OLTL Update Friday 4/16/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/16/04

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Todd is hanging out at the Capricorn bar remembering the time he spent the night before with Blair. The memory ends as Blair rings Viki’s doorbell to bring some overnight clothes for Jack and also to let Viki know that it’s ok for Todd to visit Jack while she’s in New York with Starr. Starr is upstairs at La Boulee making plans to meet her internet buddy, Frodo, in New York. She has some extra clothes hidden under the bed which she thinks will make her look older and she throws them in the suitcase.

At the hospital, Michael overhears a distressed woman talking with Dr. Long behind closed doors. She is distraught that her husband has supposedly signed papers to donate his organs upon his death.

At the police station, Paul, John, Kathryn, and Antonio are going over the final plans to meet up with Kyle and Kay to deliver the $64,000. Paul tells them that they are prepared to meet him at the airport. Paul is pointing his finger repeatedly at John telling him he had better not screw him over. Paul takes off. Kathryn tells John that she doesn’t believe Paul’s meeting place. John tells Kathryn that it’s her job to find out where the real rendezvous is taking place.

Viki is impressed that Blair has realized that Todd needs to see his children. Blair insists that it’s for the children. Viki questions her, “just about the children?” Viki feels Blair should be the one to tell Todd that he can see Jack. She insists that Blair call Todd from her study. As Blair enters the study, Kelly appears on Viki’s doorstep with Ace. Viki is thrilled to see her newest grandchild. Kelly is taken aback when Viki tells her that she is impressed with the “risk that she took with this baby.” Viki goes on to tell her that Dorian let her know that it was risky for Kelly to carry a baby. Kelly’s face shows relief. In the other room, Blair calls Todd. He is grateful that she is allowing him to see Jack. Blair tries to get Todd to realize that she is only trying to do what is best for the kids. She informs Todd that she and Starr are leaving from the train station shortly. She invites him to come to say goodbye to Starr.

In her bedroom, Starr is chatting and letting Frodo know that she has “tons” of money with her – she flashes back to stealing $2500 from Dorian’s safe. She tells her buddy that she is looking forward to running away. Starr is a little hesitant that Frodo will get “weird” that she doesn’t look like Adriana.

As Michael is listening at his door, Dr. Long is very insistent that the patient decided to sign away his organs at the last minute, just before surgery. He asserts that he questioned the patient several times and he was adamant that he wanted to be an organ donor. The wife is sure that that was not her husband’s wishes. Her husband had always felt that to donate an organ was to “play God.” Dr. Long suggests that she should go to the chapel and shows her to the door. He tells her to remember that several people will benefit from her husband’s generosity. Michael strolls away.

Blair finishes her conversation with Todd and greets Kelly and the baby in the hallway. Kelly is surprised to find Blair there. Blair explains about her trip. Kevin appears and coos over the baby and exclaims that the baby has his forehead. Blair does not see the resemblance and declares that the baby doesn’t look like either one of them. Kelly plasters a fake smile on her face.

At the police station, John is sitting behind Bo’s desk while Antonio paces back and forth. Antonio questions John about Kathryn and their police history together. He tells John that Kathryn is beautiful. John tells Antonio to sit down and stop pacing. Antonio asks John if he’s talked to Natalie because she is pretty upset about him. Antonio is sure that Natalie would be upset if she knew he was talking to John about her. Antonio reminds John that Natalie is his family. John grimaces as he tells Antonio that maybe they shouldn’t be talking about this. He gets up and turns his back to Antonio as he pours himself some coffee. John sighs and changes the subject. He asks Antonio when he’s “going to make an honest woman” out of Jessica. Antonio pulls a diamond ring out of his pocket and sticks it in John’s face. John is wide-eyed as he looks first at the ring and then at Antonio.

