OLTL Update Monday 4/12/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/12/04

By Kathy
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Michael and Marcie are alone, on the roof top. Marcie tells Michael that “it’s time,” and they make love for the first time. Afterward, they cuddle and exchange a lot of “I love you’s.” Michael talks about going to boarding school, and how he couldn’t risk losing his scholarship, so he put thoughts of Eve and John out of his head. It seemed to harden him, but since meeting Marcie, he is a changed person. Marcie comments that she feels Al is watching out for them, and wants them both to be happy. It begins to rain, and Michael is ecstatic, saying that the rain, to him, is like life. Getting drenched in the down pour, Michael asks Marcie to marry him.

Antonio is wandering around Llanfair, feeling like a bull in a china shop. He accidentally bumps into a table, nearly knocking off a vase. Jessica comes downstairs, extremely upset. Antonio comforts her, and she tells him she had a bad dream, involving Viki. In her dream, Viki was very sick, and Jessica fears that her dream could become reality. Jessica and Antonio discuss their stay at Llanfair, and that neither really knows what the time frame for their stay will be. Antonio says he feels uncomfortable, and says as an example, how he nearly broke a “priceless” vase. Jessica picks up the vase, and says that it is a reproduction, as she broke the original “priceless” one when she was 15.

In John’s hotel room, he tells Kathryn he will leave her alone to get some sleep, and he will keep guard in the hotel lobby on the sofa. Kathryn thanks him for his help, and Kathryn talks about how much Caitlin loved John. John says the feeling was mutual. John leaves and goes downstairs. Nigel and Roxy are at the front desk, with Nigel saying how frightening it is to be working without a net – since he no longer works for Asa, he is a little bit afraid. Roxy invites him to Ultra Violet for a drink. John comes downstairs, and tells them he will be sleeping on the sofa. Roxy invites John to join them for a drink, and John accepts.

At Ultra Violet, Natalie is drunk, and prying into Paul’s life. She wants some answers as to what John wanted with him. Lindsay comes in, and tries to apologize to Rex for the problems Daniel caused at the club. Rex blows her off. Natalie approaches Lindsay, and begins to argue with her, but Rex pulls Natalie away, and literally throws her at Paul, saying to dance with her. He warns Natalie not to start any brawls tonight. Kyle and Kay are at Ultra Violet, showing a picture of John, asking if they’ve seen him tonight. Rex says he hasn’t, and they leave. As they are leaving, they run into Roxy, John and Nigel outside. Roxy, sensing trouble, immediately says that there are only two of them and three on John’s side. Nigel is uncomfortable with Roxy wanting to protect John, and John urges Nigel to take Roxy inside. Roxy and Nigel leave, and John talks to Kyle and Kay. They tell him that Kathryn has something they want. They say that Kathryn doesn’t know who she’s messing with. John says that Kyle and Kay don’t know who they’re messing with, and tells them to deliver that message to their boss. John walks in to Ultra Violet, and sees Natalie dancing with Paul. John pulls Natalie away, and talks to Paul privately. He tells Paul that he owns Paul for the next 48 hours, and that Paul is to sober up, and be at John’s hotel room in the morning. Paul leaves, and a drunk Natalie asks where John’s “girlfriend” is. John wants Roxy to take Natalie home, but she wants to go see Jessica. John calls Jessica to tell her that he is on his way with a very drunk Natalie.

Lindsay continues to try to talk to Rex, but he continues to reject her. He asks her to leave.

John and Natalie arrive at Llanfair, and Jessica gets Natalie settled on the sofa. She and Antonio leave John and Natalie alone. Once again, they talk about their friendship, and that John doesn’t want that to change. Natalie apologizes for her behavior, and admits she felt some jealousy over seeing John with Kathryn. John tells her in confidence that Kathryn is FBI, and needs his help. He also says that Paul is surrounded with trouble, and cautions Natalie not to get pulled into it. Jessica returns with coffee, and John says he has to leave. John asks to have a word alone with Antonio. (We don’t know what was said, but obviously, John is asking for help with Kathryn) Later, Natalie is asleep on the sofa, calling out John’s name.

Kathryn is restless, and goes for a walk around the hotel, to find Paul in the lobby. He wants to make a deal, and asks for a couple of weeks to get the money. Kathryn asks why she should trust him, but Paul turns the tables and says that it is John she should not trust. He asks for her help in “managing” John.

Up on the roof, Marcie says she cannot give Michael an answer to his proposal. Michael keeps apologizing, saying that he never intended to make her feel uncomfortable. Marcie begins to cry, and this upsets Michael even more. She explains that they are happy tears, and hopes that he will ask her again, some time down the road. Michael promises that he will. The door to the roof opens, and it’s Kathryn. She apologizes for interrupting them, and Michael says he’s glad she showed up, as they were locked on the roof. Kathryn says the door wasn’t locked, and Marcie looks at Michael and gives him a playful slap on the arm.

John returns to Angel Hotel, and tells Roxy that Natalie was just a little mixed up. Roxy informs him that what Natalie needs is John. John seems about at his wit’s end with Roxy, and tells her to stop encouraging Natalie – that he and Natalie understand that they are just friends. John goes upstairs and knocks on the door to his room. When he gets no answer, he draws his gun, unlocks the door and goes in – but cannot find Kathryn. On a hunch, he goes up to the roof to find her sitting there. Kathryn asks if she can count on him, and John says that she knows she can, but they have to do it his way.

Marcie is back in her room, taking off her makeup, and remembering Al. She tells Al that she knows he got her to where she is today, and that she will always love him. Michael returns to the rooftop to look for his wallet. He finds it, and picks up a pair of binoculars he and Marcie found earlier. He beings looking around, and sees Dr. Long on the rooftop, talking to a medicvac pilot, and wonders what Dr. Long is up to.

Jessica and Antonio go to bed, and Jessica asks Antonio what he and John are up to. Antonio tells her that he can’t say. Jessica gets upset, and rolls away from him. Antonio tries to reassure her that he cannot tell her, but that he has to help John, and that it shouldn’t be dangerous.

A despondent Paul calls Kelly, and leaves her a rambling message that he needs to see her first thing in the morning. He goes on to say that his plans about the baby have changed. He rambles on, not making much sense, then simply hangs up.

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