OLTL Update Wednesday 4/14/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/14/04

By Kathy
Pictures by Juanita

Michael runs into Dr. Long in the E.R., and asks to see a file. Michael says he assumes there must have been a transplant, since he saw Dr. Long on the roof. Michael explains that from the roof of his building, he has an excellent view of the hospital roof, and saw Dr. Long talking to a medivac pilot. Dr. Long storms away, telling Michael it’s none of his business.

Renovations continue at La Boulaie, as the entire downstairs is swarming with construction workers. Blair comes downstairs, frantic because she cannot find Starr. Meanwhile, Starr has gone off to see Viki. When she arrives at Viki’s, Todd opens the door. Viki takes Starr inside, and explains about her “little problem,” assuring Starr that she is doing everything she is supposed to.

Dorian is making arrangements for everyone to evacuate La Boulaie during the construction, but is at a loss as to what to do with Adrianna. She says Adrianna is welcome to go to the Palace with her and David, and River invites her to stay with him and his father. Of course, Dorian will have none of this, and makes arrangements for her to stay with Carlotta. Shannon shows up at La Boulaie with a new CD from a band in Atlantic City. River listens, and he and Shannon continue to talk about music. River tries to include Adrianna, but Shannon keeps butting in the conversation. Dorian takes Adrianna aside, and tells her that Carlotta will be picking her up soon. Adrianna briefly mentions her father, and Dorian once again tells her that the less she knows about him, the better. Adrianna says she is glad that Carlotta was there with her when she was born.

Kevin calls Kelly, to tell him that he is meeting with Blair for the “Craze” launch party, to firm up the final details. Kelly sounds stressed, as Paul is with her. She convinces Kevin that everything is fine. Paul tells Kelly that he needs the $64,000 immediately, but Kelly has no idea where to get it. Paul threatens her, saying that she did not hold up her end of the bargain by proving that Adrianna is not Dorian’s daughter. Paul is obviously about to go over the edge, saying that his life is literally on the line. Kelly keeps asking him how he could get himself into such a mess. Paul says he’s up against a wall, and Kelly says that since he’s up against the wall, so is she. She agrees to get the money, but has no idea how. Paul kisses Kelly’s cheek and leaves.

Todd brings Starr back to La Boulaie, and Starr admits that she can’t keep hoping Todd and Blair will reunite. Blair thanks Todd for bringing Starr back, and sends Starr up to finish packing for their New York City trip. Dorian comes in, thanks Todd, and dimisses him. After Todd leaves, Dorian once again warns Blair not to get involved with him.

In her room, Starr Instant Messages the kid she’s been talking to. She asks if he wants to “hook up,” as she will be in New York City soon. As they talk, both agree that their moms don’t care about them, and the kid asks Starr if she wants to “take off” with him. Starr says “let’s do it.” Starr asks where he wants to take off to, and he says the Florida Keys. They agree that they’ll need money, and the kid says he has $150. Starr says she can do better than that!

Shannon and River continue to talk about music, and Shannon says that some band is coming to town, and she can get backstage passes. Adrianna says that would be great, but Shannon says she can only get two passes. Shannon says not to worry, she’ll see what she can do when Hilary Duff comes to town, and maybe Adrianna can take that little “sparkly” girl (Starr). Adrianna is clearly hurt and jealous. Shannon asks River if he wants to grab something to eat, and River says sure, and invites Adrianna. Adrianna can’t leave, because Carlotta is on her way over. River suggests they go raid the refrigerator, instead. Shannon asks what their relationship is, because she was under the impression that Adrianna was River’s aunt. River explains that is technically correct, but that he was adopted. Shannon heads for the kitchen, and Adrianna confides to River that she feels like a “geek.” River tells her that isn’t the case. They kiss, and Viki walks in and interrupts them. She asks to see Starr, and tells Starr she brought some information on her heart condition, and that she has nothing to worry about. Starr asks her if someone she loved did something bad, would that cause Viki to have a heart attack? Viki isn’t sure where Starr is going with this, but Viki assures her that it will be fine. Besides, she can’t imagine Starr doing anything to cause Viki to have trouble. Viki says when Starr returns from New York, she wants to spend a whole day with her – just the two of them. Starr is very clingy, hugging Viki, and telling her she loves her.

