OLTL Update Tuesday 4/13/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/13/04

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Roxy is dusting off the front desk at the hotel when Natalie comes in with a peace offering of doughnuts for John. Roxy snatches the bag of donuts out of her hand and says she’ll deliver them. Natalie grabs the donuts right back and heads upstairs, while Roxy is shaking her head wondering what’s going on upstairs with John and the woman. As John and Kathryn are talking about Paul Cramer, Natalie knocks on the door. Natalie tells John the donuts are to apologize for her behavior last night. Natalie is upset when she spies Kathryn. John introduces them to each other. Natalie says “sorry I didn’t know you’d still have company.”

Kelly is at The Buchanan mansion trying desperately to reach Paul on the phone to find out what the changes in their arrangements are going to be. Todd walks in and groans at the sight of Kelly cooing over the baby. He says, “I’m sure it’s the spitting image of his Daddy – whoever that is!”

Kevin goes to Llanfair and talks with Jessica about how their Mom is doing. He tells Jessica not to let Viki read the paper because there is another slam aimed at Buchanan Enterprises that Todd has managed to put in the paper. Kevin thanks Jessica for moving in and asks how the living arrangements are going. Jessica says that her Mom is doing what she can to make Antonio feel at home. Meanwhile, upstairs, Viki is surprised to find Antonio coming out of the bathroom in a towel. She jumps and drops her fruit plate. Antonio stoops to pick up the fruit and drops his towel. Viki spies all.

Starr is in her room dressing up in Adriana’s clothes and applying lip gloss when her computer beeps. Her chat buddy, Frodo87, says her picture sure does look hot. Frodo thinks she looks older than 15. They talk about their mutual problems with their parents. Starr closes the computer when someone knocks on her door.

Downstairs, Blair greets Dr. Spender, a psychiatrist friend of Dorian’s. She sympathizes with Blair saying that Starr is at a rough age. Blair tells the doctor that Starr won’t come out of her room and thinks she is an ogre, but that Todd is perfect. Blair wants the doctor to help her help Starr. Dr. Spender wants both Todd and Blair to be in on her session with Starr.

Todd reminds Kelly of how much she owes him, especially with the baby. Kelly reminds Todd that he wants Kevin to stay with her, not with Blair. Todd insists that Kelly help him get Blair back. Kelly tries to get Todd to realize that she and Blair aren’t close and that the last time at Ultraviolet was a disaster. Todd tells her that if he ain’t happy, she won’t be either. Kevin walks in on them.

At Llanfair, Antonio apologizes to Viki for exposing himself. Viki tells him not to worry about it and heads to her bedroom. Antonio is upset and embarrassed. Jessica comes up the stairs to find Antonio leaning against the wall in his towel. He tells her that Viki saw him “totally” naked. Jessica starts to laugh.

In John’s room, Natalie is upset and tells John she should have called first. She didn’t realize that he would still be “working”. Natalie storms out and John is upset that Natalie is making a big deal out of this. Kathryn goes after Natalie and tells her that they are not sleeping together. John slept in the lobby. Kathryn tells her that she doesn’t want to get between them. As Natalie turns to head down the stairs, Paul is coming to John’s door. Natalie asks him what he’s doing there. Paul tells Natalie that whatever John told her about him it’s a lie. Natalie turns around and knocks sharply on John’s door. She asks him what he wants with Paul. John asks if she brought enough donuts for the crowd he now has in his room. Paul tries to assure Natalie that there’s no problem. John grabs Paul and brings him into the room. Both John and Paul tell Natalie that they will talk to her later and John closes his door. In the hotel room, John tells Kathryn that she should leave. She is not going to want to hear what he is going to do to get her out of the situation. She hesitates, saying that it’s her case, but agrees to leave.

Adriana is knocking at Starr’s door. Starr quickly changes clothes and shoves Adriana’s clothing almost under her bed. Adriana finds the clothes and Starr tells her she just wanted to feel grown up for a little while. Starr asks Adriana what kind of music the River likes. When Adriana leaves Starr goes to the computer and tells her chat buddy that she likes the same bands that Adriana just told her about, Coldplay, Outkast, Midnight Logic. Frodo thinks that it’s a cool selection and wants her to come to New York to meet up.

Downstairs Blair is hesitant in involving Todd in the psych sessions. Blair says that Starr is always picking Todd over her. Dr. Spender says that all of the issues need to be addressed head on and that’s easiest with all of them there. Dr. Spender tells Blair how unselfish it was for her to call Todd when Starr needed his help.

Todd has poured himself a drink and Kevin demands that Kelly tell him why Todd is in his home. Kelly tries to cover, but then tells Kevin that Todd just wanted her help in getting back together with Blair. Kevin tells him to get out and leave his family alone. Todd denies having anything to do with the latest Buchanan article in the newspaper. Todd tells him he can’t do it all, “Not even to you.” As Todd is leaving he gets a call on his cell phone from Blair. Blair tells him about the psychiatrist visiting and Todd rushes over to La Boulee. Kevin asks Kelly why she feels she needs to even talk with Todd.

Jessica sees Viki in the living room looking very rested. Viki says she’s ready for anything. Viki tells Jessica that she “saw” Antonio and he looked “very clean!” They giggle about the event. Then Viki mentions that she heard that Natalie spent the night. Jessica tells Viki that Natalie spent the night because she had had too much to drink. Viki was surprised that Natalie was drunk and is wondering what happened. Jessica tries to cover and just says that she was having fun and overdid it.

