OLTL Update Monday 4/5/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/5/04

By Kathy
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At the police station, Antonio and John continue to warn Haver’s possible targets. Antonio invites John to join him and Jessica at Rodi’s for a beer.

At Rodi’s, Jessica and Natalie discuss Viki. Jessica asks Natalie if Kevin hurt her feelings when he suggested Jessica be the one to move in to Llanfair. Natalie shrugs it off, saying that Kevin hasn’t known Natalie that long. Natalie asks Jessica how Antonio feels about it, and Jessica says he’s not too crazy about the idea, but hopes that he’ll come around. Jessica also says that Viki would love it if both she and Natalie moved in to Llanfair together. Antonio calls Jessica on the phone to say John will be joining them, and they’ll be over soon. Paul walks up to the bar, and Natalie asks if they are “still on.” Paul says he’s got some wild plans, and Natalie places her hand on top of his. Paul and Natalie continue to make their arrangements for the evening, as Jessica looks on, bewildered. Paul gets a call on his cell, and Jessica asks Natalie about her date with Paul, and what about John? Natalie says that John has told her he is not interested in anything more than a friendship, and besides, she and Paul are just going to “hang out” – so what is the big deal?

Bo and Matthew are at the police station, making plans for New York City, as Bo describes a museum they should visit. Matthew is really excited about the trip, and knows that Bo and Nora will take first place, and this time Matthew will be there to see it happen. Bo comments that he and Nora are rusty, so Matthew says they will need lots of practice.

At Nora’s house, she has suitcase in hand, when the doorbell rings. Blair stops by, and asks where Nora is going. Nora tells her about the dance contest in New York, but says she knows Blair has something else on her mind. Blair is concerned that Todd is going to go after custody of the children, and Blair hates that Todd still has this hold over her. Blair thinks Todd was telling the truth -–that the tumor distorted her memory, and there was no rape – it was just rough sex. She is angry that Todd showed up in Llanview as Walker, and angry with herself for her feelings, and when she fell down the steps and hit her head, Dorian was right there, asking if she was raped. Nora says that Todd is not blameless, that he’s done a lot of terrible things in the past. Blair tells Nora about Starr’s problems, and feels they are all her fault. Nora says that doesn’t erase the pain he’s caused, and asks if she is thinking about forgiving Todd. Nora also says that she is incredibly biased where Todd is concerned, and why is Blair asking her for advice? Blair still seems confused, and says she thought maybe Nora would say Todd has changed. They discuss Todd’s transformation on the outside, and the abuse he suffered as a child. Nora asks if Blair is willing to take the chance that maybe Todd has changed on the inside as well. Blair then says that when he’s not in her life, she’s empty, and when he is, she’s miserable. Blair gets a call from Kelly on her cell to meet her at Ultra Violet, and Blair leaves, after telling Nora that Kelly is having another one of her “endless crises.”

After Blair left, Bo brings Matthew home, and asks Nora how Blair is doing, and Nora comments that Blair is not doing well with Todd back in her life. Matthew says that the three of them will practice dancing all night, if they have to. They watch a video tape of Bo and Nora at a dance contest at some point in the past. Nora and Bo joke that they can’t move like they did back then. Matthew puts some music on him, and Bo and Nora start to dance, joking about their moves. Matthew again says that this will require lots of practice. Later, as they are eating, Matthew says that they will need to practice their slow dancing. Antonio calls Bo on his cell phone, so Bo has to leave. Nora gets up, and begins dancing with Matthew.

At the hospital, Kelly is literally freaking out over the blood test, asking Todd what she should do. Todd tells her not to worry, he’ll take care of it, as Kevin walks in. Kevin asks Kelly what she is doing there, talking to Todd. Todd asks if Kevin is afraid he’ll steal his wife, and walks away. As he walks away, he says that the “kid” doesn’t even look like you. Kevin says he’s going to go to Llanfair to see Viki, and asks Kelly to come along. Kelly says she wants to get Ase home, and on a schedule. She says she’ll take care of the “typo” later, referring to the blood test. Kevin kisses her and Ase, they exchange “I love you’s,” and Kevin leaves. Todd comes back, and says that he’ll help Kelly, as long as Kelly helps him. Kelly asks what he wants, and Todd answers simply that he wants Blair. Kelly says she hasn’t forgiven Blair for sleeping with Kevin, and asks Todd what he wants her to do. Todd says he just wants Kelly to help him get Blair alone. Kelly calls Blair (who is at Nora’s), and asks her to meet at Ultra Violet. Blair agrees.

