OLTL Update Tuesday 4/27/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/27/04

By Kathy
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In the hall of Angel Square Hotel, Natalie asks John why he is suddenly so protective of her. She also asks him why he is investigating Paul. John just says that he wants her to be uninvolved in whatever Paul is up to. Natalie says John has made it clear he doesn’t want her in his life, and she says she wants him to stay out of her life.

Blair goes into Starr’s hotel room, and discovers her missing. She calls Bo, and he and Matthew come to the room. Matthew says Starr was acting kind of strange, saying she would miss him, and hugged him tightly. Blair thinks Todd followed them to New York, and Starr is with him somewhere. She calls Todd on his cell, and tells him to answer her honestly, that she will not be upset. She then asks if Starr is with him. Todd says he’s still in Llanview, and has not seen Starr. He immediately leaves for New York. When he arrives, Bo cautions both of them that this is a police investigation, and that they are to leave it to the pros. They frantically search her room, and Blair finds the note Starr started to write, confirming that she was running away. Todd finds a picture of Travis, and Matthew says it was downloaded and printed off the computer. Bo gets into Starr’s e-mail, and discovers some messages from Travis. With the help of the police, he is able to find Travis’s full name and address. The police send a car to Travis’s house. Todd comforts Blair, as both try to remain calm, and do as Bo tells them to.

John and Kathryn reminisce about their days together in the FBI, and Kathryn asks if he regrets leaving. John says he doesn’t, and he likes his new position and working for Bo. They take a bottle of wine up to the roof top, and continue their discussion. John asks why she was transferred to the New Jersey office, and if she requested it. She admits she asked for the transfer, but says she did it just to get back to her roots – that it had nothing to do with John. The two are uncomfortable with this line of conversation, and Kathryn leaves. Later, John goes back down to his room, and looks at the picture of Natalie kissing Paul. Michael calls John, and John says he wants to know everything Michael knows about Paul and Dr. Long.

Shannon and River are up on the roof of Angel Square Hotel, and they are kissing. Suddenly, River pulls away, saying he loves Adriana, and only wants to be with her. Shannon gets very defensive, and tells River she doesn’t believe in love, and talks about her parent’s divorce. River is leaving, when John and Kathryn show up on the roof. Seeing how upset Shannon is, John asks if River has hurt her. Shannon says no, they were just having a disagreement about music, and both River and Shannon leave.

Adriana goes to Foxy Roxy’s for some advice. She tells Roxy she is afraid she may have lost River, but Roxy says that men are her area of expertise. She tells Adriana she is going to give her a facial and manicure, and some of her advice. After the facial, Adriana is upset that Roxy didn’t change anything. Roxy says that River loves her for who she is, and Adriana shouldn’t try to change that, just because Shannon is in the picture.

Natalie and Paul are at Rodi’s, and Natalie is pressuring Paul for some answers. She says she knows Paul is up to something, and that she knows the FBI wants to question him. Paul denies that he has done anything wrong, and admits he lost his job for taking her for the helicopter ride. He then says it doesn’t matter, because he would do anything for her. Paul then tries to cast doubt on John, hinting that he may be dirty. Natalie simply isn’t falling for it. She asks Paul if he wants her for her “Lord” money, but Paul again denies that his intentions are anything less than honorable. Paul continues to claim he cares for her. Paul leaves, and Kathryn runs into him outside Rodi’s. She again warns him not to leave town.

Natalie goes over to the bar and talks to River. River is firmly believing in his love for Adriana, even though Natalie comments on the lipstick on his collar. Roxy and Adriana come in, and Roxy snatches Natalie away to help her close Foxy Roxy’s. She whispers to Adriana to remember the advice she gave her. Adriana goes over to River, and tells him that it’s over between them. River is stunned.

As Natalie is closing Foxy Roxy’s, Paul stops by, because Natalie called him. Natalie apologizes for pushing him, and Paul accepts her apology. She then says she would like to go out with him again.

On the street in New York, a man approaches Starr, and goes for her back pack. Travis appears, and saves Starr. He then takes her to his secret place, some room somewhere in the city. Travis is concerned that Starr is having second thoughts about running away, but she says there is no going back now. They decide to go to California, and Travis warns her that it will be a long, tough trip for them. Starr says she is up for it. Travis talks about his little sister, who died when she was only three, and that was when his father left his mother. He asks if Starr will miss Jack, and she says she will, but again, there is no going back. She says she’s tired, and lays down to take a nap. While she is napping, Travis takes the money out of the backpack, and looks at it. He has second thoughts, puts the money back, and covers a sleeping Starr up. Starr is having a bad dream, that she is reunited with her family, but Blair says she and Todd are still not getting back together, and Starr must be punished. Starr wakes up, shouting “Dad!” Travis says he must leave her alone for the night, but will be back in the morning. He says he has to go home to get his things, but Starr refuses to be left alone. Travis finally relents, and takes her to his apartment. When they get there, they see the cop cars, and take off running the other way.


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