OLTL Update Friday 4/9/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/9/04

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At Llanfair, Antonio tells Jamie that Jessica needs her. Jessica again asks Antonio to stay at Llanfair. Antonio hesitates.

John attempts to sneak Kathryn past Roxy and Nigel while they are playing poker in the hotel lobby. No such luck. Roxy asks John “who’s the dame?” John tells Roxy no names and if anyone asks, they aren’t there. Roxy calls Natalie to tell her to get over there right now to stop whatever is going to happen between John and Kathryn. John brings Kathryn up to his room. He asks her why she thinks she’s going to be killed. She tells John that she was in a sting operation that backfired. She says she came to Llanview to find Paul Cramer.

At Ultraviolet Natalie is talking to Roxy on the phone when Paul walks in. He apologizes for kissing her and asks if he can buy her a drink. Michael comes to Ultraviolet to ask Riley to play music for the special night he’s planned for Marcie.

Marcie is in her room in her bathrobe primping in front of the mirror for her big romantic evening with Al. She’s talking with someone on the phone asking how she should get ready for what Al told her is going to be the most romantic evening of her life. She says she’s very nervous. She feels like Michael’s “the guy.” She tells the person on the phone that she really does love him and tonight may be the night.

Paul brings over 2 drinks to Natalie. He asks her again to accept his apology. He said he must have misread her. Natalie says she just wants to hang out with him. She doesn’t want anything more than that with anyone. Paul asks “Even John McBain?” Natalie asks why he’s hung up on John. He says he just doesn’t like police. Natalie thinks Paul has something to hide.

Meanwhile in John’s room, he pours them each a drink and Kathryn tells John that Paul was the helicopter pilot for smugglers. She had the money that she was going to exchange for drugs in an undercover operation. She thinks Paul took the money, but the smugglers think she took it and are looking to kill her. She asks John to help her find Paul to get the money back so that she won’t be killed. John asks Kathryn why she hasn’t even mentioned Caitlyn’s name.

Down in the lobby of the hotel, Michael and a dressed up Marcie come in. Nigel tells Michael it’s all set and he and Roxy celebrate as Michael brings Marcie upstairs. She can’t understand why she’s all dressed up to go up to his room. Instead he ushers her up to the rooftop patio where Riley is playing guitar music and a romantic atmosphere has been created. Michael tells Marcie that she is the “special occasion” for the special evening he has planned.

In the library at Llanfair Jessica tells Antonio that she knows he’s not thrilled with the new living arrangements. Antonio says he can’t stay being away from her and is ready to move in. Antonio is not sure how Viki will handle him living there.

Kathryn tells John that she remembers the look in his eyes at Caitlyn’s memorial service. She misses her sister and felt that if they started talking about her, she would break down. Leaning against the wall, John continues to sip at his drink. She tells John that they’ve both “survived.” John agrees, “life goes on.” He tells her that they need to focus on her current problems. John wants them to go out and find Paul. She tells him that she thinks the smugglers, the Kouriakis family, sent someone after her. He tells her he will go by himself to find Paul. She convinces him to help her by reminding him that she was the one that introduced him to Caitlyn after she backed him up on a sting operation. She asks him to help her deal with him. He reminds her that he’s no longer FBI.

Downstairs in the hotel lobby, 2 mysterious people come in. One is a man dressed in a black leather jacket with wrap around dark sunglasses. The other is a woman dressed in a black trench coat, with jet black hair, and dark glasses. They show Nigel a picture of John and Kathryn. They ask if the girl has gotten a room there. Nigel assures him that she has not been there. They ask about John and Nigel says he lives there but he is not in his room. Roxy comes in and looks at the picture. She tells the couple that John would never be interested in the woman in the picture, “he’s into redheads!” The couple continues to ask questions. They say they are with SIB – Secret Investigation Bureau. They tell Nigel and Roxy they are going to take a look around and stay out of their way. Meanwhile, John comes down the stairs and overhears the conversation. He motions for Roxy to keep quiet and he sneaks back upstairs.

At Ultraviolet Natalie and Paul are playing Truth or Dare. She knows he’s hiding something. No one is squeaky clean. She goes first and picks Truth. Paul asks if she still has a thing for John McBain. She answers by saying she should have picked Dare. Rex comes storming into Ultraviolet and tells the rest of the band members that he wants them onstage right now. They had better find Riley and get playing.

As Riley plays for Michael and Marcie, Marcie tells Michael how lucky she is. She never thought she would get a second chance at love. She thought that after Al died she would never find anyone. She cried herself to sleep at night at the thought of losing Al. She admitted that she didn’t like Michael very much when they met. She tells him that he made a miraculous transformation somehow. They profess their love for each other and kiss. Michael gives Marcie an autographed first edition of a book. He hopes that the book will help Marcie write her own book. She doesn’t think that she can take the time to continue writing. Her grades are slipping and she has to work overtime at the police station. She is just so surprised at the confidence that Michael has in her.

