OLTL Update Thursday 4/15/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/15/04

By Janice
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Antonio greets Jessica as she comes down the stairs at Llanfair. She’s all dressed up for the Craze party. Antonio goes upstairs to take a shower. Jessica jokes with him that she’ll keep Viki downstairs while he’s in the shower. In the parlor, Evangeline is talking with Viki about her will. As Viki sees Evangeline to the door, they are met in the foyer by Jessica. Jessica sees the will and is sure that Viki must be sicker than she admits.

At Lindsay’s Gallery the Craze party is about to begin. David again asks Dorian to set a date for their wedding now that he is gainfully employed. In the back room, R.J. and Lindsay are celebrating their first combined event with a champagne toast. Rex pulls R.J. aside to talk. Blair arrives and is thrilled with the party décor. Lindsay tells Blair that she likes the concept of the magazine. Blair tells her if you “look back, you’ll miss the future.”

At the Buchanan mansion Renee enters the living room to find Todd having a drink. She confronts Todd as to why he is there. He tells her to call Kelly; she knows why he’s there.

At Buchanan Enterprises, Kevin walks in on Kelly as she is trying to complete the transfer of the $64,000 that Paul requested.

Antonio comes downstairs at Llanfair and greets Natalie in the hallway. Natalie asks Antonio if he minds if she comes along with them. She asks him if John is coming, but Antonio says John is working, as always. In the living room, Viki is trying to assure Jessica that she is not planning on dying anytime soon, she just wants to get her affairs in order. She sees them all dolled up for the party and tells them she’ll go change and be right back. Natalie and Jessica can’t believe that she would go to the loud and crowded Craze party in her condition. Viki promises that she will behave herself she’ll try not to get drunk. She wants to be there for Kevin’s first big venture as head of Buchanan Enterprises.

Meanwhile at BE, Kevin is baffled as to why Kelly is there. She covers by saying that she was checking her email while she waited for Kevin. She is on her way home to change for the party and just wanted to spend a few minutes alone with him before the big event. Kevin is staying at the office to try to get Duke to respond to his emails about Craze. Kelly tries to reassure Kevin that Duke is just acting normal for his age. As she exits Kevin’s office, she gets a call from Renee on her cell phone asking why Todd is there. Todd gets on the phone and after listening to a few subtle comments about her bouncing baby, Kelly tells Todd that she’ll be right home. Asa is disgusted to find Todd in his house. He tells Todd that if it weren’t for the baby, he would have “blown away his kneecaps for trespassing!” Renee assures Asa that Todd is not trespassing, Kelly invited him. Asa threatens to buy out The Banner if Todd continues to try to ruin his company. Todd is incensed that Asa would try to violate his free press rights. Todd tells Asa to stay home and play with his grandson, “I think he looks like you!” Todd tells Asa. Asa responds, “Thank you, you Pond-Scum!”

At the Gallery, the party is in full swing with music and drink and flashing lights. Viki is thrilled that she didn’t miss out on all the festivities. Dorian sips her martini as Kevin, Blair, and a very Hollywood-looking David go up to the microphone to welcome the crowd and press. David wearing tinted glasses and brandishing a cell phone invites the press to come closer to take pictures. He then tells Kevin how appreciative he is that he has given him this job which has proven that he “is no longer the man he used to be.” Kevin, David, and Blair toast to the future in front of the guests and flashing cameras.

A very hot looking Adriana is sitting with Starr talking about how she knew River was the one. Adriana tells Starr not to give up on Blair and Todd just yet. River knocks on the door and is flabbergasted at Adriana’s new look. Starr chats on the internet.

David corners Dorian about her actions of the past few weeks, asking him to marry her, drugging him, running off to Mendorra, etc. He tells her he doesn’t think she really loves him. She tries to assure him that she does love him. He accuses her of not trusting him enough to tell him the truth or “at least a plausible lie.” In another corner of the room, Rex tells R.J. thank you and that he will return the money. Evangeline is suspicious that R.J. looks so happy. He tells him he’s happy because business is good and will probably get better. Rex then goes over to the table where Jen and Riley are talking. Riley goes crazy and hauls Rex down on to the table when he makes a snide comment about Flash. Jen is surprised that Riley reacted so violently. He tells her that he and Flash have broken up. Rex decides it’s time to leave.

