OLTL Update Tuesday 4/20/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/20/04

By Kathy
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Starr is in her hotel room, making final arrangements to leave. She has a video camera, and says this is the turning point of her life, and the last time she will see her mom. She instant-messages the kid, finding out the meeting place. She finally tells him her name, and we learn his name is Travis. Starr puts her lap top and some clothes into her backpack, along with the cash. She leaves a note on the bed for Blair, and leaves. She arrives at a section of town known as “Alphabet City,” all the while documenting her journey with the video camera. She is a bit nervous that Travis won’t like her, after he realizes the picture she sent wasn’t of her, but reminds herself that she is “OGREAT1.” She sees a boy at a pay phone, and as he turns to leave, she catches up to him and calls his name. He turns, calls her a little kid, and tells her to get out of his face. Starr is crushed. Starr tries to explain that she accidentally sent the wrong picture, and they are meant to be together. Travis continues to blow her off, and Starr finally takes out the wad of cash. Travis says that she didn’t send the wrong picture, that she did it on purpose, and he can’t hang around some “baby.” Starr says she’s 13, and he doesn’t look like he’s 16. Travis leaves, and Starr returns to her hotel room. She gets her laptop out, and starts to send Todd a message, when Travis instant-messages her, saying he was a jerk, and he wants to hook up with her again. He asks if she can get away tonight.

After Antonio proposed to Jessica, she says she wishes she knew what to say. Everything is so complicated, but she does love him, she simply cannot say yes or no. Antonio says that she needs space, he’s getting Jamie and moving back to the loft. After he leaves, Natalie comes in, seeing that Jessica is upset, and asks what’s wrong. In the morning, Viki and Natalie talk to Jessica. Jessica says it is a big decision, commitment, and responsibility, and too much is going on in her life right now for her to answer the question. Viki says it would break her heart if Jessica put off making the decision because of her health.

Jessica goes to the police station to see Antonio, because she doesn’t like the way they left things last night. Jessica says it is a huge step, and she panicked, using Viki’s illness as an excuse. She says she’s still in college, and has a long read to travel, and she wants to face her future by herself. Antonio is hurt, and says he wants to take the trip with her, as her husband. John interrupts, and sends Antonio to the Palace. Jessica asks if they can continue this conversation, but Antonio says he’s heard everything he needs to hear, and leaves. Jessica goes in to talk to John about Antonio. John says he’s not the one to take advice from, but Jessica argues that John knows what makes people tick. Jessica wonders why women can’t have a career before marriage.

David and Dorian are eating at the Palace, and David is still very upset about Paul and Sophia. Dorian keeps telling him that everything is going to be all right. David is baffled that Dorian is not more upset about Paul’s antics. Dorian jokes that their pheromones are like jet fuel…but David won’t let the issue with Paul drop, and is concerned because Dorian is playing this so cool. David continues to badger Dorian about her plan to handle Paul, when Viki and Natalie walk into the Palace. They exchange hello’s, and after Viki and Natalie leave, David has a revelation – he asks Dorian if it is possible that she really IS Adriana’s mother. Dorian just says, “we’ll see,” and leaves to go to work.

Michael watches Dr. Long’s office from his hospital bed, and sees Paul in the office. He calls Marcie, and asks her to bring his digital camera, along with the binoculars. Later, Eve stops by, with a bag full of goodies Marcie sent – the camera, binoculars, and a book about birds. She explains that Marcie’s father is in the hospital, and she and Ron just drove to New Jersey to see him. She asks how he broke is leg, and Michael launches into a complex story about how he was showing Marcie a “kung fu” move that went awry. Eve says that Marcie’s story involved Michael falling off a stone bench – and Michael tries to cover, saying the kung fu move did involve a bench – just as John comes in, with a balloon for Michael. He, too, wants some answers. Michael finally tells the truth, and John asks if he has proof that Dr. Long is up to no good. Michael says he does not have proof yet, but hopes to get some soon. John asks who else knows about this, and Michael admits that Marcie knows what is going on. John is clearly not happy that Marcie knows, and comments that telling Marcie is just like calling the newspaper. John leaves, and Michael asks Eve to get his bed closer to the window so he can “bird watch.” After Eve leaves, Michael continues to watch, as he sees Paul talking to Dr. Long again. After Paul leaves, Dr. Long makes a phone call, but Michael can’t quite see what number he is dialing. Paul pops unexpectedly into Michael’s room, claiming he wants to see how he is doing, since Michael was kind enough to look into Aunt Betsy’s death. As Paul walks in, Michael quickly covers up his camera and binoculars. Paul chats with Michael, while casually glancing out the window. They talk about Dr. Long, and how Michael hopes he doesn’t get dropped from the residency program. Paul says that Dr. Long is tough, and he knows because Dr. Long is in charge of the medivac pilots. Paul says Dr. Long is one man you don’t want to upset – he can break people. Paul leaves, and later, Michael sees him back in Dr. Long’s office, with what appears to be an envelop with possible cash? Michael sees Paul walk over to the window, and lower the blinds.

At the police station, Antonio asks if Kathryn got to Washington, and John says she did. John also says the “diva twins” are not talking. He asks Antonio what is really going on, and Antonio admits that he just found out his life is not going as he thought it would.

Riley apologizes to Jen for snapping at her, and he wishes he could talk to Flash, and tell her how he really feels. Jen tells him that he can, and grabs her video camera, and encourages Riley to tell Flash what is on his mind. As Riley gets going, he begins yelling at the camera, telling Flash to go to hell, and have a nice life. He expresses how upset he is that she didn’t even have the decency to call him – just sent him a letter. He begins to trash his apartment. Riley cuts his hand, and Jen tends to it. She feels bad that she convinced him to let loose, and he got hurt. Out of nowhere, they kiss. After the kiss, both feel that it shouldn’t happen again, they should forget it, and continue their friendship. Jen is concerned that she inadvertently came on to him, but Riley assures her that is not the case. The rest of Midnight Logic show up, ready to practice, and Riley assures them he can practice with his injured hand. He hands Jen the camera to tape, and their hands touch, and Jen obviously feels something for Riley.

At the Palace, Viki and Natalie talk about Jessica, and Viki worries that Natalie spends too much time alone. She is particularly concerned that Natalie got drunk the other night. Natalie shrugs it off, saying when you get lonely, stuff happens. Viki comments that it would be much smarter if Natalie would move into Llanfair. Antonio stops by their table, and Viki says she worries about the strain she is putting on his relationship with Jessica. Natalie says Llanfair is a bit intimidating, and that she thinks it would be a good idea for her to move into Llanfair. Viki tells Antonio that Jessica loves him so much.

Sofia gives Paul the results of the blood test, and Dr. Long calls him into his office. Later, Paul pulls out the results, and Dorian walks by, telling him that whenever he goes up against her, he will always lose. Dr. Long again calls Paul, flashing an envelop at Paul.

At Llanfair, Antonio is waiting for Jessica. He apologies to her, saying he was a jerk, and has a bruised ego. He says he understands where she is coming from.

Natalie goes to the police station to see John, as he gets a call from Kathryn. She realizes who he is talking to, and leaves.


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