John goes back to his hotel room. Roxy barges in behind John to tell them that those 2 people down in the lobby are on their way up. Kathryn draws her gun. John tells her to put it away and asks Roxy to find a place to hide Kathryn until the 2 people leave. Roxy says she’s do it under one condition – make a promise that there’s nothing romantic going on between John and Kathryn. He tells Roxy he doesn’t have time for her nonsense and just take Kathryn and hide her. Roxy takes Kathryn up to the rooftop where Michael and Marcie are dancing.

John watches from the hallway as the 2 people draw their guns as they go into his hotel room.

At Ultraviolet, Natalie and Paul continue drinking and Natalie gives Paul a Truth question- what is the worst thing you’ve ever done before? Paul hesitates and just tells Natalie that he hasn’t led the perfect life. Paul tells Natalie that he thinks she liked him hitting on her. They are sharing a long kiss when John arrives looking for Paul. He spots them kissing from across the room. They are pretty hot and heavy when John comes up behind them and clears his throat. Natalie thinks that John is interrupting because Paul is kissing her. Paul gives John a hard time about going with him. Paul tells John to go away and tries to go back to kissing Natalie again. John pulls Paul away and out the door. Natalie tries to go after them, but Rex stops her. Looks like trouble he says.

Michael is perturbed with Roxy for interrupting their romantic interlude. Roxy says she’ll leave as soon as John gets back. Riley leaves to go to his gig at Ultraviolet. Kathryn tells him not to let anyone know they are up there. Michael is wondering what kind of trouble they are in.

John calls Nigel to see if those 2 people are still there. He tells Nigel to tell them that they are at Ultraviolet. As John pulls Paul away, Natalie comes out to ask if he’s arresting Paul for kissing her. John asks Natalie how much she’s had to drink. Natalie wants to know about the woman friend that he brought up to his room. John tells Natalie to leave it alone. Paul tells Natalie to stay right there, he’ll be back.

Back at Llanfair in Jessica’s bedroom, Antonio tells her that R.J. is not going to like these new living arrangements. Jessica tells Antonio that she is going to give Jamie everything she can no matter what R.J. may think.

Kathryn apologizes to Marcie for the interruption. Marcie tries to grill Kathryn about working for FBI instead of the local police. Kathryn tells her that there is absolutely no personal life. Kathryn is surprised that she’s never met John’s brother before. Michael and Marcie do not know that she is Caitlyn’s sister. Down in the lobby, John calls Kathryn to tell her it’s all clear. He’ll meet her in his room. Roxy joins Kathryn in John’s room while she waits. Kathryn tries to get rid of her, but John gets the job done when he comes in. Roxy is surprised to see Paul being dragged in by John. Kathryn greets Paul with a punch to the stomach. Paul keels over and has a hard time getting back up.

Antonio is uncomfortable lying in the bed at Llanfair. He tells Jessica that it’s going to take longer than she thinks for Viki to get her strength back.

Nigel and Roxy are playing cards in the lobby. Nigel thinks he should get a recording of a guard dog to keep away unsavory characters. Roxy is hoping that John is just matchmaking with Paul and Kathryn. Natalie comes in looking to see if Paul is still with John. Natalie asks Roxy what Kathryn’s story is. Natalie act jealous of Kathryn. She says it’s his business.

Upstairs, Kathryn is grilling Paul about the money. He is whining and sniveling as she continues to throw him around the room. She draws her gun on him. He is panicking that she is going to shoot him. He tells her that he took the money. He figured the money was illegal so he would be able to get away with stealing it. He can’t figure out how she hooked up with John. It dawns on him that Kathryn must be a cop also. Kathryn keeps up the interrogation of Paul asking him where the money is. He gets down on his knees swearing that he only has $6000 left. John says that Paul is too scared to be lying. Kathryn wonders what she’s going to do now without the money. She’s dead now she says. She lets Paul go and he races out of the room. He runs down the stairs frantically and Natalie asks him what the problem is. He looks desperate she says. Paul recovers and tells Natalie that it was a case of mistaken identity. Just a misunderstanding. Natalie thinks Paul is lying and that she knows he has a secret. He tells her that John was just mad because he was kissing her. Paul tells Natalie that he thinks John and Kathryn will be sleeping together tonight. She’s not too happy as she looks up the stairs towards John’s room.

Marcie and Michael are on the patio – finally alone. As they sway to the music Michael hopes that John doesn’t get involved in another dangerous episode. Marcie tells Michael that she’s ready to make love – right now! She pulls Michael roughly towards her and they kiss.


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