John is at the party leaning against the railing keeping an eye on Paul. His cousin, Shannon, walks by and he tells her to stay away from the alcoholic beverages. Antonio asks John what is going on. He thinks Paul looks nervous. Paul goes over to the table where Natalie, in a low cut dress, is sitting alone. Natalie is not sure that Paul should be seen with her, after all John didn’t want him to even say hello to her earlier that day. Paul asks Natalie if she is going to do everything that John tells her. Natalie senses that something is wrong with Paul. She asks him what John wants with him. She tells him he is acting nervous. He covers by saying that he’s been working overtime at the hospital. Over at the railing, John tells Antonio that Paul should be nervous after all the money he stole. John informs Antonio that he is sure that Paul is going to try to double cross them.

Kevin attempts to get his mother to go home. Blair and Kevin thank Viki for attending. Viki and Blair talk about the upcoming trip to New York for her and Starr. B lair says she is ready to get away from Llanview. Viki inquires about Kelly. Kevin is worried that Kelly is a little too tense since bringing the baby home. Blair and Viki assure him that that is typical for the first baby.

At the Buchanan mansion, Kelly is being grilled by Asa as to why Todd is there. Todd covers by saying that Kelly is going to lecture him about his newspaper articles about Buchanan Enterprises. Asa leaves and Kelly tells him that he needs to stop coming to see her. Kelly is amazed when Todd tells her that he wants her to get him into the Craze party.

Jen tries to comfort Riley about his breakup. Flash is seeing her voice therapy coach. Jen is worried that Riley will get wasted. Riley assures her that he is not going to do that. Riley suggests to Jen that if he can get along with his father, maybe she can get back together with her mom. Jen doesn’t believe this will ever happen.

Closer to the door, Rex meets up with Lindsay. He thanks her for intervening with R.J. to get him the loan money. He is sure that Lindsay must have convinced R.J. Rex is looking for someone smart and creative to help him reopen Capricorn. Lindsay asks “what exactly are you looking for?”

River and Adriana arrive at the Craze party to be greeted by Shannon. Adriana feels threatened as Shannon tells River that she can get him into some hot new club, Vinyl Mania.

Antonio interrupts Evangeline’s conversation with R.J. They move over to a corner where Antonio tells her that he is not through with her client, Mr. McKenzie. She tells Antonio that her client has nothing more to say. If Antonio thinks there are financial problems at Buchanan Enterprises, he should check it out himself.

Flashbulbs are going off everywhere as the photographers take pictures of the guests. Todd arrives with Kelly and Kevin is furious that he is there. He tells Kevin he is entitled to be there as a member of the press. As Kevin’s anger increases, Kelly tells him to calm down, don’t let Todd spoil the night. Kevin tells Todd he’ll throw him out if he causes problems and that Kelly will no longer help him get back with Blair. While Kevin goes to get Kelly a drink, Paul rushes up to Kelly at the bar and asks if she was able to get him the money. Kelly continues to ask Paul what he needs with all that money. Kevin returns and brushes Paul aside. John is keeping a watchful eye on Paul. Meanwhile, Blair approaches Todd from behind. He is defensive and says he was invited. She tells him they need to talk about the future. Todd is curious.

At La Boulee, Matthew calls Starr and invites her to the dance contest. Matthew is encouraged that Bo and Nora are laughing and getting along well. He is hopeful that they are falling in love again. Starr tells Matthew that her parents will never get along and she’s given up on them.

At the Craze party, Blair tells Todd that Jack will be staying with Viki, but she doesn’t want him to violate the custody agreement. Blair confronts Todd about his date with Margaret. She’s “glad” that he’s found someone else. She doesn’t look him in the eye as she says this. Todd tells her that they may both be able to find someone else, but “I’m your future and you’re mine!”

Natalie sidles up to John with a big radiant smile on her face. He greets her nicely, but gets defensive when she asks where Kathryn is. He assures her that he is not at the party to socialize. He is abrupt and curt with her. She then tells him off. She asks him, “another woman in trouble?” John’s face gets really tight. Natalie continues, “You’re a real great hero; you really know how to make a woman feel safe. Funny how you can only do that in a crisis!” John cannot look at her as she continues to berate him. Maybe he gets “bored” if there’s no problem or is it that he’s “scared that you might have to tell someone exactly how you feel?” John gives her a warning look, and stares into space, as Natalie turns on her heels and walks off.