Antonio and John arrive at Rodi’s, and John asks Natalie how she’s doing, and how Viki is doing. Natalie comments that John doesn’t look too well. John claims he’s fine. Paul comes back to the bar, promising that he’s all Natalie’s for the rest of the night, and there will be no more interruptions. John smiles, and says he’ll get out of their way. He joins Jessica and Antonio at their table, and asks about Paul. Jessica tells John the little bit she knows about him – that he’s Kelly’s brother, was in the Navy, and now flies a medivac helicopter. John comments that he got a weird vibe about Paul. Meantime, Paul asks Natalie if she is just using him to make John jealous. Natalie says that she and John are just friends. John and Antonio talk about Haver’s letter, and agree that maybe it was just a game for Haver. John leaves the table, not feeling well, gets up from the table, and stumbles into the men’s room. He splashes water on his face, telling himself to keep it together. Natalie and Paul talk about their lives, Natalie having just found out she is a Buchanan, and Paul talking about coming into Kelly’s life. Paul asks about Natalie’s connection with John, and she just says that he saved her life, and feels a connection to him. John comes out of the men’s room, and tells Antonio and Jessica that he’s not feeling well, and is going to go home and lie down. As John picks up his coat, his prescription falls out of the pocket, unnoticed. We see John walk out of Rodi'’, in the back by the dumpsters, and have some sort of seizure episode, and collapses on a pile of trash bags. Meantime, Antonio and Jessica are discussing Jessica moving back to Llanfair, and asks Antonio to consider moving in, and to sleep on it before he makes up his mind. Jessica gets up to leave, sees the prescription laying on the floor, picks it up and gives it to Natalie. Natalie says she’ll drop them off on her way home, and meet Paul later. Natalie goes out back to the dumpsters with some trash, turns, and sees John lying there. She tries to wake him, but is unable to. She runs back in, gets Antonio, and Jessica calls 911. Antonio is finally able to wake John, tells him help is on the way, as John mumbles that it is his stomach. Antonio suspects that John was poisoned, and calls Bo to meet them at the hospital. At the hospital, Natalie tells Jessica that John just can’t die, and Antonio tries to reassure them.

At Ultra Violet, Todd walks in, and Rex is going over some paper work. Todd says that he must have some hefty fines, and could use some help paying for them. He rents the place from Rex for the night, and Rex leaves. Blair walks in, and on the video screen are pictures of the kids growing up, as well as all of them as a family. Through a speaker system, as Blair turns to leave, Todd asks her to stay – and to let him say he’s sorry, and things are going to be different. Blair yells at him for getting Kelly to do his dirty work. Todd says he had no choice. Blair says their relationship is unhealthy, but Todd says their relationship is called love, and urges Blair to listen to her heart. Blair says he has broken her heart a million times. Todd asks how he can prove he loves her, and has changed. Blair says it’s not about love, and that she just can’t be with him. A song is playing that Todd says was playing the first time they made love. Blair turns to leave, and Todd tells her not to run away this time. Blair says she can’t stay, and walks out of Ultra Violet.

After leaving Ultra Violet, Blair stops by Rodi’s and orders a Vodka on the rocks. Before her drink arrives, a song starts playing, and Blair leaves Rodi’s before her drink arrives. Meanwhile, Todd is having a few drinks at Ultra Violet, when Rex walks in. Todd orders him out, as he has rented the club for the entire night. Todd says to himself that he is not giving up on Blair.

Kevin comes home to find Kelly has prepared a romantic dinner for the two of them. They toast to their family, Kevin with Champagne, and Kelly with ginger ale. Kelly tells Kevin that the nanny has Ase upstairs for the night, so it is just the two of them, and they kiss. We see them later on the sofa, apparently having made love, with Kevin talking about the proof of their love is in the baby they created.

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