OLTL Update Wednesday 4/21/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/21/04

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David comes to the hospital to meet Dorian. He takes her in his arms and tells her how much he loves and trusts her. He uses a small scissors to cut some of her hair for a DNA sample.

R.J. goes to Evangeline and tells her to send the custody papers regarding Jamie to a new lawyer. R.J. says he will do whatever he can to protect his grand daughter from the craziness at Llanfair. Evangeline thinks he just wants to get back at Antonio.

At the police station, Antonio tells Jessica that he can’t live at Llanfair anymore since she refused his proposal. He asks her to move back to the loft now that Natalie is living at Llanfair.

Natalie greets Viki in the garden telling her that she’s almost done moving her stuff back in. Viki is worried that she is keeping both girls from their own lives because Natalie has taken off from both of her jobs. Holding Todd’s beeper in her hand, she urges Natalie to go get the rest of her belongings. After Nat leaves, Viki starts to experience chest pain.

Kevin and Kelly are having breakfast out. Kevin tells her that she needs to eat and relax. Paul comes over to their table and sits down. He tells Kevin and Kelly that he needed to see the two of them.

Dorian gets beeped and David surreptitiously stuffs her lock of hair into his pocket. Dorian is a little suspicious that David is being patient with her lack of a wedding date. She thinks he’s using reverse psychology. And she returns to work as David puts her hair into an envelope marked with her name.

Jessica asks Antonio if he would think about moving to the carriage house now that Natalie is in the main house. Antonio asks Jess to think about the loft. Antonio sips his coffee as Jessica leaves for class.

Nora comes into the station with her dance trophy. Bo and Nora won 1st place in the jitterbug contest. Daniel asks her to have lunch with him. Antonio informs Nora that she’s accused of taking a bribe from Buchanan Enterprises to stop her investigation of illegal activities. Nora, at first, thinks he’s joking. He assures her that he is not.

Todd tells Mrs. Bigelow that Marge found out that there was a big transfer of funds in Buchanan Enterprises. Mrs. Bigelow and Todd discuss Mr. McKenzie’s new living arrangements in California and the good job that he did for them regarding implicating B.E. in inappropriate use of funds. Todd is happy that McKenzie has implicated Nora and hired Evangeline and then just disappeared without a trace. Todd keeps his eye on the table where Kelly, Paul and Kevin are sitting. He is counting the days until everything blows up in Kevin’s face.

Kelly tries her best to get rid of Paul. Paul tells them that he wants to be Ace’s godfather – after all he was there at the farm for the birth of his nephew. Kevin tells him that Bo was already asked. Kevin leaves to go to work. Paul demands $10,000 from Kelly. “You don’t want people to find out about Ace, do you?” Kelly hands him her cell phone and tells him to go ahead and call Kevin.

Todd, standing at the bar, gets a page from Viki. At Llanfair Viki’s chest pain is getting worse and she is desperate for Todd to arrive.

Evangeline tries to get R.J. to see reason regarding Jamie’s living arrangements. R.J. is insistent that Jamie needs to know her roots are not at Llanfair. Evangeline thinks that R.J. is just going to teach her to hate. R.J. thinks it is about teaching her survival techniques in the real world. R.J. demands that Evangeline send the papers to his new lawyer.

At the police station, Antonio pumps Nora for any information she might have about the investigation she conducted about B.E. Nora is indignant that Antonio could even consider that she took a bribe - that she might have done it as a favor to the Commissioner.

Asa storms into Kevin’s office regarding Todd’s latest article in the newspaper. Kevin doesn’t feel that they should do anything yet. If Todd commits libel - that would be a different story. Asa feels you need to get down and dirty in order to run B.E.

At the restaurant, Kelly tells Paul that she just can’t get the money. Paul wants her to pawn jewelry – whatever it takes. Paul tells her that without the money, soon, he might not survive another week. He still refuses to Kelly what kind of trouble he is in.

Jessica and Natalie return to Llanfair. They are surprised that Viki has gone out. Jess tells Nat that she asked Antonio to move into the carriage house, but that Antonio wasn’t really thrilled with that idea.

At Evangeline’s office, Antonio and Nora run into R.J. coming out of her office. They try to get information about Mr. McKenzie from Evangeline, but she refuses to talk with them. Nora tells Antonio that the B.E. books are perfectly in order.

David comes over to a visibly upset Kelly talking with Paul. Paul tells David that he just can’t believe that he was able to fake the DNA tests. Paul tells them both that “when you’re desperate for a phony kid, you gotta do what you gotta do.” David tells him that he’s sure there must be another con job that Paul can pull off to get someone else’s money. Paul leaves telling Kelly that he will see her later. David asks Kelly if she likes her brother. Then Kelly pumps David for information about DNA testing and how to fake results. She asks David if Dorian ever gives him money.

