OLTL Update Monday 4/19/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/19/04

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At the train station, guns are drawn, as Kyle continues to hold Kathryn. Paul tries to make a run for it, and in the confusion, Kathryn escapes and John shoots Kyle. Kay wisely puts her gun down, and both are taken into custody. Paul is also caught and taken to the police station. After he is taken to the police station, Kathryn talks privately to John and asks that Paul be released, and dealt with by the FBI. John reluctantly agrees. John explains to Paul that it could go one of two ways – either he cuts a deal and agrees to help the FBI, or he is arrested and does time in jail. Paul says he will be available to the FBI. Paul demands his money back, but John says it is held as evidence, and he cannot have it back. Antonio comes into the police station as Paul walks out, and is furious that they put their life on the line, and Paul is allowed to walk. John explains that it is a delicate matter, and one that the FBI needs to deal with.

Natalie is at Capricorn, and RJ says that one of his bar tenders didn’t show up for work. A customer is asking where is drink is, and Natalie gets up, goes behind the bar, and starts filling drink orders. RJ is impressed, and asks her why she is even working, since she is a Buchanan. Natalie says she’s always worked. As they talk, Natalie makes a comment about Jessica moving in to Llanfair with Antonio and Jamie. RJ knew nothing about this, and is furious. He leaves to go get his grand daughter. Natalie calls Jessica to warn her RJ knows, and is very angry.

Todd is at Llanfair, playing with Jack. He tells Viki that she never breaks a promise, so he asks her to promise that nothing will happen to her. Viki says she can’t make such a promise. Todd makes her promise that she will use the beeper he gave her to contact him if she has any trouble. Viki agrees. Todd says he wants his children to grow up well, and they need her.

After Todd leaves, RJ shows up at Llanfair, demanding to see Jamie. Viki and Jessica explain that she is taking her nap, and they don’t want to wake her. RJ says Antonio violated the custody agreement, and he will not allow her to remain in the house. Viki intervenes and reveals that she is “not very well,” and that is why they moved in. RJ is sorry to hear that, but threatens court action.

Evangeline comes into Capricorn, and Natalie explains what happened, and that RJ is at Llanfair. RJ comes storming in to Capricorn, demanding that Evangeline take action. Evangeline desperately tries to calm RJ down, to no avail. Evangeline says it is silly, and will not take action. RJ makes a snide comment that when Todd calls, Evangeline runs to help him, and says he’ll find another attorney to help him.

David and Dorian are at Capricorn, and David admits he enjoys working. He again pressures Dorian to set a wedding date, but once again, she refuses. She says David has stolen from her yet again, and tells him about the missing $2,500 from her safe. David laughs at this, saying he wants to share in her $30 million, so why would he steal “cab fare?” He also says he has his own cool one million from the kiss he gave to Aunt Betsy. As they laugh about his killer kiss, they try to figure out who else would have taken it, and decide Starr must be the culprit. They see Todd come in with Margaret, and Dorian quietly blames Todd for Starr stealing the money. Dorian gets a strange look on her face, and tells David she has a funny feeling about Starr. She leaves to go to work.

Marcie finds Michael, who fell out of Dr. Long’s window, and broke his leg. He is taken to surgery, and is still groggy from the medication. Marcie is on her way to visit Michael after his surgery, and runs into River and Adrianna. They just donated blood, because Paul told them there was a shortage. Marcie was unaware, because she usually gets a call when they need blood donors. River and Adrianna offer their comfort to Marcie, as Michael is wheeled by. In his room, Dorian comes to see her “favorite Resident,” bringing him flowers. She goes into the bathroom to get a vase. Outside his room, Paul is talking to Sofia, asking for Dorian’s medical records. Sofia says she simply cannot get them, as she’s already risked her job arranging for a DNA test on Adrianna. Paul begins to get really angry, but calms down, telling her he will make it worth her while. Inside Michael’s room, Dorian drops the vase and screams. Paul hears her scream, comes running in, and sees Dorian has cut her hand. He sees his golden opportunity, and immediately begins applying pressure with his handkerchief. After the bleeding stops, Dorian apologizes for ruining his handkerchief, but Paul says not to worry, and goes into the bathroom to dispose of the handkerchief. Dorian thanks him, and he leaves, with the handkerchief in his pocket. Marcie says she just ran into River and Adrianna, explaining they donated blood, due to a shortage. Dorian is also unaware of a shortage, quickly puts two and two together. She goes into the bathroom, realizes Paul kept the handkerchief, and leaves. Michael asks Marcie to help him continue the investigation on Dr. Long. Marcie is reluctant, saying they could get hurt again. Michael is lying in bed, and realizes he can see Dr. Long’s office from his window. He asks Marcie to bring him the binoculars, but Marcie is still reluctant. They joke that he will only use them for bird watching, and Marcie finally agrees.

David shows up at the hospital, and tells Dorian they have a problem. David has realized what Paul is up to, and Dorian very calmly tells him not to worry, she will handle the situation.

Todd and Margaret meet at Capricorn, as Margaret has a piece of urgent information for him. She discovered the $64,000 transfer into Kevin’s private account. Todd tells her not to do anything just yet, but to keep her eyes open. While they are talking, Starr calls Todd on his cell phone. Todd wraps up his conversation with Margaret, and she leaves. As they talk, we only hear Todd’s side of the conversation, but he reassures her that he loves her, no matter what. Todd then calls Kelly. She meets him outside Capricorn, and he accuses Kevin of embezzling money. Kelly is near panic state, but defends Kevin.

Kelly has been trying all day to reach Paul, and finally does. He meets her outside Capricorn after Todd leaves. She says she needs the money back. Paul says things didn’t go quite according to plan, and that he has a “friend” involved with the mob, and needs another $15,000. He feels that will be enough to get his friend out of the country. Kelly isn’t buying the friend story, and says it is Paul, himself, that is in way over his head. Paul once again threatens to reveal the truth about Ace.

River and Adrianna go to listen to Shane practice. Adrianna flirts with Shane, and River shows a jealous side. He talks to Adrianna about it, and he says he loves her, and she doesn’t have to dress or act like Shannon to get his attention. He says the only interest he shares with Shannon is music. Shane is going to catch the train to Philadelphia to hear a band, and invites them to come along. Adrianna says Carlotta will never let her go, but encourages River to go. She goes to the train station to see them off, and after River boards the train, Shannon comes running up, saying she isn’t going to miss hearing this band. Adriana tells her it is too late to get a ticket for the train, but Shannon says she’ll just get one on the train.

Antonio arrives at Llanfair, and rings the doorbell. Jessica answers, and takes flowers from Antonio'’ hand. Antonio tells her the flowers are not for her, and gives them to Viki. Viki tells Antonio he does not have to ring the doorbell – he lives there now. Antonio is still very uncomfortable. He tries to talk to Jessica, but she interrupts him, telling him about RJ’s visit. Finally, Antonio takes Jessica alone, and asks her to marry him.

Natalie goes to the police station, looking for John. A police officer says he just left for the train station. Natalie arrives just in time to see Kathryn and John. Kathryn is there to catch a train. They say goodbye, then are caught in a passionate kiss, as Natalie looks on.


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