At Capricorn, Jessica tells Nat that she thinks her mother was trying to get her out of the house. Natalie tells Jess that she’s nagging her mother too much. Jessica doesn’t feel that her mother would rest at all unless she was there to remind her. They discuss the party the night before. Natalie said the party was OK until she talked with John. She said their conversation was “nasty”. She said they were trying to be friends “until that Kathryn woman” showed up. She’s afraid that there is something going on – after all Kathryn slept in his room, and they are inseparable. Natalie felt she understood men until John. Jessica assures her that if it is meant to be – it will happen.

At another table in Capricorn, Marcie and her brother meet up. She tells Ron how much she missed him. He tells her that their Dad really wants to see her. Marcie tells her that Michael is a great guy and she wants to introduce him to their Dad. She tells Ron about the book Michael is insisting that she write. Ron is worried that her book might get people back home upset. Marcie says she’s going to change the names and there won’t be a problem. She gets a frantic call from Michael who is at the hospital. He insists that she stay where she is and he’ll be right over.

Nat asks how the Llanfair living arrangements are working. Jessica informs Natalie that Viki saw Antonio “buck” naked. They giggle. Then Natalie asks Jessica if she and Antonio are going to make it official. Across the room, Paul enters and, avoiding Natalie’s question, Jessica tells Nat that she doesn’t know what to make of him. He just doesn’t seem like Kelly’s brother. As they are talking, they turn around on their barstools and observe Kathryn come in and grab the phone away from Paul’s ear. Kathryn implores him to tell her where the real meeting place is going to be. Natalie wonders what he is doing with her.

At Llanfair, Kelly tells Baby Ace not to listen to Blair; he looks just like his daddy. Kelly assures Kevin that she will see him at the train station, but she has a few errands to run first. Viki offers to take Kevin, Blair and Starr to the station. Kelly looks apprehensive as she leaves the mansion. Kevin thinks Kelly was acting strange. Blair thinks it was especially strange because she left them together.

At the police station John asks Antonio when he’s going to pop the question. Antonio tells him he’s been carrying the diamond around for a few days. John asks him if he’s got cold feet, but Antonio insists it’s because he just hasn’t found the right time. John tells him not to wait; he’s sure Jessica will say yes. The phone rings, Kathryn is on the other end. While Paul is out of sight, she tells John that the meet is at the train station. She tells John that Paul demands that she go with him or the deal is off. She has wires on, but no bullet proof vest. She tells John that he will have to cover her. Antonio mobilizes the SWAT team and heads to the train station. Natalie storms over to Kathryn and insists on knowing what she’s up to “first John, and now Paul.” Paul returns and tries to be cool. He tells Natalie that it is just business, Natalie asks and “what business do you have with the FBI?” No one answers. Kathryn looks perturbed. Antonio embraces Jessica at the bar as Natalie steals a glance back at Paul and Kathryn. Paul is suspicious that Kathryn has tipped off the cops after he sees Antonio.

Ron and Marcie are talking as Michael approaches. Michael asks Ron to leave so he can speak privately to Marcie. He tells Marcie about what he heard at Dr. Long’s office. He tells Marcie that he saw the original papers that show the patient declined to be an organ donor. Marcie thinks Michael is not being objective. She can’t imagine that Dr. Long wouldn’t tell the truth about something so important.

At the train station, Viki sits with Starr as Blair and Kevin go to check on the departure gates. Starr is a little reserved. Viki informs Starr of all the fun things there are for her to do in NYC. Starr is concerned that Viki will have a heart attack if she gets upset. Viki tries to reassure Starr that she is just fine. Viki tells Starr that she will miss her, but they will have a big day together – just the 2 of them – when she returns from NYC. Todd gives Starr a big hug as he comes to say goodbye. He is not happy to see Kevin there. Viki reassures Todd that Kevin is going to Washington – the opposite direction of Starr and Blair. As Kevin is wondering aloud where Kelly is, we see her at the bank, holding the baby, withdrawing $64,000 in cash. The teller is a little leery of the transaction, but carries it out. Kelly nervously bounces the baby, and assures the baby the no one will take him away from her.

