OLTL Update Thursday 4/1/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/1/04

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Todd types a chart dealing with Kevin’s finances and family. Kevin barges in and wants to know what the hell he’s doing. Meanwhile, Starr tries to ward off the evil spirits she senses with incense and chants; Blair walks in and Starr tells her she heard a stranger’s voice and they need to call the cops right away.

Bo calls Nora and asks what time he’s to pick up Matthew. She thanks him for taking him for the day, because she needed a little “me” time; he tells her to enjoy her crossword puzzle and mud mask, which is exactly what she’s doing. John shows Bo the posthumous letter from Haver saying there is one more victim, dead or alive; Bo thinks the killer is just trying to mess with them. John doesn’t agree, though.

Marcie walks in the hotel hallways and thinks she hears a noise – the murder novel is spooking her. Suddenly the lights flicker and someone approaches her from behind. Michael hears her scream and races to her rescue, but it’s only Roxy to inform the tenants that there’s something wrong with the lights. Marcie and Michael go to his room and he tells her he had a long day and had a run-in with a doctor he doesn’t trust for some reason. Marcie also had a bad day; she’s going to lose her scholarship if she doesn’t get her grades up.

River calls Adriana and asks her to join him at Rodi’s, where he’s hanging with Midnight Logic and Shannon McBain. Adriana is peeved to hear that Shannon is with her boyfriend. Paul comes into the diner to get a cup of coffee and Carlotta says that he’s in the paper about his copter crash – Paul curses Todd for writing the article.

Kevin yells at Todd for the article and says his family is off limits. The two men jaw at each other until Viki interrupts.

Blair asks where Starr heard the voice and what he said. Starr says “I’m coming to get you.” Blair thinks that she’s making it up because of the rift in their family and says it’s okay for her to be mad at her, but she shouldn’t make things up. Starr swears someone is there, and Blair asks what she has in her hand (it’s the Lord ring). Blair asks the girl to leave the room and go downstairs with her, but Starr just wants to be alone. She gets on her computer and IM’s her father. She mistypes his screen name as “Realmad” and chats with the other person, thinking it’s Todd. The other person tells her he’s not her dad.

Colson drops by Nora’s and she forgets she’s wearing the mud mask. He has a hard time talking to her but she tells him to spit it out. He asks her advice regarding Lindsay – he likes her and thinks she can change. Nora says Lindsay is a wonderful person but she programmed to self-destruct and when she does she takes everyone down with her. He chides her for her own romantic history.

Adriana says she needs to do her homework and can’t meet River, but changes her mind when she overhears Shannon asks River for money for the jukebox. She passes David on her way out and he asks Carlotta if she knows where Dorian went.

Natalie takes drink orders from the Midnight Logic crew and snubs Jen, who wishes her rival was still in jail. Riley reminds her of karma and Jen says she’ll take it under advisement. River and Shannon banter as Adriana watches.

Marcie says she thinks she’ll have to give up on the novel so she can concentrate on her studies, but Michael doesn’t want her to be depressed like he is. He tells her she’s really good at writing and that it makes her happy, so she shouldn’t stop. She just needs a little time management. They kiss and she tells him she loves him. Michael is thrilled to hear those words, and she says it was hard for her because of Al. She tells him that she saw Al after he died, and that he was the one who directed her to Michael. She knows he thinks she’s nuts, but he says when a soul leaves the body you can almost feel it, and he’s seen souls before. He would do anything in the world for her, and she asks him to tell her he loves her, which he does gladly.

Starr realizes she’s in a chat room for kids 15 to 18 titled “real mad”. She fibs that she’s 15 and chats away until Blair checks in on her.

Todd tells Viki that Kevin was threatening him over the article and Viki agrees that the article was actually really nice. Kevin reiterates that he doesn’t want anything else printed about his family and Todd says that will be fine, and Viki asks them to steer clear of each other. Paul storms in.

David notices that Carlotta has a phone number for “DL” jotted on a piece of paper, and he calls the number. It’s in Mendorra.

Colson helps Nora with her crossword and makes fun of her when she gets out her dictionary. Matthew and Bo come home and Colson takes off; Bo says it looked pretty cozy, but Nora doesn’t think that’s funny.

Viki tells Paul she was sorry to hear about the accident, and he says that he there about the story that was printed – there were some inaccuracies. Viki ushers Kevin out, but not before Kevin warns Todd not to destroy the paper. Paul wants to know why Todd would print the story about Ace next to the one about the chopper crash, but Todd says no one’s going to connect the two. Paul leaves and Todd calls his secretary to tell her to never let Kevin Buchanan into his office again.

Blair asks Starr if she’s chatting with someone on the computer, but Starr suddenly screams and says the voices are saying that Blair would hurt her. Starr locks herself in the closet and cries for Blair to go away.

David badgers Carlotta about Mendorra and the fictional affair Dorian had that bore Adriana, and Carlotta says “He’s very dangerous”. David wants to know if he’s being cheated on, but Carlotta won’t spill.

Shannon says she hates songs about cheating, but Riley says he’s a one-woman guy and if you love someone, it’s easy to stay faithful. Shannon thinks it’s not a big deal to be unfaithful, and if two people have a connection, they should see where it leads. She and River make eye contact.

Bo is going to New York to get an award for the work they did on the Haver case. Matthew reminds them that it’s the same time as the dance contest he entered them in; he doesn’t have school so they should all go together. They agree to go.

Blair knocks on the closet door and assures Starr that no one is out to get her, least of all her. She calls Viki and leaves her an urgent message, and wonders where Dorian is when you need her. Then she calls Todd and says she needs him.

Roxy walks in on Michael and Marcie, who are about to make love for the first time. Marcie says she probably isn’t ready for that yet, and Michael says he’ll wait and that she made him very happy today.

Paul orders a beer from Natalie and they flirt a little as John watches from a corner table. Roxy notices the dynamic and thinks things are starting to get real interesting.

Todd comes in and Blair says Starr says she’s hearing voices and she didn’t know who else to call. Meanwhile, Kevin continues to badmouth Todd to Viki, but Viki suddenly becomes ill and says she needs to go to the hospital.

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