Dorian must leave for work, and Blair tells Dorian what a great job David is doing on “Craze.” Blair asks if Dorian plans on holding up her end of the deal with David and marry him, since he got a job. Dorian laughs and says that Cramer women are great at getting married, but have a problem staying married.

Kevin arrives at Capricorn, and runs into Evangeline. They chat for a few minutes about Ace, and Kevin shows a picture, explaining that Ace seems to favor Kelly’s side of the family. He says that Ace has made him and Kelly the happiest they have ever been.

Blair meets Kevin at Capricorn, and tells him about Starr running off to see Viki. She tells him that Todd brought her home, and Starr says she has accepted the fact that they will not be a family. Again, Kevin warns Blair about staying away from Todd, but Blair says that since she decided to include Todd in Starr’s life, Starr seems to be doing so much better. Todd shows up at Capricorn with Margaret. He makes a big production of kissing her, while Blair looks on, and appears a bit jealous, although she denies this. Kevin thinks Todd is using Margaret to gain information about Buchanan Enterprises. Margaret is worried about Kevin seeing her there, and Todd assures her that they are giving the appearance of being on a date. Todd talks to Margaret about the BE accounts, and wonders aloud if it is possible for Kevin to transfer funds to his personal accounts, and would it be easily discovered? He plants a bug in Margaret’s ear, and encourages her to keep her eyes open. Margaret leaves, but comes back to get her phone she left on the table. She runs into Kevin, who warns her that Todd is only using her, and to be very careful.

Michael calls Marcie, while he awaits a trauma. He tells her about seeing Dr. Long on the roof, and says it’s not uncommon for a physician to meet a helicopter on the roof, as he is headed there himself, but he is concerned because Dr. Long was so evasive, and hostile about it. Michael hangs up, and heads to meet the helicopter. Dorian walks through the E.R., and a man comes running in, carrying a little girl. He asks for a doctor, but is told they are all with trauma victims coming in. Dorian tells a nurse to give her a stethoscope. The nurse says that Dorian isn’t a doctor, but Dorian demands the stethoscope, anyway. The nurse complies. The little girl was stung by a bee, and going into shock. Dorian gets her into a treatment room, and expertly saves her life. Michael comes in to take over, and Dorian consoles the father. The father asks what the nurse meant when she said Dorian wasn’t a doctor. Dorian says she is a doctor, but hasn’t practiced medicine in a long time. Michael walks out into the hall, and congratulates Dorian on saving the little girl’s life. Dr. Long comes by and said Dorian set the hospital up for a huge law suit, and Dorian says she will accept full responsibility. Michael steps in to defend Dorian, but Dr. Long quickly reminds him he is just a resident. After Dr. Long walks away, they see him talking to Paul by the elevators. They both think Dr. Long is up to something shady, and agree to watch him on the QT.

Kelly shows up at the hospital, and asks Dorian for the $64,000, for an investment she doesn’t want Kevin to find out about. Dorian says it will take her a few days to put together that much money, but Kelly says she can’t wait. Dorian says she has $2,500 in her safe at home – will that help? Kelly says no, it’s a dumb idea, and leaves. Kelly later goes into Kevin’s office, and tries to get into his computer. She eventually hits on his password, and tries to transfer money for a BE account into a personal account. As she is getting ready to accept the transaction, Kevin walks in.

After Viki leaves Starr, she debates about running away. The construction workers are leaving, and tell Starr that tomorrow they will collect their money from Dorian. Starr gets an idea, and goes to the safe. She says Dorian never knew that Starr paid attention to the safe’s combination. Starr takes the cash out.

Starr and Adrianna talk, and Starr asks her how you know when you are with “the one.” Adrianna says you will know. Starr asks how you know he won’t just dump you, and Adrianna tells her you have to have trust. Adrianna then says that one of her shirts is missing, and Starr says…loops…must have forgotten to give it back! Adrianna says that’s OK, because she’s getting a whole new look for herself. She pulls out a magazine, and shows Starr a picture. Starr says that looks like what Shannon wears.

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