At the hospital, Dorian asks the cardiologist about Viki’s condition. Todd is sitting by Viki’s bedside as she asks if she can page him again. Todd assures her that he will answer her page every time she calls. Dorian comes in to tell Viki that she can go home. She tells both of them that it was not another heart attack, but Viki can tell by her face that there is something more. Dorian tells Viki that she has ischemic cardiomyopathy, a worse condition than they thought. Dorian explains that this means that the heart really is not pumping well. They can try medications, but if that doesn’t work, Viki may require surgery. Surgery on a weakened heart muscle may not be successful and Viki could die.

Nora goes to B.E. to talk with Kevin and Asa. She tells them about the inquiry into whether or not Nora took a bribe. She asks Asa why Mr. McKenzie is pushing this story. Kevin believes that Todd is pulling the strings. Kevin assures Nora that there is nothing to hide. Nora leaves telling them that the police will be investigating. Kevin is starting to believe that maybe he needs to lower his standards in order to keep Todd at bay.

David asks Kelly why Dorian won’t marry him. She can’t give him an answer. Kelly continues to ask David about whether he has access to Dorian’s money. David leaves as Kelly receives a call from Paul. He tells her that he needs the money by tonight. Kelly puts in a call to Todd, “you’re my last hope.”

Asa tells Kevin that he needs to get information on Todd in order to protect himself. Kevin wants to “push Manning so hard, he never gets up.” Kevin tells Asa that he is going to go through every penny to ensure that there is nothing to back up the claims made.

At Llanfair Jess and Nat are upset that Viki didn’t call them when she went to the hospital. She tells them that her heart condition is serious. She tells them that she needs to “plan for the future.” Nat and Jess cry as Viki tells them that she could die at any time. Viki insists that she wants to make the most of every minute she has left. She tells the girls that they must act normally around her. She still wants to hear about every moment of her children’s lives. They share a tearful hug.

At the hospital, Dorian finds David coming out of the DNA lab with 2 envelopes marked ‘Dorian’ and “Adriana”. Dorian tells him that she could have told him the lab is only going to do it on a family request or a court order. Dorian told him he’s wasting his time if he tries to find an internet company to do the DNA testing. David insists it’s about trust – not the money. They discuss the fact that Kelly has asked them both for money. Dorian wonders if Kelly is in trouble.

Daniel and Nora are having lunch. Daniel is jittery and nervous. He tells Nora that he is not going to be seeing Lindsay any longer. Todd meets up with Kelly at the bar where she asks him for $74,000.

At B.E. Kevin discovers that $64,000 is missing from an operating account. He wonders if it was Asa, but then determines that it must be someone else.

In the sunroom at Llanfair, Natalie discovers Viki going through some old papers. Viki is trying to get her affairs in order. She gives Natalie a pair of earrings that Clint gave her. Natalie tries to refuse them, saying that Viki will get more wear out of them than she will. Viki also gives Natalie a file folder to read after she dies. The folder contains a diary of her life and thoughts before Natalie came into her life. She tells Nat that she decided to give it to her because her other children have heard these stories over and over again. Natalie is overcome with emotion at her mother’s words. Viki tells her that she is sure she “will find an awful lot of me in you.”

At the police station, Antonio comforts Jessica on the news that her mother is sicker than realized. Antonio tells Jessica that he will move into the carriage house. R.J. storms in telling Antonio that he will be receiving a court order to remove Jamie from Llanfair. “Have one of the servants pack up her things!” Antonio tries to reason with R.J., but R.J. furiously leaves.

At the hospital, Dorian tries to distract David from talk about marriage, saying she has to call Kelly about her need from money. David is wondering if Dorian has been feeding him bad information all along. Maybe Adriana really is Dorian’s daughter he states. David informs Dorian that he is moving out because she is not being truthful with him. As David demands the truth, he tells Dorian that he will not be back until she is honest with him. Dorian chases after him, grabbing him tightly. She whispers into his chest that she cannot marry him because she is already married.

At the restaurant, Daniel is pumping Nora for information about her feelings for Bo. He wonders if the dance contest in New York has brought back any old feelings they had. Daniel gazes at her shyly and timidly.

Todd and Kelly talk in the corner about the money she needs. Todd wants to know what he is going to receive in return. Todd eggs her on by asking whether she is being bribed by her Texas affair, or the farmer who delivered her baby. Kelly breaks down under the stress. Todd moves over to “comfort” her and Kevin suddenly approaches.

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