Natalie and Roxy are talking in the hotel lobby when Kathryn comes down the stairs. Natalie insists that she and Kathryn talk about John.

Upstairs, John and Paul are having a discussion about what they are going to do about the missing money. Antonio enters the room. Paul is wondering why he’s there. John tells Paul that he is going to inform the Kouriakis family that he’s got the money and set up a rendezvous. Paul doesn’t trust John. He thinks that he is going to make him take the fall. He doesn’t believe that John and Antonio will protect him. John insists that they will be there to back him up. John tells him to make sure to clear Kathryn’s name. John tells Paul that the Matrix-like goons may look idiotic, but they probably have guns and can use them. He can either trust John and Antonio or he can go it alone.

On the internet, Frodo is trying to talk Starr into coming to New York to meet. Starr tells Frodo that she will work on it. She calls Matthew in New York to ask how the dance contest is going. Starr tells Matthew that she wishes she were there to see it. Starr hangs up on Matthew when Blair begins knocking on the door. Blair tells Starr that there’s someone downstairs who wants to meet her. Starr knows it’s another psychiatrist, but is excited to learn that her dad is on his way over. She runs down the stairs and throws herself at Todd. Blair, Todd, Starr and the doctor go into the living room to begin talking. Starr positions herself on the couch between Todd and Blair. Dr. Spender asks Starr what she thinks is making her family so unhappy.

At the Buchanan mansion, Kevin is questioning Kelly why Todd keeps coming to her. He asks her if there is something going on between her and Todd. He can’t understand why Todd thinks she can help her with Blair. She tells Kevin that she feels bad for Todd because she and Kevin are so happy. Kevin tells Kelly to stay away from Todd because he will do whatever he can to hurt him and their family.

Dr. Spender asks Starr what she’s afraid of. Todd tells them that he’s afraid of doing something that will hurt their family. Starr tells Blair that the only thing that can make her happy is to let them live as a family together. Blair insists that will not happen. What else can she do? Starr decides a trip to New York City will be just the thing to get them closer.

At the hotel lobby, Roxy is trying to listen as Natalie tells Kathryn that she is sorry for the scene she caused in John’s hotel room. Kathryn tells Natalie that she is not a threat. She will not come between whatever Natalie and John have. Natalie is a little embarrassed but relieved at this news. Paul comes down the stairs and meets Kathryn. Kathryn asks him if everything is all set with John. Paul tells her he wants nothing to do with McBain. Paul tells her that he will get the money himself. He tells Kathryn that John and Antonio are planning to backstab both of them by setting them up and keeping the money for themselves. Kathryn shakes her head and says she doesn’t believe it. Paul tells her that she has to stick with him; otherwise she won’t get out of it alive.

Jessica is at Llanfair when Antonio comes back from John’s. Jessica tells Antonio just to forget what happened that morning with Viki. Jessica senses that there is something wrong. Antonio tells her that Evangeline called about Harry McKenzie who will no longer talk to him without a lawyer. He thinks McKenzie is probably afraid of something. Viki enters the room. Antonio apologizes again and Viki says not a problem, but he should move out of the house.

In the hotel lobby, as Kathryn heads back upstairs, Roxy asks where she’s going – “to get another bite of Johnny’s donuts?” Roxy tells Natalie that Kathryn is no match for her. Adriana comes in looking for River. Adriana thinks that River might be with Shannon. Natalie tells her that she shouldn’t worry about that. She needs to trust people. Roxy says, “And sometimes that’s a really hard thing to do.”

Upstairs, John tells Kathryn that everything is all set with Paul. Kathryn disagrees, telling John that Paul is planning to double cross him. She tells John that Paul says he’ll get the money but he thinks John will steal the money. John asks Kathryn if she believes that. Kathryn insists that she doesn’t. They both loved Caitlyn and they’ll always have that bond.

Paul goes to Kelly and tells her he needs $64,000. She is frantic telling him that there is no way she can get that kind of money for him. Paul is desperate. He tells Kelly that otherwise “things might get a little unpleasant.”

Starr convinces Blair to take her to New York to see the rest of the dance contest. Todd jokingly asks if he can go too. Starr is thrilled, but Blair nixes that idea. Starr is all excited. Todd is hatching some plan in his mind. Todd leaves and Blair runs after him to thank him for helping her with Starr. He tells Blair that he would do anything for Starr and he hopes the trip helps her relationship with Starr.

Back in her room, Starr calls Matthew to tell him she’s on her way to New York. Matthew tells Starr about Viki’s heart condition. Starr is upset that no one has told her about that.

At Llanfair, Jessica is upset that Viki is throwing Antonio out. Viki tells Jessica that they both need to move out, she doesn’t need a nurse. As Antonio takes a drink of orange juice, Viki tells Jessica that she will not have another heart attack, - “No matter what I see in the upstairs hall.” Antonio overhears and chokes on the oj. Jessica insists they are staying.

At the hotel, Roxy tells Natalie the problem is that Natalie is spoiling John by bringing him food. “When has he ever delivered the goods to you?” Natalie dreamily flashes back to Rodi’s at Christmas when John brought in a big back of fruitcakes.

In John’s room Kathryn tells John that she trusts him. She tells him hat they have something between them. John looks tenderly at Kathryn and tells her that they will get through this. He holds her in his arms.

Kelly asks Paul if he’s blackmailing her. Paul is desperate. He tells her he is under a lot of pressure. He tells her that he committed a crime for her to have her child. Paul tells Kelly his life is on the line. “Don’t force me to sell this secret to somebody else!”


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