OLTL Update Wednesday 4/28/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/28/04

By Janice
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Marcie visits Michael at the hospital and scares him when she takes the binoculars off of his chest. Roxy meets up with Jen at Capricorn and asks if she knows where Rex is. Lindsay and Rex stop into Capricorn on their return from an overnight shopping trip to Miami. Jen tells her that they have nothing to talk about. Kevin is working at home on his laptop to check on his new accounting system. Kelly tells him to stop blaming Todd for the accounting troubles at B.E. Todd and Blair work together to put up posters of Starr.

Nora goes to NYC and Matthew tells her that it’s all his fault that Starr ran away. Bo visits Travis’ mother to try to find out if she knows where Travis is. She tells Bo that he never came home during the night. Starr and Travis watch Bo talking with his mother.

Marcie is upset that Michael is still spying on Dr. Long. She is afraid that he’ll lose his residency if someone finds out about it. Michael tells her that John is now suspicious of Dr. Long and Cramer.

Rex is approached by Roxy for a loan. Rex thinks Roxy is gambling again on horses. She accuses Rex of having a rich “sugar momma.” Lindsay tells Jen that she misses her. Lindsay is shaken when Jen insists that she is not interested in Rex – she just doesn’t want to see her mother ruin her life. Kelly wants Kevin to stop suspecting Todd of trying to ruin him. Kevin asks Kelly if she is involved in something with Todd.

In the hotel room in NYC, Nora and Matthew talk about Starr running away. Matthew feels guilty that he didn’t tell anyone about how strangely she was acting. Nora and Bo do their best to reassure him. Blair and Todd return to the hotel room and Bo tells them of his meeting with Travis’ mother, Mrs. O’Connell. Travis and Starr return to their secret place. They decide that they need to leave town soon because of the posters that Blair and Todd have put up all over the city.

Antonio meets up with Jamie and Jessica at the diner. Jessica wanted to get Jamie out of the loft because Jamie needs some open place to run around. Antonio feels that the loft isn’t sufficient for Jamie to grow up in. He again pressures Jessica to marry him.

Evangeline and R.J. talk at Capricorn. Evangeline asks R.J. to listen to her advice next time about Jamie. Roxy tells Rex that she’s going to work for Nigel at the hotel. Rex confesses that he’s maxed out his credit cards. Roxy tells him that maybe Lindsay should be paying for his services. Jen tells Lindsay that she won’t be there when Rex dumps her. Riley shows up to lead Jen away from her mother.

Matthew tells Blair and Todd that it’s his fault Starr ran away. Todd and Blair feel bad when Matthew tells them that Starr left because her parents didn’t get along and were always fighting.

At the Buchanan mansion, Kelly insists to Kevin that the only thing Todd wants is to be back with Blair. Kelly begs him to stop going after Todd. Kevin hugs her as the doorbell rings. Kelly is disgusted when she sees that it’s Paul at the door. Kevin questions as to why Paul is still driving his old car and not the roadster. Kelly says that he sold the car. Kevin is pleased that the $10,000 that Kelly lent to Paul will be repaid so quickly. Paul says that maybe it was a gift for a favor. Kelly is upset when Kevin questions what the favor is.

At the hospital Marcie is concerned that she will lose Michael if he is caught spying. She experienced the loss of Al. Tearfully Michael promises he won’t leave her even if Dr. Long discovers his spying. Marcie kisses him as he goes back to sleep and she leaves. Dr. Long sneaks into the room.

At their secret hiding place Travis takes out a TV to watch while they make their escape plan. On the missing poster, Todd has written “Come Home Shorty.” Travis tells Starr how nice it must be for her to have a Dad that loves her. His left home and never returned.

At the hotel, Bo and Nora are concerned that Matthew might run away if they don’t get back together. Matthew insists that isn’t on his mind. He tells Bo and Nora that Starr left because she w anted two parents. In a hotel room, Todd and Blair place blame on themselves for Starr’s escape. Blair prays to god and promises that she will do anything to bring her home.

