OLTL Update Wednesday 3/31/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/31/04

By Kathy
Pictures by Juanita

At Rodi’s, Eve, John, Michael and Marcie are celebrating John’s release. Natalie is sitting at the bar, and John invites her to join them. Natalie declines, saying she has other plans. John asks Natalie if she is avoiding him, which Natalie denies. John says he doesn’t want the friendship to end over a misunderstanding – like the kiss. Natalie assures him that is not the case, but the look on Natalie’s face says she is upset. As John walks back to join his family, he takes a pill. Michael looks at the prescription, and asks if he still has pain from the nerve damage. (Not sure what nerve damage he is talking about, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the night he was shot when Caitlin was killed) Paul comes in to Rodi’s and runs into Natalie. Natalie convinces him to join her at the christening, and the two walk out together, as John looks on. Meanwhile, Marcie is asking John questions about police procedure, obviously gathering information for her book. Shannon joins the McBains, with Shane in tow, and introduces him. Michael tells Shane this is just for family, but Shannon points out that Marcie is there. Eve smoothes everything over, telling Shane he is welcomed to join them. As they sit and chat, Eve asks John about her love life. John says he has already lost the love of his life. He also mentions the fact that Eve hasn’t been on a date since her husband died. Bo walks in, and as he does, everyone leaves, so Bo joins Eve. As John is leaving Rodi’s, Haver’s attorney comes in and gives an envelope to John (the one we saw at the end of yesterday’s show). John takes the note to Antonio, at the country club. The note says, “You missed one – may be dead, may be alive. Cops always think they are the hunters.”

At the country club, Evangeline and Todd are discussing Todd’s custody battle. Evangeline thinks there is a good chance Todd can get liberal visitation rights. Evangeline sees a picture Todd has of the two of them together, and asks if there is a chance of reconciliation. Todd simply state that they are not there – yet. Evangeline says she had a conversation with Blair, and Blair said she’ll never let Todd back in her life. Evangeline leaves, and Jessica walks over to Todd, telling him not to do anything to upset the happy day for the Buchanons. She then tells Todd about Viki’s heart condition.

As Blair is getting ready to leave for Ace’s christening, the two banter back and forth about Kevin and Dorian.

Asa and Renee are having a christening party at the country club. Kevin tells Kelly he wants to thank the farmer who helped deliver Ace. Kelly dances around the issue, and finally gives a name. Viki and Bo walk in, and Viki pulls Kevin aside, and tells her how proud she is of him for working so hard on his marriage. She then tells Kevin that due to Warren’s resignation, she has appointed Todd to the position of Editor-In-Chief. Kevin is extremely upset with this. Bo and Kevin ask Viki if she’s taking care of herself, and she assures them she is following all the doctor’s instructions. Asa makes a toast to Ace, and Blair puts her arm around Kelly and congratulates her. Clearly, Kelly is not impressed with Blair’s gesture. Blair very formally congratulates Kevin, as Todd looks on at the toast. Everyone asks Kelly questions about the birth, and once again, Kelly very nervously dodges the questions, while Todd continues to look on. Paul and Kelly step outside, and Kelly is quite concerned. Paul assures her that no one will ever know about the baby switch. Again, Todd witnesses the conversation. Todd then asks Viki about her health, and Viki assures Todd she is taking care of herself. Todd says that she better, because Starr and Jack need her. Jessica and Natalie are talking, and Jessica suggests that one of them should move back to Llanfair to be with Viki. Natalie snaps at Jessica, asking if she meant her – since she has no one in her life. Jessica says of course that’s not what she meant, but Natalie walks away. Jessica is upset that Natalie keeps snapping at her. Renee brings out a man with a video camera, inviting the guests to take part, and say something on camera for Ace. Todd steps up, says he has something to say. He congratulates Kevin and Kelly, and Kevin comments that he’s been a father a lot longer than Todd has. Kevin simply says – yes, that’s right – Duke. After Todd’s little speech, Kevin and Kelly talk about Duke, and Kelly suggests they invite Duke to see his new little brother. Kelly goes outside, and Todd joins her. She asks Todd what it is he wants from him. Todd simply says that maybe someday, she’ll do him a favor. After Kelly walks way, Blair asks Todd what he and Kelly were talking about – Todd doesn’t answer, of course. He just hands Blair the picture he had earlier. After Todd walks away, Blair takes a match to the picture, drops it on the ground, but then puts the fire out before the picture is totally destroyed. Todd and Paul talk, and Todd tells Paul he knows everything about the switch. He tells Paul that if Paul ever mentions anything, Todd will “hurt” him. Paul asks Todd why he cares? Later, Todd makes a call to Duke, but the conversation doesn’t seem to go as well as Todd was hoping.

Rex and Lindsay are at Rodi’s, and Lindsay says that Jen will have nothing to do with her. She asks if Rex will take the fall for the relationship, and say that he was blackmailing her, or something else to help her repair her relationship with Jen. Rex smugly says that he won’t and that she never meant anything to him. He goes on to say that because he was stupid enough to sleep with Lindsay, Daniel had him shut down. Rex leaves to join another woman for a business meeting, and RJ joins Lindsay. RJ is upset about Jamie, saying that with Antonio and Jessica, it’s like Keri never existed. Every time RJ sees Jessica with Jamie, it feels like losing Keri all over again. Lindsay says she’s losing Jen, and doesn’t know what to do about it. RJ coaxes her to make Rex the fool, instead. RJ had to pay Rex’s fines, and Rex has no business sense. Meantime, Rex is meeting with a loan officer, and trying to flirt his way to a loan. The officer is not buying Rex’s charms, and the loan is denied.


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