OLTL Update Monday 4/26/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/26/04

By Kathy
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In her hotel room, Starr talks with Matthew, and hugs him. Matthew is a little concerned about her behavior, and asks if she’s going to run away. Starr is very cryptic, and doesn’t reveal her plans. She asks Matthew to leave, so she can change her clothes, and after he leaves, she packs the rest of her things. She begins to write a note to her Mom, but crumples the letter, and just leaves. Later, we see her out wandering the streets, as a man approaches her. Matthew is knocking on her hotel door, but there is no answer.

Shannon pays Michael a visit, as Michael is on the phone with Marcie, telling her he’s behaving. After he hangs up, he convinces Shannon to do his spying for him. He gives her the camera, and sends her to the roof of Angel Square Hotel, telling her to look at the helipad for Dr. Long and Paul. After Shannon leaves, John drops by, saying he just got off the phone with Eve, and promised her he’d keep Michael out of trouble. He catches Michael with the binoculars, and wonders where the camera is. Michael swears that the camera is gone, and he’s doing nothing more than bird watching. John makes Michael give him his word he’ll drop is rookie investigation, and leave the investigating up to the pros. They then talk about how nice it is to be back in each other’s lives. John is concerned that if Michael keeps up his spying, he will lose his job. Michael tells John that he absolutely does not want to lose his position, and once again, assures him that he will behave.

On the helipad, Natalie again asks Paul what they were delivering. Paul continues to dodge the questions, and trying to distract Natalie from asking any more questions. He then pulls Natalie into a kiss, which is captured on camera by Shannon, who is now on the rooftop. Dr. Long catches Natalie and Paul, and demands to know what she is doing there. Natalie claims she was just looking at the view, and leaves in a hurry. Dr. Long chastises Paul for his lack of discretion, and fires Paul on the spot.

At Rodi’s, Jessica and Kevin are talking, and Kevin says he’s found a heart specialist for Viki from the Mayo clinic, that he wants to fly in to examine Viki. He then asks Jessica if she’s met Margaret, and is concerned that Todd may be using Margaret for his plan to bring down Buchanan Enterprises. He says he is convinced Todd expertly transferred the money, then put it back in the proper account. Jessica opens her mouth to say, “I saw him with…” and is cut short when Kelly walks in. When Kelly approaches the table, Jessica suddenly leaves.

Jessica goes back to the loft, and asks to talk with Antonio as boyfriend-girlfriend, and for him to listen, but not as a cop. She says she saw Kelly in Todd’s arms. She says she knows Kelly loves Kevin, but wonders what she is up to with Todd. Later, as Antonio and Jessica are cuddling, they once again talk about his proposal. Jessica says there is so much she wants to experience, and doesn’t want to rush into anything. She knows Antonio has already been through one divorce, and just wants to take things very slow. She tells him how much she loves him, and asks if they can just be engaged for a while – Antonio agrees.

At La Boulaie, River and Adriana have the place all to themselves. As they start to kiss, Adriana gets uncomfortable, and tells River she’s going to fix them something to eat. While she’s in the kitchen, River likes some candles, and puts on some music. Adriana returns, but neither has much of an appetite for food. Their passion begins to ignite once again, but Adriana puts the brakes on. River decides he needs to leave, and both tell each other how much they love one another. Adriana frets that she’s too old fashioned, wanting to wait until their wedding night, but River says that is one of her qualities that he adores. After River leaves, he goes to the rooftop of Angel Square Hotel, and finds Shannon up there. She had to return, after leaving her keys on the roof. Shannon comes on to River, and they begin to kiss, and Shannon hints at taking their relationship further.

Kathryn asks Roxy to let her into John’s hotel room, to drop off a present for John. After Kathryn gives her $20, Roxy lets her in. Roxy wants to know what is in the boxes, and sees there are pictures of Caitlin. Kathryn says she’ll tell Roxy about the pictures, but it will cost her $20. Roxy calls Natalie, and tells her to get over to the hotel. She sends Natalie up to John’s room, where Natalie encounters Kathryn. Natalie sees the pictures, and asks her why she has pictures of John’s girlfriend. Kathryn admits she was her sister. Natalie is stunned, and John walks into the room. Natalie confronts him, asking why he didn’t tell her Kathryn was Caitlin’s sister. John retorts that he didn’t know Natalie liked helicopters. Kathryn jumps in, saying that the FBI definitely wants to question Paul. Natalie leaves, and John goes after her, showing her the pictures of her and Paul together. He tells her that being with Paul is a mistake, he is nothing but trouble.

Kevin tells Kelly he is sure Todd is behind the money transfer, and vows to bring Todd down. Kelly defends Todd, and is adamant that Todd would not have done that. Paul walks in, and Kevin invites him to join them. Paul refuses, but Kevin gets a call, and asks Paul to keep Kelly company while he takes the call. Paul tells Kelly he just lost his job, and will probably need more cash. Kelly says that is impossible. Paul once again threatens to tell Kevin about Ace. Kelly is nearly at the end of her rope, when Kevin returns, and they leave.


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