OLTL Update Thursday 4/8/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/8/04

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Natalie goes to Llanfair with spring flowers for Viki. As Viki fixes the flowers, Natalie asks her how she is really doing. Viki feels badly that Jessica is away from Antonio and Jamie. She doesn’t need a baby sitter. Natalie tells Viki it will only be for a month or two and she’s sure Jessica and Antonio will survive.

Jessica goes to see Antonio and Jamie at the apartment. Antonio is covered with baby food. Jessica smells something burning. Jessica throws out a burned egg pan. Antonio claims the burned pan is Jessica’s fault because he lost concentration when she walked in because he loves her so much, but he realizes he can’t leave her mother right now. She asks him again to come to live at Llanfair.

Nora asks John what he’s doing at the police station. She feels he should still be home in bed recuperating. She’s on her way to NYC with Bo and Matthew and had one last job to do. John said he couldn’t stand one more day in his room. Nora tells John to take care of himself.

Kelly holds the baby at the Buchanan mansion while Kevin reads the article that Todd has written comparing Buchanan Enterprises to Enron and Worldcom.

Todd talks with Starr on the phone from his office. She complains that her stomach hurts and she hated the ER. Todd tells her that her stomach was bothering her because she was smoking. He told her not to smoke anymore and to call him whenever she gets scared. Asa bursts in on Todd, telling him that he is going to be real sorry he ever met him. Todd says “I was sorry years ago, Asa.”

Dorian and Blair are having a drink at R.J.’s nightclub. Dorian is upset that Todd has been to her home so much while she was away. “Blair, don’t tell me you’re taking him back.”

Viki tells Natalie that Jessica said that if it wasn’t for Natalie John wouldn’t be alive. Just lucky she says. She did what anyone would do. Viki says, oh yes, you had to sit by his bedside all night long. Natalie admits to Viki that she cares about John. She tells Viki that she sometimes think they can be more than just friends, but then she misses Christian, and wonders if she’ll be able to move on with anyone. Viki tells her it takes time, but Natalie tells her that John is not interested. She tells Viki about the kiss and how he said Thanks, but no thanks.” Viki tells her that maybe he’s like her and can’t admit how he really feels, even to himself.

Marcie wishes Nora good luck on the dance contest. John says he wishes it were in Llanview. It would be worth seeing. Michael asks John why he’s back at work. John says, I’m just fine. John watches Michael and Marcie kiss.

Blair tells Dorian that she’s not going to fight with Todd anymore. It’s not been good for Starr. Dorian gets upset when Blair tells her she’s no longer convinced that Todd raped her.

Todd tells Asa that the story he wrote in the paper is good and he’s sticking by it. Asa tells Todd that Viki is going to throw him out on the street if he keeps that stuff up. Asa bellows at Todd that the Banner will not print lies, unlike the Sun that Kevin bought out from under Todd. Todd calls his secretary that Asa is on his way out, by whatever means necessary. Asa warns Todd that he’ll be watching and will have him shipped to Texas on a one way trip if he pulls anything else on the Buchanans. Todd has his secretary, Mrs. Bigelow, make a call.

Viki tells Natalie that she doesn’t want her daughters to give up their lives for her. She says that she hates is that Jessica is separated from Antonio because she had been so happy since she moved in with him. Natalie feels sorry for herself and Viki apologizes for making her feel bad. Natalie says it hurts to see them together sharing special moments that she and Christian will never have again. She tells Viki she wonders if that’s why she’s trying to make a relationship with John – because of what she misses with Christian. Viki says to take her time. Natalie is afraid that maybe the kiss will have ruined the friendship she has with John. Viki tells her that friendships sometimes develop into deeper relationships and Natalie can take that time to see what’s in her heart. She makes Natalie feel a lot better.

Michael tells John that he’s back to work against doctors orders. Michael doesn’t want to get into any more trouble with his chief of staff. He tells John that Dr. Lock gets mad at him for strange things. John says maybe Dr Lock is just worried that he’s overlooked something and Michael will discover it. John has to run to a meeting and Michael tries to give him more brotherly doctor advice. John throws up his hands as he leaves.

Daniel Colson is looking for Nora and Marcie tries to get him to answer some questions for her book. Colson tells her that if she wants to know the law she should “go to law school.” Marcie and Michael think he’s a jerk for not talking with her. Michael and Marcie kiss as he leaves the police station to go to work. Marcie gets a strange feeling and asks Michael if something is going on. Michael says no – nothing going on.

Dorian and Blair continue to argue about Todd. Dorian tells Blair that Todd hasn’t changed, he’s still dangerous, will lie to her, and try to kidnap her children. Dorian is afraid that Blair will go back to Todd. She beseeches her to stay at home with her.

Jessica leaves Antonio and Jamie to go to classes. Jessica asks Antonio for a date later on. Jessica will no longer beg him to stay at Llanfair. As Jessica leaves, Antonio’s phone rings. The call is regarding Buchanan Enterprises. He’s suspicious as to how the caller got the number. Antonio tells the caller, Harry McKenzie that he better have some serious evidence to back up his charges. Harry gets off the phone and we see Mrs. Bigelow giving him an envelope. She tells him that Mr. Manning will be very happy with the job he’s done. He’s concerned that Antonio wants evidence. She tells him not to worry that’s her concern, just stick to the story. She give a “thumbs up” sign as she ushers him into the elevator at the newspaper office.

