OLTL Update Tuesday 3/30/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/30/04

By Kathy
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Bo and Antonio are at the police station, still working on John’s case. Jessica shows up, asking if Natalie and John have been released yet. In the jail cell, Natalie wakes up as Viki comes in. Viki tells Natalie that Jen has dropped all charges, and Natalie is being released.

Kelly is with her new baby, talking to him, telling him that no matter what, he is her baby. Asa and Renee come to visit the baby, and Kelly tells him that the baby, “Ase” has been named Asa Buchanon II. Obviously, Asa is thrilled, and says he’s the future President of the United States. Kelly briefly describes giving birth, and much to her horror, Asa wants to thank the people that helped her, and to give them a reward. Kelly quickly covers, saying that they are very private, religious people, and would not accept anything from Kelly. After Asa leaves the room, Renee comments that the baby doesn’t look like Kevin or Kelly. Again, Kelly covers by saying “all babies look like Winston Churchill.” David shows up, looking for Dorian, mentioning that he saw Kevin and Blair at the country club. Kelly says she is aware, and that it is a business meeting. David runs into Kevin on his way out and gets Kevin to admit that he likes David’s “Craze” logo. Asa calls Bo to come meet his Grand-Nephew.

Blair and Kevin are having breakfast together at the country club. David stops in, asking where Dorian is. He realizes he was drugged, and wonders what Dorian is up to. David leaves, and Todd walks into the dining room, staring at Blair and Kevin. Blair tells Kevin about the conversation she had yesterday with Todd, but nothing has changed, their marriage is over. Blair wants to focus on Starr now, and help her get past her problems. As Todd walks over to their table, Blair leaves. Todd asks Kevin where Kelly is. Todd and Kevin continue to exchange insults, and Todd leaves the table to go meet with Warren, the editor-in-chief.

Todd tells Warren that Warren has made a huge mistake in not researching a story thoroughly, and it could mean a law suit. He urges Warren to resign immediately, and Todd will support his story. After Warren leaves, Blair is walking out, and Todd asks her if they can get past the hostility. Blair again says nothing has changed.

Jen and Riley go to Rodi’s, and discuss the events of the night before. Riley asks Jen why she decided to drop the charges, and Jen says it’s because everything Natalie said to her was true. Natalie shows up at Rodi’s, and asks Riley what he’s doing with Jen? Natalie and Jen almost come to blows again, when Paul and Riley step in to break it up. Paul and Natalie go back to the bar, and begin talking. Paul mentions that there is nothing he wouldn’t do for his sister, and mentions that she just had a baby. Natalie says that her brother just had a baby, and as they talk, realize that they are talking about Kevin and Kelly.

After Natalie is released, she asks Antonio what is happening with John’s case. Viki pulls Natalie aside, and tells her about her mild heart attack. Nora comes in, and announces that all charges have been dropped against John, and Daniel will be making a formal statement to clear John. As John is brought into the station, he runs into Natalie, and Natalie apologizes for breaking down in the cell.

Nora tells Bo she saw him having dinner with Eve, tells Bo she is happy he has a new friend. Bo asks Nora about her social life, and Nora makes light of it. Bo playfully gives Nora the Personals section of the newspaper, and leaves to go see the new baby. After he returns, Nora tells Bo what a wonderful job Daniel did in announcing John’s release. Bo is hesitant, wondering what other twist Haver might throw at them, even from the grave. We see Haver’s file being opened, with an envelope inside, marked with John McBain’s name.

John, Jessica and Antonio go to the country club to celebrate his release. Jessica, being not too subtle, brings up Natalie, and asks John if he realizes how Natalie feels about him. John says they talked in jail, and they both agreed not to ruin the friendship.

Viki meets Todd at the country club, and says she just received a phone call from Warren, who resigned rather suddenly. Todd agrees to step into the role of editor-in-chief, until a replacement can be found. She also tells Todd that she visited with Starr, and will visit with her again until they can figure out what is causing her problems.


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