OLTL Update Wednesday 4/7/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/7/04

By Kathy
Pictures by Juanita

At Llanfiar, Viki makes plans to fly to Chicago to give a speech. Jessica overhears, and tries to talk Viki out of going. Viki is adamant that she is going, and will be fine. Viki says she is doing everything the doctor has instructed, and says she doesn’t need to be hovered over. Jessica says she is scared, as she has been researching Viki’s heart condition.

At Rodi’s, Paul invites Natalie back to his place, but Natalie declines. Paul accuses Natalie of being a tease, and wants to know if John has anything to do with her not going back to his place. He says that a kiss like that can give a guy “ideas.” She tells Paul that her husband hasn’t even been dead a year, and she’s just not ready for that kind of a relationship. Paul says he didn’t know, and assures her that they will take things at a pace she is comfortable with. Paul gets a call from Kelly on his cell phone. He tells Kelly that this is turning into a big mistake. Kelly tells him that she better help him. Paul says he will, but he needs proof that David and Dorian killed Aunt Betsy, and lied about being Adrianna’s mother.

Kevin and Kelly tell Asa they just put a bid on a house, and Asa is angry. He says he just had a swing put in the yard for Ase, and if they move out, he and Rene are coming with them. After Asa leaves the room, Kelly and Kevin talk about it, and decide that they are going to stay with Asa.

At Blair’s office, Todd comes in and wants to know about Starr’s visit with the therapist. Blair tells him that Starr has been having more problems than they are aware of. Starr was ganged up on, and locked in a locker at school all day. Blair feels they need to give Starr some time and space, and perhaps find another therapist. She admits that she was so wrapped up in the trial, that she may have missed signs that Starr was under great pressure. Todd asks if Blair will call him for Starr if she needs him. Blair is noncommittal, and simply states that she’ll see about it.

Kevin comes into Blair’s office, and Blair talks about the baby. Kevin laughs that Ase always gets what he wants. Blair laughs, saying he’s just like his dad. She tells Kevin that she and Todd had a constructive conversation about Starr, and Kevin warns her to be weary of Todd. Blair says she hopes that Kelly doesn’t feel the need to worry about her and Kevin. Kevin says Kelly knows all their problems are behind them now.

Todd goes back to his office, and Harry McKenzie, from Buchanan Enterprises is waiting to see him. Mrs. Bigelow, Todd’s assistant, is telling Mr. McKenzie not to upset Todd, or he will have to answer to her. Todd brings Mr. McKenzie into his office. He says he knows McKenzie just lost his job at B.E., and could use some cash. He also says he knows that McKenzie tried to be a whistle blower, but the case didn’t fly. He hands McKenzie a slip of paper with a phone number on it, and says to call the number, and Mrs. Bigelow will instruct him on exactly what to say. He also warns McKenzie not to cross Mrs. Bigelow – to do exactly as she says. Later, Mrs. Bigelow comes back into Todds office, and says that McKenzie knows exactly what he is to say and do.

Kelly goes to see Todd, concerned about Ase’s blood type. Todd tells her not to worry, that he had someone with “creative penmanship” take care of it. Todd also advised her to find out who the real parents are, and get their medical history. Kelly asks why he is helping her. He says that since he can’t help himself at the moment, he has decided to help her.

At La Boulaie, Starr is back on line, in the “Realmad” chat room. She takes a pack of cigarettes out of her back pack, and begins chatting. She tells one of the kids about the visit to the therapist, and the kid says he’s been there himself, and says it’s just a way to be controlled. He asks if she is also dangerous. Starr removes a cigarette from the pack, and puts it in her mouth. He says he did not receive her picture, and could she send it again.