At the police station Marcie asks John questions about questioning murder suspects. Natalie comes in with one hand behind her back. Natalie asks John to lunch but he claims he can’t go anywhere because Bo is out. Natalie brings out a bag lunch from behind her back. She tells him she really needs to talk to him.

Kelly and Kevin coo over their baby. Asa comes in and tells Kevin that he’s been to the Banner to see Todd. Kevin is upset that Asa didn’t tell him before going to see Todd. Kevin just wants to ignore the whole story. Asa tells Kevin he’s got to get to Todd before he makes more trouble. He asks Kevin to go talk with Vicki about replacing Todd. Kevin doesn’t feel it’s the right time, but agrees to go to see his mother. Asa tells Kelly that Todd is dangerous and they all need to watch out.

Blair tells Dorian that she is not getting back with Todd ever, but that Starr needs him and he might actually be good for Starr. Dorian tells Todd to stay away or she’ll call the police. Todd tells Dorian to back off, he’s there to meet someone. Blair looks a little too interested as the person Todd meets is a beautiful young woman. Blair tries to be nonchalant when Dorian glances back at her. The woman who Todd is meeting is the accountant from Buchanan Enterprises. She’s really worried about the article that Todd wrote. She’s afraid that Kevin will realize that she’s the source of the article.

Kevin goes to visit Viki. He tells her about Asa’s trip to see Todd. Viki promises to call Todd to talk with him about the article. Kevin says there is nothing that he can do to him or his family, but he knows Todd won’t stop trying.

Asa tells Kelly that he wishes Kevin hadn’t dropped out of politics because he has the perfect political family.

Natalie apologizes to John for trying to push their relationship and making John feel uncomfortable. She tells John that she knows he doesn’t want a relationship. She says maybe she was trying to push it because she missed Christian so much. John says he was trying to tell her that, but he did it in a lousy way. He tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt her. She asks him if they can get past all of the awkwardness and be friends.

Todd tells the accountant that he’s going to name his source, but that she’s safe. At the bar, Antonio meets Harry McKenzie. Antonio tells Harry he better make it good, because the person he says was bribed is a good friend of his, ADA Nora Buchanan. Harry claims that his boss sent him to bribe Nora with $50,000 so that an investigation of Buchanan Enterprises would be dropped.

At the police station, as Nora is talking on the phone with Bo telling him that she is on her way Marcie tells her that Colson is looking for her. Daniel comes in and starts to talk with Nora about Lindsay. He asks if they can talk about Lindsay over a drink. Nora says she cannot be objective when it comes to Lindsay and she’s leaving town with Bo and Matthew. He thinks that there might be something going on with her and Bo. She assures him that they are going for Matthew. He asks her for a raincheck on the drink.

Kevin goes home to Kelly and the baby. He talks to the baby about how he was born on the farm, and how brave Kelly was going through labor all alone. Kelly asks Kevin if he regrets leaving politics. Kevin tells Kelly that she would be the great politician in the family. She is on so many boards and has raised money all over the state, she’s got a great power base. He thinks she’d be great and have a “scandal-free” campaign.

Antonio tells McKenzie that he has everything he needs. McKenzie thinks Antonio has doubts. Antonio tells him that he will investigate and will bring him down to the station for a full statement. As McKenzie leaves, Evangeline comes in and asks Antonio what’s up. Antonio tells her that he can’t really talk about it and leaves. McKenzie comes back and asks Evangeline if he can put her on retainer because he’s involved in something pretty big. She agrees to take his retainer but warns him that if she thinks he’s lying, she’s required to stop him. She says she will give him honest representation if he needs it.

John tells Natalie that she has a few things going for her, she’s the only one in town that can beat him at pool, and as long as she continues to bring lunch they can be friends.

Todd asks the accountant, Marge, to sniff around Buchanan Enterprises to find out who’s happy or not so happy, or nervous about the article he wrote. She says she doesn’t think Kevin is very happy. Todd says especially if things are happening behind his back. Todd takes a phone call from Viki and the accountant leaves. Viki berates Todd for his article. He pretends to have another call and hangs up on Viki. Todd goes over to Dorian and Blair’s table to ask about Starr. Dorian tells Todd to leave Blair and Starr alone. Todd tells Dorian to mind her own business, he just wants to find out about his daughter.

Jessica comes back to Llanfair to find Viki lying on the sofa. She panics thinking something is wrong. Viki tells her that she’s following doctor’s orders and is actually resting. Antonio and Jamie show up at the door. Antonio says Jamie is miserable since she left. Jessica asks Antonio if he’s reconsidering moving to Llanfair.

Todd calls Kelly asking for help with Blair. Kelly lies to Kevin, claiming it’s a fundraising acquaintance. Kelly tells Todd that she cannot help him with Blair. Todd threatens Kelly that it would be too bad if Kevin found out about the baby. He tells her not to refuse to help him with Blair.

Michael sneaks up on Marcie at the police station. He got someone to cover his shift so he can be with her for the evening. As Marcie and Michael leave for a romantic evening, a woman enters the police station asking for John. Natalie and John laughingly say goodbye and John says next time he’s paying for lunch. As John walks Natalie out he runs into the woman who was asking for him. As Natalie looks on, Kathryn asks if she and John can talk privately. John ushers her into Bo’s office and closes the door. He asks Kathryn what she’s doing there. She says he’s the only one she can trust and that someone is out to kill her.


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