OLTL Update Friday 4/2/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/2/04

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At the police station, Marcie tells Nora and Jessica that she’s researching her novel and wants to know what it’s like being romantically involved with a cop. Jess says she’s proud but they’re always on the job, and Marcie wonders if that’s why Nora and Bo broke up.

Bo tells Antonio that they’re investigating possible victims, and can’t figure out who Haver meant in his letter. All the female cops who worked on his cases are accounted for. John thinks Haver has someone picked out and they need to figure out who it is. At Rodi’s, Roxy commends Natalie on her treatment of John, saying that flirting with Paul Cramer will keep John interested in her. Natalie says she was just hanging out with Paul and his sister is married to her brother, which prompts Roxy to wonder why no one told her that Rex got married again. Natalie corrects that it’s Kevin who is married to Kelly.

Paul runs into Kelly, who is at the hospital to take Ace to his first checkup. She’s worried that Kevin wants to attend, and that he could find out Ace isn’t their real baby. Meanwhile, Kevin asks Viki how she’s doing, and she says she’s fine, even though she’s hooked up to monitors. She says it’s just palpitations, and not a big deal, and Kevin says he doesn’t want to lose her. He thinks she’s been feeling bad for a while now and didn’t want to make a big deal about it so as not to worry her kids. The doctor comes in and says she has the results of the EKG, but first she needs to know how long the palpitations have been going on, and Viki reluctantly says for years.

Blair and Todd talk to Starr through the closet door, and Todd pries it open with a crowbar. He carries the crying girl into her room and assures her everything will be okay.

Paul says there’s no way a routine checkup will show anything about the baby’s genetics, but Kelly wants to know about the biological parents’ medical backgrounds. He says he can’t help, and that the baby belongs to Kelly now. He blasts Dorian for using Adriana to get her hands on Aunt Betsy’s money, and asks Kelly to use her friendship with David Vickers to find out the truth. At Dorian’s, David continues to try and track Dorian down without success, and then chats with Adriana about her Shannon dilemma. He offers to show her Craze’s unpublished insights, but she doesn’t think they’ll help. She thanks him for the offer, and he tells her that he thinks Dorian is in Mendorra.

Todd asks Starr what happened and she tells him a monster kept repeating “I’m coming after you” and it wouldn’t stop. He asks if she still has the Lord ring, but she says it doesn’t work and she’s scared almost all the time, except when she’s with him.

Bo and John work the phones, trying to warn any potential targets of Haver. Nora overhears Marcie on the phone asking someone how they handle the stress of a murder case personally and tells her they need to talk privately now. Jessica asks Antonio if he wants to accompany her to Rodi’s to check on Natalie; she’s worried about her, she’s acting just like she did when she first came to town. Her cell phone rings and she’s informed that Viki is in the hospital; she runs out.

Blair tells Starr that she will get rid of whatever is scaring her, but Starr is skeptical. Todd wants to know what all the charms are, and Starr says they’re good luck charms to ward off the evil. Todd doesn’t think she needs those, and Starr agrees, as long as she’s with her dad. They embrace and Jack excitedly runs into Todd’s arms as well; Blair looks on with a smile.

Nora tells Marcie she doesn’t know how Bo and Daniel would feel about Marcie working on her novel on police station time, and that it’s not a good idea to pry into people’s personal lives. Marcie apologizes, but when Bo interrupts and speaks with Nora about missing too much work for the dance contest, Marcie eavesdrops.

John tells Antonio that he will finish the phone calls and sends him off to the hospital to be with Jessica. On his way out, Antonio bumps into Carlotta, who has some photos of Jamie. Antonio says he’ll look at them later, and Carlotta begs him not to be angry with her. He’s not angry but he doesn’t know why she’s lying about Dorian being Adriana’s mother.

Kelly doesn’t know how she can finagle information out of David, but Paul reminds her that she promised him she would help him recover the money. He says Adriana is no more Dorian’s daughter than Ace is Kelly’s son, and Kelly goes ballistic, telling her brother to shut his mouth. Paul says being paranoid is no good for the baby, and if she keeps acting like this, Kevin will find out the truth for sure. Kevin walks in at that moment and wants to know what they’re talking about, but they cover it up.

Blair tells Todd that she spoke with a counselor and girls Starr’s age tend to go through rough patches, with eating disorders or emotional pain. Todd says that Starr isn’t like girls her age, and he’s worried about her. If they reconciled, things would be better, but Blair says not for her and refuses to talk about it. He wants Starr to come and live with him, but Blair says she’ll be the one to help their daughter. She thanks him for helping our and he leaves.

John goes to Rodi’s and apologizes for being distracted earlier, and wonders why she isn’t at the hospital with Viki. Natalie wonders why no one told her, and runs out. At the hospital Jessica helps Viki with her clothes, and says she’s worried about her. Viki brushed the palpitations off and assures her daughter that she’s not going anywhere. At the pediatrician’s, the nurse gives Kevin Ace’s medical records, and Kevin notes that there must be a typo – Ace can’t have that blood type. He’s negative and they’re both positive, but Kelly says she’ll take care of it. Viki meets up with them and bonds with her grandson.

Carlotta tells Antonio that Adriana’s father is very violent, and that’s why she had to keep her parentage a secret. Meanwhile, Adriana tells David that Dorian wouldn’t go back to her father for any reason. She offers to ask Carlotta where Dorian is, and David is grateful. Upstairs Starr enters the chat room and is asked if she’s hot. She replies that she’s hot enough to melt his screen – and he asks for a picture.

Natalie gets to the hospital and Jess tells her Viki’s on her way home. Kevin joins them and they agree that someone needs to move in with Viki, and Natalie says she will. Kevin thanks her for the offer but thinks Jessica should be the one to do it.

Nora and Bo don’t think they can take three days off of work, but decide that they’ll do it for Matthew. He’s the best of both of them, says Bo. Marcie continues to work on her novel and imagines that she wins the Pulitzer and she and her daughter, Gabrielle, jet off to Sweden to see her husband Michael receive the Nobel Prize.

John takes some of his pain medication with a beer. At the hospital, Natalie tells Kevin she understands why he thinks Jessica will be better with Viki, but she’s clearly peeved. Viki protests that she has staff and doesn’t need a nursemaid, but Jessica says she’s paying her back and wants to take care of her. Jessica tells Antonio she’s going to move back into Llanfair and that she hopes he and Jamie will come with her, but he doesn’t think so.

Starr gets all dressed up and puts on makeup, and then gets ready to pose for a photo. Blair knocks on the door and Starr tells her not to come in, that she’s trying to sleep. She gets under the covers and Blair leaves her alone. Starr sends her picture to her chat pal. Blair wonders if she could let go of her issues with Todd so they can be a family again. She calls Todd but gets his machine.


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