OLTL Update Tuesday 4/6/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/6/04

By Kathy
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Nora is in her living room, dancing with a broom, made up with a hat and eyes, while Matthew looks on, coaching her. The door bell rings, and it’s Viki. Viki chuckles at the broom, and comments on how good Nora looks in her leotard. As they talk, Viki says she knows Nora is no longer in private practice, but could Nora recommend someone to help her update her will. Nora is taken aback by this, and Viki reassures her that she’s on medication, diet and exercise, and taking care of herself. Nora immediately recommends Evangeline for the will. Viki goes to leave, and she and Nora hug. Matthew comes out, having heard everything, and asks if Viki is going to die. Nora explains Viki’s problems, and that she is taking care of them. Matthew asks how Nora’s heart is – Nora tickles Matthew, and says that her heart is great because she loves him so much.

At Jessica and Antonio’s they begin to argue about the fact that Antonio is not willing to move back into Llanfair, and Jessica is extremely upset. Antonio says he doesn’t want to keep shuffling the Jaimie from house to house. They stop arguing, begin kissing, and laugh about stealing some private moments together.

Jen and Riley are at Rodi’s looking at the final cut from the video Jen took of Midnight Logic. Riley thinks it’s really good, and wants to send it to some TV stations – but Jen teases him, telling him that she’d like to put in some more cuts of Riley singing. Shannon and Shane show up, and Shannon asks if they want to double date with them. Jen and Riley make it very clear that they are just friends, and Jen and Shannon exchange some more insults, commenting that Riley’s squeeze, and Jen’s Ex are both in England together. Shannon and Shane leave. Jen asks Riley if she started that argument, and Riley says that yes, she sort of did. Jen’s cell phone rings, and it’s Matthew.

Paul and Roxy are at Rodi’s, and Paul asks Roxy about Natalie – growing up with “two moms.” Roxy makes it clear that she raised Natalie, and Paul asks why someone with a Buchanan father and Lord mother has to work. Roxy says she didn’t get that from her, and that Natalie has a trust fund. Roxy says that besides, she’s chasing after that cop, “Johnny McBain.” Roxy gets up, shows off her “buns of steel” to Paul, and says that Natalie doesn’t want the money.

At the hospital, Michael tells Bo and Natalie that John is going to be fine, thanks to Natalie. He thanks Natalie for finding John in time. John asks to see Natalie. When Natalie goes into the room, John says that he is alive because of her, and thanks her for saving his life. She says that now, they are even. Michael calls Marcie, and tells her about John. Marcie says he sounds tired, and should get some rest. Natalie leaves the room, to let Michael spend some time with John. Natalie goes out in the hall, and fills Bo in on John’s condition. She turns to leave, saying she doesn’t think he needs her anymore. Meanwhile, Michael tells John that Haver must have switched the pills, and if it weren’t for Natalie, Haver might have succeeded in killing John. Michael asks how bad the pain is from the old gunshot. John answers with a simple “five years, two months, eight days.” Michael says he checked, and John is not taking the medication as regularly as he should. He tells John to stop making himself suffer – he took down Caitlin’s killer. John says Michael doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Michael says he does, because Marcie lost Al, who she still loves, but she is now able to love someone else, too. Eve comes to the hospital, very upset about John. Bo takes her in his arms, and comforts her. Eve thanks Bo for being there, and goes in to see John. Meanwhile, Dr. Long, Chief of Staff, comes around the corner in the hall, and Michael asks him a question about a patient that had a rare illness – Alopecia Areata. Michael asks if he can see the files on this. Dr. Long chastises him, telling him that the patient’s records are not a library for Michael’s personal amusement. Dr. Long walks away, and Paul comes by, telling Dr. Long that they need to talk. Dr. Long says they can talk in his office.

Bo shows up at Nora’s for another dance practice, and Nora tells him that she was lucky enough to book the last two rooms at the hotel. Matthew says they don’t need two rooms, that it would be fun for them all to stay in one room. Both Nora and Bo ask if Matthew is trying to fix them up. Matthew denies, and Nora makes Matthew “pinky swear” that he’s not playing match maker. Matthew pinky swears, but crosses his fingers. (For those of you that don’t know, the crossing of fingers makes pinky swears null and void…LOL!) Jen shows up, with video camera in hand, and Bo give Matthew the dance moves he and Nora will be doing. Jen tapes, as Nora and Bo dance.

Michael is back at his hotel room, lying down, and we see a hand light a candle. Of course, the hand is attached to Marcie, and she said she was able to take a little personal time. She brought a comedy, but Michael says he would have preferred to see a romance.

John is back at his hotel room, with Eve and Shannon, who is upset that no one told her that John was taken to the hospital. She vows she’s going to stay with John. Eve says that she has called someone else to stay with John. On cue, there is a knock at the door – Natalie. Natalie says she will stay as long as she needs to, and Eve and Shannon leave. John and Natalie sit on the bed, playing with a little pool table, and Natalie is whooping John at the game. John says no fair, as he is on medication. Their hands touch, and John no longer wants to play. Natalie says no problem, and moves to sit in the chair. She says that if John wants her to leave, he will have to take that up with Eve.

Eve is singing at Capricorn, as we see Matthew asleep next to Bo and Nora on the couch; Antonio sleeping in his bed as Jessica picks up her suitcase and leaves, Viki looking over her will Marcie and Michael cuddling on the bed, watching the comedy, and Natalie holding John’s hand while he sleeps.

In the morning, John wakes up, and Natalie has prepared his breakfast. He sends Natalie to the dresser for a shirt, and as she is getting the shirt out, she sees some old photos of John and Caitlin. She helps him put the shirt on, but John pushes her away. He thanks her for staying the night with him, but that a relationship wouldn’t be good for either of them. Eve stops by, thanks Natalie, and Natalie storms out.

Jessica is at Viki’s, working on an article, “Nature of Evil” for the Banner. Viki and Jessica talk about juggling family and career, and Viki says she hopes some day Jessica will take over as publisher of the Banner. Jessica is feeling overwhelmed with school, work, and Antonio. Viki reminds her to keep her sense of humor. Antonio stops by, with the baby, to drop off Jessica’s laundry. Antonio has gotten and hair cut, and looks so much better! Jessica invites them in, but Antonio declines, saying he’s got things he needs to do.

Bo stops by to see John, and tells Eve that he must reschedule dinner, as he will be going out of town. Eve says that would be fine. After Eve leaves, Bo asks if John has a problem with him and Eve. John says he thinks he’s OK with it. Bo says that Haver found out something about John that no one else knew, and tells John that he needs to trust his friends. He says that his job will be waiting for him, when he feels up to returning to work.

At Rodi’s, Marcie gets a letter saying that she is being assigned a roommate. She’s not happy about it, especially since Michael won’t be able to stop by any time he wants. Michael leaves, and Jen stops by. Marcie apologizes for jumping on Jen at the police station the other day. Jen says that it’s OK, and asks Marcie what the problem is. Marcie says she’s getting a roommate, and is none to happy about it. Jen invites her to move back in, apologizing for what happened with Michael in the past, and after Marcie thinks about it, agrees.

Eve stops by Rodi’s and tells Natalie not to give up on John. Paul stops by, and Natalie apologizes for missing their date. Paul asks if she feels anything for John, and Natalie says she doesn’t. Paul invites her to take a ride in his helicopter, and Natalie accepts. They return from the ride, and Paul tries to kiss Natalie. She turns away, says to back off, and runs out. She later returns, and asks, “want to know what my problem is?” and plants a big kiss on Paul.

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