying she uses the information to contact families, and ever so gently expresses the hospital’s condolences and asks for a donation. Dr. Long seems satisfied with the answer.

Jenn and Marcie meet Riley at the diner, and they have “switched” identities. Marcie is in a long blonde wig, and Jenn is a short redhead. They flirt with Riley, and tease him, telling him they also got tattoos, and if he’s lucky, he may get to see them (these scenes are too cute for words!). Marcie is concerned, because she promised to take care of Michael when he gets out of the hospital, but he won’t be able to navigate the steps at Angel Square Hotel. Jenn suggests Michael move in with them, where he could be on the first floor right across from Marcie’s room. Marcie is thrilled, and rushes off to tell Michael.

Marcie shows up in Michael’s hospital room, still in her blonde wig. She asks Michael if gentlemen prefer blondes, but Michael tells her she’ll have to find a gentleman to ask. They kiss, and Marcie discovers Michael is still spying on Dr. Long. Michael shares with her the information he discovered in the files, and again wishes they could bug Dr. Long’s office. Marcie says she can go listen at the door, but Michael says absolutely not! Marcie dashes off anyway, dresses up in a candy striper uniform, complete with the blonde wig. Dorian comes back to Michael’s room, and tells him that Paul is on his way to see Dr. Long, and Michael is near panic, explaining what Marcie is doing. As Dorian rushes out to avert a situation, Paul sees Marcie at Dr. Long’s door.

Jessica and Antonio are at the diner, and Carlotta admires Jessica’s ring. She asks about a wedding date, which clearly makes both of them uncomfortable. Jessica explains that they are taking things slow, and Jessica leaves. Evangeline comes in, and asks Antonio if he is up for an assignment. She explains that it will start in an hour, may be dangerous, and no one – not even Jessica – can know what he is doing. Carlotta cannot hear what they are saying, but sees them talking, and misinterprets the situation. Evangeline leaves to go get surveillance equipment. Antonio takes Jamie over to Carlotta, and says he will be “out” for most of the night, can she watch Jamie? Carlotta asks where is he going and what he is doing, clearly suspicious of the encounter with Evangeline she just saw. Antonio is evasive, and just asks her to tell Jessica he will be out all night. They talk about Adriana, and Antonio admits he knows Carlotta cannot be Adriana’s mother, because she could never give a child up for adoption, but wonders what Dorian is up to. Evangeline returns with a large duffel bag, hands it to Antonio, and they leave together, with Carlotta still wondering what is going on. Jessica later returns, and Carlotta claims she has no idea where Antonio is, or who he is with, but he will be out all night.

Natalie goes up to the bar and asks Mack if he saw Paul leave. Mack says he didn’t, and has no idea where he could be. Natalie orders another drink, and Riley and Jenn come in. They are still being playful, and Riley tries to talk to Natalie. Natalie retorts, asking Jenn how many men’s lives she can ruin by the time she’s thirty. Natalie also asks if they want to pick up their fight where they left off at Ultra Violet. Riley quickly separates the two women. Mack comes over, tells Natalie to leave, and not come back until she is sober, then fires her.

In New York, Todd’s cell phone rings, and he sees it is Starr calling. He answers the phone, but hears nothing. He says into the phone that she is not in any trouble, he and Blair just want to help her. Meantime, a strange man approaches Starr, and she drops her phone. The hotel room phone rings, and it is the police, saying they have Travis. Todd and Blair rush out to meet Travis. At Travis’s secret room, the police are questioning him, and Todd verbally jumps on Travis. Blair intervenes, and asks where Starr might be. Travis tells them that he cares for Starr, and just wants her safe. He thinks she might return to the secret room, or still be in the park looking for him. Travis looks at Blair and Todd, and says they are nothing like Starr portrayed them to be, that he sees they are truly concerned, and Travis wants to help them. He tells Blair and Todd about taking the white rings off the water bottles, tying them to Starr’s ribbon and throwing them into the river. Travis says the bridge and the room are probably the only two places Starr would go. Police assure Todd and Blair they have the room under 24 hour watch. Todd and Blair leave to go to the park.

The man, Laser, has a missing child poster, and uses the information to gain Starr’s trust. He claims he knows Travis, and that Travis sent him to pick her up. Starr is skeptical, but Laser gives a detailed description of Travis, and says Travis will contact them when he’s ready. He also tells Starr that she doesn’t want to get Travis into trouble, and possibly thrown into jail. Starr eventually relents and goes with Laser. Laser asks if she is hungry, and she says she is, but someone stole her backpack with all her money. Laser says that’s such a shame, but there is lots of free food to be had in New York. They see a food vendor, and Laser tries to convince Starr to steal something, while he distracts the vendor. Starr is reluctant to steal, but Laser is relentless, claiming Travis does it all the time. He tells her that she won’t be stealing from the vendor, but from some “owner” who lives in Connecticut. Starr is still leery, but Laser tells her it will be more like Robin Hood, since all the food that isn’t sold at the end of the day is thrown away, anyway. Laser coaches her on how to quickly swipe the food and shove it in her jacket, and Starr finally agrees. Laser distracts the vendor, and Starr grabs some food. The vendor is suspicious, and asks Starr what she is up to, and she says she’s hungry, can she have a candy bar? They take off running, and are under the bridge, eating. Todd and Blair are on the bridge, when Blair spots the ribbon with the water bottle rings. She goes under the bridge, but doesn’t spot Starr and Laser.


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