At he diner, Antonio is upset that Jessica won’t set a wedding date. Jessica insists that with her mother’s illness she can’t plan a wedding. She wants to get her career off the ground first. Antonio doesn’t feel that anything should change if she really loves him and Jamie. Roxy comes in and asks when the wedding date is. Antonio gets up and leaves. Roxy senses something is wrong.

Rex talks with Lindsay at the bar about her encounter with Jen. Lindsay is visibly upset. Rex tells R.J. about his shopping for the new club. R.J. is excited at the thought of Rex missing his payments so that he can take over all of Rex’s assets. Evangeline looks on inquisitively at R.J.’s devilish laugh. Jen, Riley and Marcie talk about the documentary that Jen has made. Riley leaves because he doesn’t want to see the Flash footage. Jen asks to see Marcie’s book in exchange for seeing the video. Jen feels she will definitely get polished.

In the hospital room, Dr. Long gazes out the window at his office. He goes to look through the hospital night stand and sees Michael’s binoculars. Just then a nurse abruptly enters. Dr. Long covers by saying that he was just dropping off a get well card for Michael. He quickly leaves. Michael opens his eyes.

In the foyer of their home, Kelly laughingly says how funny Paul is to make a joke about a favor. Paul then goes on and on making comments about family history and whether or not the baby might have their mental health genes. He then mentions about the desperation of Dorian to pretend to be Adriana’s mother. “Can someone be desperate enough to lie about being a mother when she isn’t?” Paul asks of Kelly.

In New York Todd finds that it is too soon to offer a reward for Starr’s return. They call a former employee who works for a TV station in NYC. Bo introduces them to Travis’s mom. She tells theme took his laptop and his CD’s. She found a pieced of paper with Starr’s name on it. She thinks they ran away together.

Jen tells Marcie about what a great subject Riley is. She got to know him really well by interviewing him. Jen tells Marcie that she is worried about her mom.

In Capricorn Antonio asks Evangeline if she still needs a Private investigator. He needs extra money to buy a house. She hires him back to work on the side. R.J. looks on.

At the diner, Roxy is admiring Jessica’s ring. Jessica tells Roxy that she isn’t ready to get married yet. Roxy keeps looking out the window. She tells Jess that 2 men are following her. Roxy then quickly leaves the diner.

Kelly is upset about the direction of Paul’s conversation. She is amazed when he tells her in front of Kevin that he thought she made up the whole pregnancy thing to get Kevin back. Kelly leaves the room. Paul tells Kevin that he talks too much and didn’t mean to hurt her. Paul lies by saying he thinks he had too much to drink last night and that’s why he said the things he did.

Todd confronts Mrs. O’Connell about her lack of parental supervision. Blair reassures his mom that they are no better. Travis and Starr talk about their parents and siblings in their hideaway. They turn on the TV to find Blair and Todd and Travis’ mom making a public appeal for their return.

Antonio returns to the diner. He asks Jessica to spend the rest of the day with him and Jamie. She declines saying she needs to see her mom and work on her column. She is worried that Antonio doesn’t understand.

At Capricorn R.J. is upset that Evangeline has rehired Antonio. She asks him about his problem with Rex. She could see there was something going on. He refuses to tell her. She threatens to get her P.I. to investigate. They kiss. Lindsay watches Jen with Riley. She tells Rex that she needs to go home by herself. Jen and Riley look closely at the video and their hands touch. Jen tells Riley she wants to keep things as they are. Riley seems to want more, but gives in. They shake on “friends 'til we’re 40” while Rex looks on.

At the hospital Michael calls Marcie to come back. He tells Marcie about the visit from Dr. Long. The card, he supposedly brought by, was from Pediatric nurses, not Dr. Long. He suspects that Dr. Long knows he’s watching him. Through the door window, Paul Cramer is watching Marcie and Michael together.

At the Buchanan’s Kelly is upset that she ever got involved with Paul. Kevin asks about why Paul started the conversation about desperate mothers. He’s convinced there must be a reason for it. Kelly is getting more and more jittery and anxious.


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