OLTL Update Friday 4/23/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/23/04

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Jessica goes to see Todd at his office and lets him know she’s not going to let him smear her brother. Todd assures Jessica that it’s not personal, but she says she’s stood up for him plenty of times and if he cares about her at all, he’ll try not to make Kevin look bad. Todd says someone else beat him to it, but he doesn’t know who.

Kelly gives Paul the money and tells him to stay out of her life. Kevin sees the whole thing and wants to know why she’s giving him the cash. Paul says she’s not giving it to him, it’s a loan, and there’s a car he’s been looking at and he’ll be able to make a profit on it. He takes off, and Kevin asks Kelly if she’s sure she can trust him. He points out that Todd is causing problems, making it look like he embezzled $64,000. Kelly asks if it’s all taken care of, and Kevin says the damage has already been done. He tells her he’ll meet her at Dorian’s

Cassie arrives at La Boulet and asks if her “long-lost sister” is another one of David and Dorian’s cons. Dorian promises that Adriana is really her sister, and Cassie says she’s not going to let Dorian or “that tramp” hurt her son. Adriana walks in and wonders if they’re talking about her.

RJ and Lindsay give Rex the loan documents and he notes that if he’s even 2 months late on his payments, they get the new place and Ultraviolet. RJ asks if he’s planning on defaulting. Rex says it’s going to be the hottest place in Llanview.

John catches Natalie in his room; she’s put a slot machine in his room to make it homier. They are interrupted by Kathryn, who gives McBain a big hug.

Nora and Evangeline watch a sappy movie and eat junk food. They joke how silly they would look in front of a jury, and Vangie says it’s great that she and Bo are still friends. Nora says it was a lot of hard work and practice, but Matthew helped. Nora is glad they’re friends even if she’s representing someone who lied about her.

Kevin goes to see Todd and says he’s setting him up. He can’t control what he does but Todd might want to think about Viki and what their feud is doing to her. Todd wonders if he wants him to be accused of bias or burying evidence, but Kevin threatens to send Todd back to jail.

Adriana says she loves River and would never hurt him, but Cassie scoffs. David suggests they run another DNA test, but Dorian doesn’t think it’s necessary. Adriana tells Cassie she’s giving the $30 million to her town when she turns 18, and Cassie says she did always want a little sister. River comes in and asks if Adriana is the greatest; Cassie says she can see why he’s in love with her.

Nat goes to Rodi’s to get her paycheck and bumps into Paul, and he asks her to do something. Roxy asks if the present went over well, and Natalie says it did but Kathryn Fitzgerald is back in town. Roxy reminds her that Paul is interested, and just as Natalie is going to talk with him, John arrives and asks why she ran off like that. Nat says she just didn’t realize that he and Kathryn were getting together. He asks if he can buy her a drink and she says she’s already doing something with Paul. Natalie says she wants to go up in Paul’s chopper; she needs a rush like that. They leave as John watches.

Rex and Lindsay toast to their partnership, and start to make out. Lindsay says they should take it to her place, but Rex kicks everyone out of the club and seduces her.

Evangeline calls her client Harry McKenzie to find out what the deal is with Nora, and finds out that he left town, no forwarding address.

Kevin says Todd hacked into the Buchanan account and transferred $64,000 into his and Kelly’s personal account. He’s positive it’s Todd, but Todd realizes it was Kelly. Kelly arrives at La Boulet and David asks where Kevin is; Dorian asks if she’s still in desperate need of money. She thinks she’s in some kind of serious trouble. Dorian and David tell her they well help, but Kelly says she’s fine. Cassie comes out and hugs Kelly; she asks about the new baby and Kelly says things couldn’t be better. David says she’s seen that fake smile before and he’s going to find out what kind of trouble she’s gotten herself into. Carlotta calls with bad news. Dorian tells her not to worry and she’ll take care of everything; she takes off.

Nora says this is great; it’s going to look like she bought the guy off. RJ drops by and is surprised to see Vangie; he says he was there to talk with Nora about something. Nora says Evangeline should stay and she asks if he wants her to stay.

Kathryn says they need Paul’s testimony to convict Kyle and Kay, and that she’s been reassigned to the New Jersey field office – his old job. He’s going to be seeing a lot of her. She hopes Natalie is okay with that, and he says he and Nat are just friends. Kathryn wonders if Natalie knows that. Meanwhile, at the helipad, Paul and Natalie kiss.

Kelly tells Kevin she wishes he would just leave Todd alone; they have a child now and she doesn’t want Todd to screw it up for them. Cassie overhears.

Nora mediates between RJ and Evangeline and says she agrees with Vangie. She thinks RJ is nitpicking about the custody and it’s not good for Jamie. Jessica arrives and asks if she could speak with Nora, RJ and Nora make up. Jessica asks Nora if she can talk to the guy who accused her of taking the bribe, but Nora says he’s left town; she thinks Todd is behind the allegations.

Nigel asks Roxy to work with him at the hotel. Roxy says that Foxy Roxy’s isn’t too busy and she needed to borrow money from Rex to get through the month; she accepts the job offer.

While on the helipad, Dr. Long comes up at Paul hides Natalie in the chopper. Long wants to know what’s going on.

Cassie tells Kevin she’s glad that he and Kelly are so happy, especially after everything happened. Kevin tells Cassie he hopes she’s as happy as he is, and he leaves. Cassie is obviously upset, though. Dorian calls from the airport and tells David that she and Carlotta are dealing with an emergency.

Roxy barges into Ultraviolet and calls Lindsay Mrs. Robinson; she asks Rex for a loan, and he gives it to her and ushers her out of there.

Kelly goes to Todd’s and tells him to stop going after Kevin, and begs him not to break up her family. She says if she loses Ace she will die. Todd comforts her and Jess walks by and sees them hugging.

Kathryn asks John if he’s ever going to get over Caitlin, and he asks the same of her. He admits that he cares about Natalie and says he worries about who she’s keeping company with.

Long hands Paul a cooler and tells him to get it to Newark; he watches as Paul takes off with Natalie in the chopper. She asks what’s going on, and Paul says it looks like they’re taking a ride after all.


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