OLTL Update Thursday 4/29/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/29/04

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David goes to Puerto Rico and finds Dorian in “their” honeymoon suite. He asks where Adriana’s father is. In Llanview, Adriana calls Roxy and tells her her advice worked; River won’t stop calling. She wants to forgive him. River arrives and says that what happened with Shannon was a one-time thing and wouldn’t happen again.

Michael and Kathryn go to Michael’s hospital room and want to know what he knows about Dr. Long, especially as it pertains to Paul Cramer. At the diner, Roxy hits Natalie up for $900, and Paul interrupts and tells Natalie some bad stuff is about to go down and she’d better leave. At Asa’s, Kevin expresses concern about Paul’s behavior, and Asa shows him the latest issue of the Banner, which claims more wrongdoing at BE. Viki also sees the headline and clutches her chest in pain. Jessica says she doesn’t need to know about this stuff and she’ll handle Todd herself.

Margaret comes over to see Kevin and says she has information about the account transfer. She tells him it was Kelly. Kevin thinks it must be a mix-up, but Margaret shows him proof.

Dorian swears she’s in PR alone, but David knows a rendezvous when he sees one. He can’t understand why she’s being so secretive, and asks if her “husband” is blackmailing him. Dorian says he’s dead and she’s just come from the funeral.

Adriana can’t believe that River kissed Shannon, and asks if it’s because she wouldn’t sleep with him. She demands that he leave and says she can’t look at him the same way.

John shows Michael the pictures, and they figure that Paul’s carrying illegal cargo for Long. Michael thinks it’s got to do with organ donation, and remembers the woman who protested her husband’s organs being donated.

Paul tells Natalie he’s meeting with a woman he used to date, and he doesn’t want her to get jealous. She kisses him and thanks him for taking her mind off stuff.

Kevin agrees that it looks like Kelly signed the check, but it must be a set-up; Todd forges signatures for breakfast. Kevin will go to the bank and check with the tellers, but Margaret thinks that Kelly could have a reasonable explanation for the transfer. She leaves and Kevin calls the bank to ensure she will have access to his account. Kelly comes in and asks if anything’s wrong; Kevin says there is, and she’s the only one who can straighten it out; he needs to know who transferred the money between accounts. Jessica interrupts and asks if Todd has something on Kevin or not; it’s upsetting Viki. Kevin freaks out but says it looks a lot worse than it is, and orders Jessica to drop the subject.

Asa visits Viki and asks when she’s going to fire Todd. Viki says she needs to talk with Todd and find out what this is all about; he’s just reporting allegations. She knows that Kevin didn’t bribe anyone, but there is a police investigation. Asa says she should have never let Todd back in her life. A reporter follows Asa home and asks for a comment; Asa pulls a gun on him again. Kevin and Kelly come to the rescue and Asa the reporter says he let it go the first time, but no more. Kevin yells at Asa for giving Todd ammunition against them, and Jessica wants to know what exactly they’re all hiding. Blair calls and tells them Starr has disappeared. Kevin wants to tell Viki, but Jessica thinks their mother can’t take much more bad news.

Dorian tells David she didn’t kill Adriana’s father, whose name is Manuel Santi – a notorious drug lord. He was killed by hit men during a drug war. Carlotta knocks on the door and both she and David want to know what they other is doing there. They leave for the airport.

Adriana tells Roxy that River is just like all other men – a pig. She dumped him. Paul calls Babe and she tells him she’s not coming to see him. He received the annulment papers and now she’s going to get married to JR legally. He reminds her that Adam Chandler offered him a tidy sum to rat her out, so she better not cross him.

John tells Michael to butt out of the Long case, and to take care of himself and Marcie. Marcie says she’ll look into Long just to prove that he’s not doing anything untoward, and then Michael has to promise to stay out of it.

Dorian and David arrive home and tell Adriana that her father died. Dorian says she would have taken her to the funeral but she didn’t want her to be upset. Adriana says she thought she’d get to meet him someday but she doesn’t even know his name. Dorian reiterates that he was a dangerous man and the less said about him, the better.

Shannon runs into River at the diner and he tells her Adriana just broke up with him over her. Carlotta returns home and tells Antonio she’s been to Adriana’s father’s funeral. Antonio wonders if Carlotta is really Adriana’s mother, but Carlotta swears on Cristian’s soul that isn’t true.

Jessica tells Natalie that Starr is missing in New York, but she doesn’t think they should tell Viki. Viki walks in and wants to know what they’re talking about.

Paul meets up with Long in the hospital and Marcie overhears him say that he wants his job back, or he’s going to rat out Long about the stuff he’s illegally transferring from the hospital.

Adriana breaks down and Dorian tries to comfort her, but she wants to be alone. Blair calls and says there’s no word about Starr, and that Todd’s there.

John goes to Llanfair and asks Natalie about Paul and the cargo he’s transporting in the chopper. Natalie wonders if he’s jealous, but he assures her he’s not. She slams the door on him.

Kevin watches a surveillance tape of Kelly at the bank. In the hallway, Antonio arrests Asa, and Kelly runs into the room to get Kevin’s help; he orders her to stay there – they need to talk.


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