OLTL Update Thursday 4/22/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/22/04

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Michael watches the chief of staff remove a lot of money from the safe as he speaks with Marcie on the phone. He assures her that he’s not going to get caught, but someone puts a pillowcase over his head.

David wants to know who Dorian is married to; she admits she’s still married to Adriana’s father. River meets up with Adriana at La Boulet and she wants to know where he was the other night; he admits he was with Shannon.

Starr and Matthew are hanging out in the hotel room when Matthew asks to use her laptop to email his mom. He notices an incoming email from Frodo87 and asks if she has a boyfriend.

Asa pulls a gun on the investigative reporter and wants to know what Todd knows about his company. Meanwhile, Kevin interrupts Todd comforting Kelly at the Palace and demands to know what’s going on between them. Todd says she was trying to get him to back off the BE story, and leaves. Kevin tells Kelly not to worry about the company and she says she’s worried something will ruin their perfect lives.

Antonio talks to someone about the bribery case as Jessica enters their apartment. She can’t believe that he’s investigating the Buchanans.

The reporter says he doesn’t know anything at that Todd just asked him to get Asa’s side on the record. Asa lodges a warning for Todd to lay off the Buchanans and tells the reporter to get out.

Lindsay meets up with Rex and gives him the loan papers from her and RJ. She tells him she can’t get involved with him again until he’s over Jen.

The culprits scaring Al are Shannon and Jen; they were sent by Marcie to prove that he’s in danger and could get caught. In the hallway, Dorian tells David that she was in love with Adriana’s father and that she had been filing for divorce but the lawyer must have taken off with the money she gave him and never filed the papers. She has been married since then, but those marriages were invalid. David realizes that Adriana really is Dorian’s daughter.

River and Adriana fight about the night he missed the train; he says Shannon was there with a bunch of other people but nothing happened. Sometimes Adriana thinks she should just leave Shannon and River alone, but he says they just like the same music and that’s it. He reminds her of their Valentine’s vow, but she says that wasn’t real.

Dorian won’t affirm that Adriana really is her daughter, but she says that she’s afraid of her father and tells him she can’t tell him the truth about her situation. He thinks that Adriana has to be a Cramer woman from her behavior and personality.

Kevin leaves to return to work and tells Kelly to keep her distance from Todd. She asks Todd if he enjoys torturing her, and he wants to know why she needs the loan. Kevin bumps into Margaret, who’s on her way to meet Todd, and he warns her to not get involved with Todd. Todd agrees to loan Kelly the $74,000 and she goes to his office to pick up the loan. Mrs. Bigelow tells Kelly that Todd told her about the money and ribs her about the jam she must be in.

Kevin returns to his office and Asa tells him about the reporter. He tells him about the “message” and Kevin yells that’s why he didn’t want Asa talking to the media, and Todd will use it against them. Asa says they have to control the fungus.

Margaret tells Todd she can’t see him anymore, and that she wants to keep her job. Todd says Kevin has his own problems and tells her to blow the whistle on Kevin before he brings her down.

Starr writes to Travis that she doesn’t want to see him again ever, and for him to leave her alone. Matthew invites her to go roller blading and she says she doesn’t feel like it. Her phone rings and it’s Todd; he notes that it doesn’t sound like she’s having fun. She asks why he and Blair aren’t still together, and he says they will be and that she should have fun on her trip. Todd sees Paul in the Palace bar and tells him it’s not smart to blackmail Kelly.

Lindsay tells Rex that Jen hasn’t spoken to her since the night she walked in on her and Rex, and he wants to know what’s stopping them from getting together. They start kissing and Renee interrupts and asks them to either get a hotel room or leave. Lindsay says she has a meeting in the restaurant and leaves.

Dorian checks in on Michael and asks how he’s feeling; he says he’s bored out of his mind. She gets his binoculars for him and notices that he’s got a great view of Long’s office, and that Long just snatched some files from her. They watch Paul with Long and wonder what’s going on.

Todd gives Kelly the money and asks if she’s in over her head; she says no. At their apartment, Jessica and Antonio fight about the case. He tells her that as soon as he can clear her brother, he’ll go after whoever it was that made the false claim. Kevin walks in on Margaret snooping in his office.

David breaks up a kiss between River and Adriana and asks if anything strange happened when Adriana was staying at Carlotta’s; she says that there was a late-night hang-up that freaked her out. River leaves and David asks if things are better between Adriana and her boyfriend. She asks if he got Dorian to agree to a wedding, and he says there does seem to be a problem with her father. He asks her to get Dorian to tell her about her father, and to report back to him.

Michael tells Dorian he’s not sure what’s going on, but Paul Cramer is definitely involved somehow. He tells her that if something should happen to him to let the cops know who’s responsible. She leaves and runs into Paul, who gives her hell about the blood test. She tells him that everything in life is not about money.

Mrs. Bigelow tells Todd that Asa pulled a gun on the reporter, and he tells her he needs to see what his contact will turn up. Meanwhile, Kevin asks Margaret if he can help her and she says she was looking for a file, he gives it to her. He asks if she knows anything amiss in the accounting department that would explain the payoff scandal; she says she has noticed something.

Jen and Shannon get to the Palace and when Shannon hears that River is coming, she decides to stay. Jen warns her not to mess with another woman’s man. Rex approaches Jen and asks for her help for the club, but she says she wants to have nothing to do with either of them.

Dorian speaks with Cassie on the phone and confirms that she will be coming up next week, and it will be a great time to meet her half sister Adriana. Dorian offers to redecorate Adriana’s bedroom, and take her shopping and to her hairdresser. Adriana says she would love to spend time with Dorian, but she likes shopping at a mall. She loves Dorian’s style, but she’s not Dorian. She says there is something she would like – she wants to know everything about her father.

David meets Kelly in the Palace bar and asked if Paul is squeezing her for cash; she won’t say. He says he’s going to find out what kind of trouble she’s in all by himself.

Margaret says there’s $64,000 missing from the corporate account, and Kevin says it was transferred to his personal account. He wonders if it has to do with her association with Todd, which she denies.

Paul goes to Todd’s office and Todd tells him to stop hitting her up for money, and if he so much as sees him looking at her funny, he’s going to die.

Starr IM’s Travis and he admits he was mean when he met her. He asks if she still wants to run away, and she says yes.


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