Dorian returns home to find David has packed his bag. They argue about her drugging him and leaving. He says he found a phone number at Carlotta’s diner, and knows she was in Mendora. Dorian swears she needed to make sure that Adrianna was safe from her father, and that nothing happened. She and David banter back and forth, and David keeps pressuring her to set a wedding date. Dorian asks where Adrianna is, and did David watch out for her while she was away. David says Adrianna is fine. David admits he was jealous. Dorian is touched by this, but still continues to dodge setting a wedding date. Dorian looks down, and sees that David has packed one of her candlesticks in his luggage. She tells him if he stays, he can keep the candlestick, and everything else in the room. Adrianna walks in, says “Hi, Mom.” And gives Dorian a hug. Adrianna asks if Dorian really went to Mendora to see her father. Dorian gives Adrianna a photo, saying this is her father, and if she ever sees or hears from him, she must immediately seek safety and call her. Adrianna tells Dorian that things have been “weird” with River, but says she knows how to handle things. After Adrianna leaves, David continues to pressure Dorian to set a wedding date. He then asks if her real purpose for leaving was to hide the $30 million in an off-shore account. Dorian continues to say that no, she needed to make sure Adrianna is safe from her father. David reminds Dorian that she is not really Adrianna’s mother.

After Blair returns home to La Boulaie, Kelly is right on her heels. Blair asks why she helped Todd set her up at Ultra Violet. She asks what Todd has on her to make her help him out. Blair goes on to say Kelly doesn’t know about her relationship with Todd, because she is married to “Mr. Wonderful.” Kelly retorts that he is so wonderful, that Blair had to sleep with him. Blair warns Kelly not to mess with her, because she will find out how Todd is pulling her strings. After Blair leaves the room, Kelly and David talk about Dorian, and she assures David that Dorian loves him.

Todd goes to Llanfair to see Viki, and finds her on the floor with Jessica, doing Yoga. Todd is concerned that this is too stressful, but Viki assures him she is fine. He helps Viki off the floor, then asks if she will go visit Starr. He tells her about Starr getting locked in the locker, and feels that Viki may be able to help. Viki agrees to go see Starr, but only if Blair agrees, as well. Todd says Starr’s troubles stem from the fact that she is “1/2 me and ½ Blair.” Antonio and Jamie stop by to see Jessica. Jamie is sick, and Antonio is trying to give her an antibiotic. Jessica takes the medicine from Antonio, saying that you have to make a game of it, and gives the baby her medicine.

Kevin stops by Rodi’s to talk to Natalie. He explains that he hopes she is not upset that he suggested Jessica move back in with Viki. He says his main reason was because Jessica is not afraid to tell Viki that she is really worried about her, and Viki responds to concern from her children. He felt that Natalie would keep her feelings bottled up. As Kevin leaves Rodi’s, he runs into Kelly. Kelly claims she is there to meet Paul, to give him some pictures of Ase’s Christening. Paul has returned with Babe Chandler’s medical records. Kelly immediately begins looking through the records, looking for a name. Paul cautions her, saying that she said she doesn’t want to know who the real parents are. Paul says he will have the father’s records soon. Paul asks if she has talked to David yet, and Kelly says she thinks Dorian and David are innocent, and believes Dorian really is Adrianna’s mother.

Starr is still on the computer, chatting with the 16 year old boy. She begins to light a cigarette, when there is a knock at the door. Starr hastily extinguishes the cigarette, and lets Adrianna in. Adrianna wants to know if Starr took her curling iron. Adrianna is wearing a sexy black dress, hoping that River will like it. Starr asks to take some pictures of her, saying that she looks great. After she takes the pictures, Dorian comes in to have a talk with Starr. She tells Starr that she is a Cramer. Dorian talks about her own claustrophobia, and assures Starr she will get through this. After Dorian leaves, Starr sends Adrianna’s picture to the boy in the chat room. Later, Blair goes into Starr’s room, finds a cigarette burning in the ashtray, but cannot find Starr. She finds Starr on the floor, nearly under her bed, barely moaning. Blair later calls Todd, asking him to come to the hospital, as she has taken Starr to the hospital.

Dorian visits Viki, (Dorian looks adorable in a pink dress and matching hat!) She brings Viki a huge basket, filled with heart-healthy goodies. Dorian asks Viki how she is doing, and Viki says she can only admit to Dorian that she is really frightened. Dorian says she is sorry she had to go away, and wasn’t there to help Viki through this.

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