The party is winding down. Dorian goes over to a quiet corner of the room where Viki is sitting looking tired. Dorian takes her hand and surreptitiously takes her pulse. Viki admits to feeling fatigued. She is very compassionate towards Viki and assures her that her pulse seems fine. Viki appreciates the great bedside manner. Dorian makes her promise not to tell anyone. Viki promises her that it’s their secret.

Jessica tells Natalie that she thinks it is time to get going. John is deep in thought as Natalie glances his way and tells Jessica that she is ready to go anytime. Natalie takes off when Antonio approaches. Antonio is proud of Jessica’s Craze column. She professes her love for Antonio and her life in general. Natalie goes up to Paul and tells him she’s ready for another ride in the helicopter. Paul is preoccupied and tells Natalie that he needs to go see his sister. Kelly tells Paul that she is having second thoughts. “You don’t know what I had to go through” Paul counters with “I know what I had to do to make you a mother!” Kelly begs Paul to tell her why he needs the money. They clam up when Kevin appears.

As Viki leaves the party, Todd surprises her with a personal pager. He tells her that if she needs him, he will come running – just press the button.

David finds Dorian. He thinks she’s been avoiding him all night. She assures him that she loves him, but that if they get married someone will get killed. David pressures Dorian to tell him who is going to be killed. He thinks someone may be jealous of him. Dorian doesn’t want to discuss it. David tells Dorian he’s going to write a new column for Craze about how to find out what your fiancée is hiding from you.

As Lindsay returns to her apartment after the party, she finds Rex in her space. She tells him that she can’t keep up the roller coaster. They are either seeing each other or they are not. Rex asks her what she wants. As she asks him what he thinks she wants, she throws herself into his arms.

Jen and Riley talk about their breakups. She tells him that there is a positive for her. If she and Joey hadn’t broken up she wouldn’t have done this great documentary on a great new band with a great lead singer. A cell phone call from Matthew interrupts her conversation with Riley. Riley is sure that Flash is the only one for him. Jen tells him that at the age of 40, if they are still alone they will get married to each other.

Again, Kelly tries to cover up by telling Kevin that Paul wants help with his love life. Kevin wanders off and Kelly agrees to give Paul the money but she doesn’t want to ever hear another word about it. They agree to meet tomorrow. John is leaning against a wall watching Paul’s every movement.

Kevin and Kelly go home after the party. Kelly is happy that Ace has the family she never did. Kevin suggests getting to know Paul better by inviting him to lunch.

Back at the Craze party, Evangeline tells John that Natalie left a long time ago. John looks puzzled. As John is talking to Evangeline, Paul is on his cell phone. Paul has told the person on the other end of the phone that he will have the money the next day. They agree to meet at the train station. As soon as John gets near, Paul hangs up the cell phone. John asks if everything is set for tomorrow. Paul said everything is ready, they’ve agreed to meet at the airport tomorrow as John had suggested. John tells Paul as long as everything goes as planned, “nobody gets hurt.”

Evangeline ask R.J. to follow her home. He calls Lindsay to tell her he’s leaving as things are heating up downstairs with Rex. Rex goes to Lindsay’s bedroom as she answers the phone. R.J. tells Lindsay that he told Rex he would give him the start up money that Rex needed for his new venture. Lindsay asks R.J. to let Rex think it was her idea. R.J. agrees. Rex comes out of the bedroom shirtless, looking for Lindsay. Lindsay quickly hangs up the phone and rushes to join Rex in the bedroom.

At Llanfair, Jessica asks Natalie to spend the night. Natalie tells her that she’s going home to Roxy’s, there’s already enough people staying at Llanfair. Natalie looks sad as she goes to say Goodnight to Viki. Natalie then overhears Jack asking Viki if she’s going away. Viki tells Jack she’s not going anywhere because she needs to make sure that all of her children and grandchildren are happy.

Blair calls home from the party to say goodnight. Starr tells Blair that she loves her. Blair gets a catch in her voice as she tells Starr how happy she is to hear that again. In her bedroom Starr is making plans to go away with her internet buddy. As Blair hangs up the phone, Todd overhears and asks if Starr is ok. Blair tells him what Starr said. She also tells Todd not to tell her again that they belong together. Todd insists as he holds her hand and tenderly pushes the hair behind her ears that he was not going to say that. Blair looks reluctantly and timidly at Todd.

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