OLTL Update Friday 4/30/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/30/04

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An Amber alert is released for Starr and Travis; meanwhile, Todd calls a hospital to see if they have anyone matching Starr’s description. Travis wakes up to find Starr gone.

At Rodi’s, John reminds Natalie that she’s supposed to be his partner in a pool tournament. He apologizes for not telling her that Kathryn is Caitlin’s sister, but she wants to know what other secrets he has. He tells her to just ask him.

Kevin looks for Kelly and she says she thought she heard Ace crying. He wants to talk about the transfer and tells her he knows she authorized the transfer; he wants to know why.

Back at the station, Bo tells Nora there’s still no sign of Starr. Nora thinks Blair must be in agony, but Bo thinks the girl will be okay. He thinks she’s trying to get back at her parent’s for not getting back together. Bo asks Nora if she wants to go to the pool tournament with him, but she stammers that she has a date; it’s with Colson. Asa makes bail and Evangeline, his lawyer, says she may have a hard time clearing him of the charges. Asa says if the reporter comes sniffing around his family again, he’ll pull the trigger.

Kelly says she pressed the wrong button and didn’t know how to replace the money. Kevin wants to know how she knew the password, and she says she knows him pretty well, but Kevin blows up and wants to know why she’s lying to him. He doesn’t know what he’s going to tell the company, but Kelly says she’ll explain. She needed the money as a loan, and Kevin wants to know who it was for.

Paul tells Kathryn once he testifies, he’s dead; the Kouriakis brothers can put a hit on him from behind bars. She assures him that they can make him disappear if they have to, but he thinks he might disappear on his own.

Blair worries about Starr being out in the city alone; Todd comforts her. Travis’ mother comes in and has a clue. She found some emails in Travis’ closet from Starr. She goes to work, but leaves her cell phone number. Todd reads that Starr wants to go to the famous planetarium.

Starr comes back to Travis’ and says she has to go. He says they haven’t gone to the planetarium yet, but Starr figures she can’t be mad for the rest of her life. Travis reminds her of their plan to travel cross-country, and says he really wants her to go with him; she agrees.

Jen shows Riley her movie, and Rex ribs them. Lindsay tells Jen she’s glad she found something she can enjoy, and Jen says she wishes she could say the same for her mother.

Natalie tells John that what goes on between him and Kathryn is none of her business, but John knows it bothers her. He tells her he and Kathryn worked together, and went through Caitlin’s death together. They share a history. Natalie knows she’s been demanding lately, and apologizes.

Kelly says she took the money for a friend who was in trouble and didn’t want anyone to know about it. By the time she got the cash, he had taken care of it himself and so she replaced the money. Kevin wants to know if the money was for Todd, but Kelly bursts that she’s being blackmailed, and needed the money to keep her secret from getting out. He wants to know what kind of secret she has that’s worth $64,000. She tells him that the man she had an affair with in Texas, Nick Carson, is blackmailing her – he still had a copy of the tape and was going to sell it to the highest bidder. She went to Todd and he offered to help her, but she told Nick to go to hell. Kevin wants to know why she didn’t come to him, but they are interrupted by Paul, who’s there to say goodbye.

Lindsay wonders if Rex is trying to impress Lindsay with his designer suits and expensive wine choices. Nora and Daniel arrive for lunch and she thanks him for dropping the bribery charges against her.

The detective tells Todd thousands of kids pass by the planetarium every day, but Todd says she would stand out. He yells that Starr is smarter than the cops and he needs to look in the right places. Blair tells Todd to relax, and the detective leaves. Dorian calls and tells Blair that $2500 is missing from Dorian’s safe, and they realize Starr probably took it. Meanwhile, Starr and Travis tour around Central Park and he gives her a ring and says if they drop them off a bridge, they’re bonded forever. He says they’re supposed to seal it with a kiss, and Starr agrees. They take off, but forget her backpack; when they turn around, a man is stealing it. Travis takes off in pursuit.

Evangeline tells Asa she needs him to cooperate in order to clear him of the charges; Bo tells him to get ready to be investigated by the feds.

Paul asks Kelly privately for money for his trip. He says she’s rich, but she says she lost her inheritance in the stock market and is broke. He threatens to tell Kevin everything about Ace, but Kelly shuts him up by giving him her wedding ring. Paul says he hasn’t sunk that low yet and he’ll find the money somewhere else. Kevin comes out and wonders if Paul was the friend she had to give the stolen money to. Kelly asks for forgiveness. Kevin wonders if Todd’s behind Kelly’s lover asking for blackmail money, because Todd wouldn’t help her unless there was something in it for him.

Blair naps and Todd gets on the bed with her. He promises they’ll get Starr back. Meanwhile the thief looks through Starr’s pack and finds the computer and cash; he looks up and sees the poster offering reward for Starr and Travis’ safe return. A policeman sees Travis and apprehends him. A scared Starr waits for Travis in his room.

Daniel is called on a case during his lunch with Nora, but asks her if they can go to dinner. Jen wishes Riley’s dad was still going out with her mom, but thinks she ultimately did him a favor. John and Natalie win the pool tournament. Paul tells Natalie she looks good and kisses her in front of John.

Lindsay bumps into Nora and asks if she’s picking at her leftovers, but Nora tells her Daniel said he dumped her. Bo asks Nora how her date went, and she says Colson is actually very pleasant.

Paul tells Natalie that it’s obvious she still has feelings for John, but he’s an idiot because it’s obvious he doesn’t want her. He offers to show her adventure and asks her to run away with him.

Kelly asks Kevin to leave Todd alone because he had nothing to do with the missing money. Asa comes home and tells them he handled everything; he’s angry with Kevin for not showing up. Kevin puts a call through to Nick Carson and wants to know what kind of a deal he’s got going with Todd Manning.

Starr goes back to the park to look for Travis and breaks down in tears on their bridge. Blair wakes up in Todd’s arms and tells him she dreamt that she was trying to get to Starr but couldn’t. Todd’s phone rings and it’s Todd; suddenly the guy who stole her pack grabs her phone before she can say anything.


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