Starr is quiet and Blair tells her that they don’t have to go to New York if she has changed her mind. Starr looks longingly at her father and holds on tight to Viki as she says goodbye. Todd thanks Blair for letting him see Jack. Todd worries about Starr as he watches them board. He asks Viki if there is something that he should know about. Viki agrees that Starr was very emotional. Hopefully the trip will make her feel better. Kevin antagonizes Todd and Todd tells him that he should “be worried about his own son.” Todd races off. Kelly hurriedly greets Kevin just before he gets on his train.

Paul Cramer thinks that Kathryn has set him up and that Antonio is tailing him. Antonio tells him he is there to see Jessica and will meet him at the airport as agreed. Across the room, Kelly enters with the baby holding a small green shopping bag filled with money. Again, Kelly tries to find out what her brother needs with all the money. Paul tells Kelly to be careful because Antonio is watching. Paul thanks Kelly for getting the money telling her she’s saved his life. Kelly questions Paul about the baby - “you’re not going to blow this for me now, are you?” As Paul leaves trying to hide the green bag, Antonio follows.

Marcie and Michael brainstorm as to what the Chief of Staff could really be up to. She tells Michael that he had better have proof before accusing Dr. Long of something.

At Capricorn Natalie and Ron chat about his whereabouts the last few weeks. Ron tells Nat about his construction work back in New Jersey and trying to get all the spring projects done. Ron asks Nat if there’s anyone that she can fix him up with. She jokingly suggests Roxy. Ron squirms his way out by saying he doesn’t have the energy to keep up with her. She shares with Ron that she doesn’t have a love life either.

Kelly says goodbye to Kevin at the train station. She tells him that everything she’s done is because she wants them to “stay together.” Kelly walks Kevin to the gate. She’s very jittery as she goes back to Viki. As they leave together, Antonio and John arrive at the train station and try to blend in. Antonio is leaning against a wall in an alcove reading a newspaper and John is hiding behind a flower vendor’s plants. He twirls a red flower as he and Antonio observe Kathryn and Paul enter the station and sit on the bench. Kathryn tells Paul to relax that the police will be at the airport - not there at the train station where they are. Paul keeps turning around checking out his surroundings. He tells Kathryn that his life is on the line.

At the hospital Marcie is extremely nervous as Michael prepares to look through files in Dr. Long's office. Marcie thinks that Michael should let his brother deal with it. Michael insists that if something is going on he wants to find out himself. He tells Marcie to wait outside the office and stand guard in case someone comes. He hands Marcie a magazine to read while she’s standing and leaning against the office door. Michael attempts to open Dr. Long’s locked file cabinet with a letter opener. Outside the door, he hears Marcie tell Dr. Long not to go in his office. As Michael tries to find a way out of the office through a locked window, Marcie tries her best to keep Dr. Long occupied. Dr. Long is exasperated by her constant chatter and finally, inside the office, Michael escapes through a window and outside the office, Dr. Long gets beeped and turns and leaves. Marcie, quickly glancing around to make sure she’s not observed, goes into the office and is surprised that she can’t find Michael. She sees the open window and leans out looking for Michael.

At the train station, Antonio observes Kyle and Kay enter as Paul continues to look nervously at his watch. Kathryn is restless and wondering where the 2 goons are. Kyle and Kay sit on the bench right behind Kathryn and Paul and demand the money. John looks on as Kathryn looks directly at Paul. John jumps out from behind his post, raises his gun “DROP IT!” he hollers. Kyle grabs Kathryn and sticks a gun in her ribs. Paul tries to get in John’s way. John pushes Paul back down to the bench. There’s a standoff as John and Antonio are pointing their guns at Kyle and Kay. Kyle has his gun in Kathryn’s ribs and Kay’s gun is pointing at Antonio.


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